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Sea Change, Race 19

"Full fathom five thy father lies,/ Of his bones are coral made:/Those are pearls that were his eyes:/Nothing of him that doth fade,/But doth suffer a sea change" - The Tempest, Shakespeare

Selfie at Pier 27

Must Have Skin Care Products While Travelling

- Face wash: When excess oil settles on your skin for long, it causes acne. It is advised to wash face every six to eight hours to avoid such skin problems. - Sanitizer: Our hands come in contact with many surfaces that attract bacteria and infections. An anti-bacterial sanitizer will keep hands clean and bacteria-free. - Toner or astringent: Regularly use a toner or astringent to remove impurities from skin.

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Email and retail join forces: TellApart acquires AdStack for under $10M

Josh McFarland, TellApart's CEO

TellApart, a company that helps businesses make the most of their customer data, announced today that it had completed the acquisition of AdStack, a provider of email marketing software.

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Jugo

FAVORITE PERSONALITY TRAIT:Kindness. I really like this side of him. He's always avoiding a fight and never wants to hurt or kill anyone, but that all changes when he loses it. It's an interesting change in personality, but I prefer his kind side.FAVORITE RELATIONSHIP:Sasuke. The way he trusts Sasuke and obeys him no matter what, is amazing. I also like the reason why it acts like this. Luckily Sasuke really is able to keep him in check.FAVORITE FIGHT:He only had some short attacks in fights, but I liked them. The way his transformation works is just amazing.FAVORITE JUTSU:. I've loved it since I first saw it, but when Kishimoto revealed that Orochimaru's Cursed Seal comes from Jugo's unique clan ability, I started liking it even more.FAVORITE OUTFIT:His Akatsuki-like outfit. I like it better than his other outfits.FAVORITE RANDOM THING:The way he's able to talk with animals, is just amazing. It also shows how kind he actually is.-----PERSONAL THOUGHTS:Like I said, I really like his unique clan jutsu and I hope we'll be seeing more of it. And I like his dual personality. In the beginning I thought he wouldn't anything but but trouble, but in the end he's a big help for Sasuke and the others. I can't wait to see what happens next, since his only reason to stay in Taka/Hebi, is to be 'a shield' for Sasuke and to be kept in check by him. Who knows what happens when Sasuke decides he doesn't need him anymore.-----Feel free to share your thoughts!


Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Demo First Impressions and Reactions

Previously I had expressed my disappointment in the recently released Shin Megami Tensei IV. At the time I compared it unfavorably to Etrian Odyssey IV, another Atlus game that was released this year, and that I consider to be a far superior entry into the dungeon exploration genre of JRPGs. Today I'm going to be talking about the odd child out in the Etrian Odyssey series, the imminently released Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. This entry is unusual in that, rather than being a true sequel, EO: Untold is a remake of the original Etrian Odyssey, albeit a drastically augmented version of that game (the first Etrian Odyssey was released in 2007). EO: Untold retains the graphical augmentations implemented in the 4th entry (most notably fully rendered 3D models for enemies rather than static sprites) but presents the a similar labyrinth and the original classes from the first Etrian Odyssey game.

For those who are unfamiliar with Etrian Odyssey, the series focuses on building a team of customized adventurers (a team of 5 at a time, though you have space for 30 in your guild) to explore a labyrinth, mapping as you go on the bottom screen of the DS (yes you draw your own maps, this is actually a very important part of the game). Rather than story, the games emphasize exploration, planning, and a steep difficulty curve that savagely punishes a lack of strategy. In addition to the augmented version of the original, EO: Untold also presents an alternate play mode: Story Mode. This version of the game gives the player a pre-determined group of voiced adventurers rather than the all custom cast of the other EO games, and also includes additional story sequences, events, and fully animated cutscenes. This gives people who have already beaten the original even more incentive to consider picking up EO: Untold. I recently had a chance to sit down and play through the lengthy demo, and wanted to report my findings before I delve into the full game (EO: Untold is set to release tomorrow, October 1st, in North America).

The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Osaka

Like the post from the Naota bracket, I post here with of brackets completed, and the close to finishing. As were nearing the end of the first round, hopefully things will become a little easier to work on. As for now, here's some more interesting pieces to listen to.


ACF 2055: 301/302 reviewed; free screening tomorrow evening in NY

Korean Cultural Service New YorkpresentsKorean Movie Night 2013Series Five:Remembering Park Cheol Soo: A Korean Filmmaking Legend301/302South Korea, 1995, 97 minutesWhen: Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 @ 7:00 PMDoors open: 6:30 PMWhere: Tribeca Cinemas54 Varick Street, on the corner of Canal Street, NYCNear the A, C, E @ #1 Canal Street subway stopsAdmission: FREE!!!

Songhui (actress Pang Eun-jin) is a young woman who lives in unit 301 of the Apartment New Hope Bio. One day a man (apparently a police detective, although he's never specifically identified) comes inquiring about her neighbor Yunhui (Hwang Sin-hye) who lives across the hall in 302. It seems that Yunhui has disappeared, and may have last been seen by Songhui. Offered food by Songhui, the man comments that her apartment, with its extensive cooking facilities, is like a restaurant. Yunhui's, on the other hand, is filled with books. (In a scene later in the film, Songhui will tell Yunhui that her place is "like a school library.")

In Case You Missed It: New Episode of DisinfoCast with Guest Brian Wood is Available

Most of you probably already know this, but just in case there were a few of you who missed it go up on Friday, My guest was Brian Wood, the author ofseveral politically charged comic book series including "DMZ", "The Massive", and "Channel Zero". We spent over an hour discussing 9/11, the media, Barack Obama, NDAA, global climate change, and much, much more.Even if you're not a comic book fan, I think that you'll enjoy our talk.

If you've not had the pleasure of reading "DMZ" or any of the rest of Brian's work, then I strongly recommend you give it a chance.




Great love story that captured the hearts of two people standing on the threshold of adulthood touc

Great love story that captured the hearts of two people standing on the threshold of adulthood touched close combat millions of readers around the world, and the filming of Mandy Moore and Shane West in the leading close combat roles went through several awards, and above all recognition from the audience. Speech, of course Autumn love - one of the most famous close combat and apparently also in the achievements of the best books by Nicholas Sparks.

I do not mind the actual content. A moving story of humble girl and a boy from the upper classes is perhaps a little naive and cloying, but in their own way beautiful. Characters Jamie and Landon is an example of love, sacrifice and dedication, not only to another person, but to God. It is also a lesson of faith and humility, full of sadness and hope at the same time. Sparks shows how the transformation with the development of fatal disease occurs in heroes, in an attempt to deliver superior value. But even the best stories are overshadowed when the way they are served reader to give you a headache. And a lot I could fault. Workshop Literary Sparks close combat leaves a lot to be desired, and repeat every now and then returns strongly close combat zszarga y my nerves. How many times in just two hundred pages, you can read if you know what I mean, If you can understand this, If you can imagine it, and do not get me wrong? Treating the reader as ignorant without the ability to think for themselves a bit overshadowed by the emotions that this novel should invoke. Sir Nicholas, so that we are able to understand it! Indeed, instead of intricate metaphors that raise the question what the author had in mind, we can find a simple (not to say - primitive) language, so you get the impression that the book is targeted to preschoolers rather than for adolescents and adults. I'm not kidding, the simplicity of this book beats the eyes and somehow misses the seriousness contained in its history.

I got used to the fact that the book by Nicholas Sparks fall less than their film adaptations. It is in their potential, which are perfectly able to bring out the directors and writers, but the books always close combat something missing. Or just a style that's completely close combat up to me he does not like. After another disappointment in his work, with all the responsibility to say Sparks is not for me. I will say this: if you read a book you absolutely obejrzycie filming. The first time is sure to please (although close combat I have some concerns here, because today perceive close combat it differently than a few good years ago), and the sea spilled tears have guaranteed. If you've seen the movie and do not know the literary original is not waste precious time. So many others, and probably better books waiting for you!

Doctor Who

Blind-boxed figures are tons of fun to collect, but if you're actually trying to track down each figure in a set, it can be a pricy, time-consuming endeavor. That was my lesson after making countless visits to Suncoast as I tried to piece together a complete set of the first wave of Titans' Doctor Who vinyl minifigures. I considered my set done when I had all the basic figures and was missing just two variants, but I ended up with several doubles, and let me tell you -- at $10-$11 a pop, getting doubles stings.

When news of wave 2 hit, I knew I was going to have to try a different approach because I was definitely going to need each and every character related to my beloved 10th Doctor, so I preorderd a case of 20 from BigBadToyStore. What's awesome about getting a case it that you get the official box that converts into a retail display tray (pictured above and below). The artwork is a lot of fun and reflects the actual figures contained within nicely. Once it's all set up, it looks so nice that it almost seems a shame to sully this display by opening them, but that thought lasted only about two seconds as my wife and I celebrated an early Christmas in September and tore into all 20 boxes like rabid maniacs.

Scoop: Criminal Minds Brings Back Paget Brewster for 200th Episode

will get a blast from its recent-ish past when fan fave PAGET BREWSTER returns for the CBS crime drama's 200th episode.

Rumblings about Brewster's possible comeback started earlier this month when the actress , seemingly from the set.Plus, cast member A.J. Cook teased to TVLine just last week that in Season 9, "We're going to see a lot of familiar faces," adding a playful gasp.Airing in February 2014 and shedding light onto what happened to JJ during her year away from the BAU (aka Season 6), "Our 200th episode is going to be a special show,"showrunner Erica Messer said in a statement. "We can't imagine telling this story without Paget being present."

GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class Review


Five friends are working through their days at their school, Ayanoi High School. Together they learn about the arts, goof off and interact with the many "chicken lords" on the grounds.

Google Web Designer launches in beta, available now as a free download

Back in June, Google's advertising arm put up a blog post, letting us know it was about to release an HTML5 development tool, called Google Web Designer. Well, it's just arrived today, per a post on Google's own G+ account, and it's available in beta as a free download. Throughout, the tool appears to cater to both seasoned coders, as well as amateurs looking to try their hand at web design (or looking to get it done on a budget). For instance, while you could tweak the code by hand, there's also an option to let Google focus on the HTML5 and CSS3 grunt work while you focus on... the easier stuff (whatever that is).

Likewise, you can animate individual elements using layers or, if you don't know what you're doing, you can just animate scene by scene and let Google fill in the blanks. Additionally, you'll find a suite of 3D rendering tools inside, along with illustration features. As for monetizing your site, Google Web Designer naturally integrates with Google's own AdMob and DoubleClick Studio -- no surprise there. At any rate, if you feel like getting your hands dirty with code, you'll want to hit up that second source link below.


Yard Sale Table Makeover


I'm so pumped to share this with you because I'm so stoked excited elated how this project came out.

Spark ~ The Hellfire Series

TITLE: Spark

SERIES: The Hellfire Series

So, so busy!

'Starry Night Over the Rhone' by Vincent van Gogh, Mus e d'Orsay Paris

I'm certainly rejuvenated after my trip overseas. There were so many inspiring and creative moments. I'm still reflecting on them every day. Paris was such a visual feast of culture, art, beauty, food and architecture. Amsterdam was quirky, fun, contemporary and clever. However, it's been right back into it all since returning. I'm yet to scrapbook the trip (that's a dream at this point) and I'm gradually wading through the photos taken.

WPF-DataGrid and SubDataGrid using MVVM

Dear All,

I have written some logic using MVVM pattern and tried to show a sub-datagrid in each row of a datagrid however there are some issues that I am currently facing and they are as follows (screenshot attached) :-In each row I have an expander in which I want to control the RowDetailsVisibilityMode of my sub datagrid.

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation comes off as a love letter to its dearest of fans and on the hand, a potentially alienating experience for any new ones. Whatever the case, despite it being a clustered and cluttered adaption of the franchise, it is fair to call the series "selfless and indulgent enjoyment" for almost anyone as an anime and a fair representation of its brand.


AOL Tries a New Subscription Bundle With Pandora, 'Maxim'

What's This?

By Lauren Indvik2013-09-30 07:01:26 UTC

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Review

If you load up Disgaea D2 without knowing what you're letting yourself in for, you might want to invest in a pair of ear plugs. Or turn the volume down, at least. I say this because one character, Flonne, has a real glass-shattering pitch to her voice. We're talking a squeal tuned to such a piercing degree that it had an acquaintance, who was sharing the room I was playing in, raising their eyes from a book to enquire just "what the hell" I could be playing, and if it was a child's game or not. No, it's not a child's game. It's a silly game, and there's a difference.

Flonne's hair-raising conversational tones sort of exemplify the Disgaea spirit, you see. As obnoxious as the voice is, it works in the context of this campy, self-aware turn-based RPG. Forget Final Fantasy Tactics with all of its high-flung politics and serious-faced philosophising, Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is a tale about poorly made statues created by penguin monsters and curious trans-gender activities caused by the influence of angel magic.

6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Big Pharma would make tens of thousands of dollars off of your cancer diagnosis. They wouldn't give you a real solution, but would merely prolong your illness so you can continue to spend your savings (and beyond) on their toxic cancer drugs. What the medical industry doesn't seem to want to discuss (in addition to a cure) is how to prevent cancer. THE FACT IS: CANCER IS PREVENTABLE.

Cancer rates have climbed significantly over the past 100 years and that's due, in part, to our diets and lifestyle choices. Fortunately, we can take this knowledge and take big steps towards cancer prevention. Best of all, we can start now.

The Sixth Mass Extinction Is Upon Us: Can Humans Survive?

Annalee Newitz writes at the :

Over the past four years, bee colonies have undergone a disturbing transformation. As helpless beekeepers looked on, the machinelike efficiency of these communal insects devolved into inexplicable disorganization. Worker bees would fly away, never to return; adolescent bees wandered aimlessly in the hive; and the daily jobs in the colony were left undone until honey production stopped and eggs died of neglect. Colony collapse disorder, as it is known, has claimed roughly 30 percent of bee colonies every winter since 2007.

Brazil has become landis

Unfortunately, many scientists follow natural sciences and technological reductionism, ignoring the wider social context and impact of their work. This is especially present landis & gyr in the genetic engineers, who praised Brazil due to the introduction of genetically modified organisms in agriculture (soybeans and corn).

Social and political development in Brazil in the last decade was heading in the direction of hope. The government landis & gyr attempted to improve the economy and social justice, while maintaining a pluralistic democratic institutions. Concerns landis & gyr nations because of environmental problems has proved to be the last presidential election, when the green candidate received 20 percent of the vote.

The three basics of successful development of Brazil under the leftist government,

'Breaking Bad' Finale: The Biggest Moments And Surprises

Walter's story came to an end with an episode that may stand as one of the great finales.

Bryan Cranston in the "Breaking Bad" finale

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earthlink Could Double In Two Years With Responsible Debt Management


Acquisitions Another way that EarthLink is attempting to develop itself into an IT leader is through acquisitions. In fact, it is due to a series of acquisitions since 2010 that are the reason that the business services segment now overshadows the consumer services division. Major acquisitions include ITC Deltacom, a telecom service provider acquired in October 2010, as well as One Communications, which was one of the largest privately held telecom solutions providers in the United States, in December of that same year.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16: "Felina"

And we're here.The final episode in what's probably the best final season of any tv show."Felina" had a lot of expectations to live up to, as Breaking Bad is one of those tv shows where the fate of the characters frames everything that happened before it.Was it a good finale?Did it do the series justice?

I would say yes.While not the best episode this season (that goes to Ozymandias), the conclusion was as satisfying as one could hope for.The final episode gave us everything we wanted to see.Walt gets revenge on the Nazis? Check.Jesse gets revenge on Todd? Check.Walt finds something to do with his money while bossing around Gray Matter? Check.Most importantly, Walt finally admitted to Skyler and Jesse what they've been waiting to hear all series long.

For Skyler, her final confrontation with Walt was the moment where he stopped using his family as an excuse for his actions.Walt finally admits what had suspected all long."I did it for me, I liked it. I was good at it. I was alive."His relationship with her cannot be salvaged, as is the case with his relationship with his son.The only thing he can offer her now is whereabouts of Hank and Gomies' bodies.

Canada: Cover-up On Csec's Spying And Police-state Apparatus


Harper said it will create 40,000 jobs in the U.S. "The logic behind this project is simply overwhelming," the prime minister said. Harper said politics has cast doubt on whether the pipeline will be approved but said he's optimistic it will be approved. "Ultimately, over time, bad politics make bad policy," he said. "The president has always assured me that he will a make decision that's in what he believes is in the best interests of the United States based on the facts. I think the facts are clear." The Obama administration is considering whether to approve the pipeline, which would carry 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta across six U.S. states to the Texas Gulf Coast. A decision late this year or early next year. Republicans, and business and labor groups, have urged the Obama administration to approve the pipeline as a source of much-needed jobs and a step toward North American energy independence. Environmental groups have been pressuring President Barack Obama to reject the pipeline, saying it would carry "dirty oil" that contributes to global warming. They also worry about a spill.

Laura's List: Top 5 Least Horrible Animated Sequels

Because "best" is a bit of a stretch.

Midterms, they are a'coming. That means this critic didn't exactly have time for an entire, fleshed-out review. So, welcome to the first edition of LAURA'S LIST! Where I list things.

Rose Wilder Lane, Libertarian Babe

I generally vacation in the Missouri Ozarks, and have since I was a kid, with my parents, when we would go to Branson before it turned into a senior citizens' entertainment mecca featuring, of all things, one Shoji Tabuchi, an Asian fiddle player with a huge toothy grin and a Moe Howard bowl haircut.

He's completely normal, though, compared to the Ejector Seat, in which two people are strapped into a seat, with their arms across their chests (perfect for a fitting ready-made into a pine box, in my opinion) and hurled shrieking a few hundred feet into the air in-between two elastic cables anchored to two towers. I opined I wouldn't go on it for less than $1,000 cash, since I had no desire to being catapulted into the sky like those knights in MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, when they answered the questions wrong at the bridge. Instead I played miniature golf at the place next door, which featured a real crashed Indiana Jones-type airplane stuck on top of a gigantic fake rock shaped like a skull. Branson's now an unusual town, to the say the least. And I got a hole-in-one, too.

It's blog time ....

I finally had the appointment with my ortho doctor for my shoulder.She agreed it was a good thing for me to put off the surgery.Losing weight and not being under so much stress will be a good thing.No sense taking chances I don't need to.She xrayed my neck and other shoulder and I didn't like what I heard.I already know that my feet have arthritis.I already know my hands do.I know it's in my knees too.Well now, it's not only in my left shoulder, it's in my right.It's also where my collar bone and shoulder meet.The upper spine xray showed it's in my spine too.C4, 5, and 6.Super.And I know if they did the xrays of my lower back, it's there too. I know now that it is something I have to find a way to live with.It doesn't make me happy, but it's my reality.I have to learn to live in my own reality.And be happy.We are changing my meds so I don't need to be on percocet.I hate taking that stuff.But it did work.We are trying a new to me arthritis med called relafen.Anyone out there used it?Any reactions?Advice?So far it seems to be doing okay.It's great not to be so tired all the time.She also gave me shots in both shoulders.It always takes a couple days, but it's all good now.~~~~~~Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow.Let reality be reality.Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.~~Lao Tzu~~~~~~



But you're not tasting me!! (P.29)

This story the characters family with seven children and various animals. I read this book at the first I think everyone and all animals over hungry. This story start one day mother decided to make pancakes for break fast. And when suddenly the pancake start talked and escape for didn't want to eat, I felt very strange. That's because usually made dish didn't speak. Anyhow this story the pancake escaped and chased from the fox, the goat, the cat, the cat, the duck, the rabbit, the duck, the rabbit, the dog and all the family. Moreover i got the most impression scene iswhen escape the pancake from everyone, speed was very fast because the pancake could escape dog or rabbit!! Finally the pancake met the pig although the pig was too clever. Because of this the pig herd the pancake and pretend help after that the pig ate the pancake.

Boilerman: turns out I look good in black!

Sporting my shirt and prize


Tally-Ho You Demon

Apparently, merely beginning life over again at age 60--this time, given to earn his fame and fortune with only native wit, good looks, and personal charisma--was too easy a task for super-human nitwit Tom Tassekoff.When his divine prosecutors saw how quickly he regained his lost fortune, recovered his lost loves, and cast off the infamy steamrollered all over him, setting everything to rights on a single September morning--the powers-that-be decided his penalty had to be intensified.

Update: Apparently beginning life over again at age61 with only his good looks, charisma, and native wit was not sufficiently challenging for dementing Tom Tassekoff.When the Gods saw how quickly he retook his fortune, his lost loves, and reinflated from the steamroller-flattening in minutes, they thought to inflict some punishment by which to remember his non-lethal sins.

Ruby on Rails

When I was at school I hated Computing. The machines were ancient, clapped out BBCs and they never showed you how to do anything remotely useful with them. I ditched it at the first opportunity, and all I can remember is playing a game where you were the owner of a candyfloss stand and had to keep your stock levels high in case a stray donkey had a nibble at your wares. Now I feel quite resentful looking back at how uninspiring those classes were and how I was steered (unsurprisingly) towards languages and literature instead of sciences and computing.

Today I had a chance to learn a little about how the internet actually works, rather than just being on it absolutely all the timeI got to do my first coding since the days of fiddling with Myspace HTML at the event, and very exciting it was too. Over the course of about five hours I managed to create a page with two images (Superman knitting and a parrot stirring a miniature pan of pasta with a spoon in his beak) and two lines of bad patter. Sadly I had to leave before I managed to work through the tutorial on putting it online so it remains in some incomprehensible ether until I learn what I'm doing.

Help with simple encryption

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble with an assignment. The assignment consists of a basic encryption and decryption program already written for me, I just have to write the encryption function. What we have to get the program to do is enter an integer and a text, and get the program to increment each letter in the text by the integer given. I did this by using a for loop and incrementing each value in the string by the integer.

Review: Runner Runner


Some thrillers need more than a touch of style and an attractive cast; they need a substantial storyline. It's not thatRunner Runner doesn't initially promise something meaty to bite on and the chance to watch it all play out in sunny Costa Rica, it's just things fizzle out and become mediocre when we've soon had enough of the sun, sea and smart suits. The smart suits have been done before in Ocean's films.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Due to the kindness and generosity of my Okazu Heroes, I have very much been enjoying capping off a day's hard anime watching with the whipped cream and cherries of this ridiculously pleasant series. If you're the Hero who made this possible, please let me know so I can thank you properly!

takes what is a well-known and well-worn toy franchise and has imbued it with new life. Several of my friends suggested I watch it, culminating in a passionate plea from one friend, and so,. Not surprisingly, I fell for the charm of Twilight Sparkle and her friends and the sugar-sweet morality plays about friendship and love. I'm a sucker, I admit it. ^^ But there's plenty to like.

Loading ...

The previous post ended with a small preview on the ancient history of the 'Island of S. Antioco, which has its roots in very remote times. As mentioned, the Phoenicians - which at first reached the island sailing and merely trade with the Nuragical - founded the city of Sulki and dedicated themselves to trade, but also to fishing and agriculture, which was practiced at 'interior of the island, in the plain called "Canal" which not coincidentally means "fertile land" with regard to fishing, however, this was practiced not only at sea but it is believed that they were also exploited the ponds with nurseries . The tuna, which still makes the famous Sardinia, was caught at sea, preserved in salt - even today, arriving in S. Antioco, ponds where you can admire the sea water evaporates leaving a layer of salt on the surface of the sand - and sold. The houses were simple, made of mud brick walls were plastered with clay floors, often had an inner courtyard with a cistern for collecting eric sogard rainwater; close to the harbor is likely there was a large space reserved to the market, with a square surrounded by warehouses. Around 540 BC, Carthage eric sogard in Sardinia sent an army led by Malchus, which, however, was defeated by the Phoenicians were allied with the Sardinians, but the Carthaginians did not give to the company, attracted by the thriving agriculture and the rich mineral deposits, and around 510. C. Carthage was able to subdue and Sulki Tharros. The Carthaginian period remains an impressive necropolis occupies almost the entire hill of Sant 'Antioco, while two massive stone lions - now preserved in the city museum - were set to guard the door that opened in the walls. Even the Carthaginians, then used the Tophet as they did before the Phoenicians, deponendovi the remains of children who died at a very young age (see previous article).

Following the First Punic War, which ended in 241. C., the Romans gave up and left the island in the hands of Carthaginian, but shortly after, the mercenaries in the pay of the Carthage revolted and demanded the intervention of Rome so it was that, in 328 a. C., Sardinia - and therefore Sulci - passed into Roman hands.

More Than a Game: The Disruptive Force of Fantasy Football

What's This?

By Colin Daileda2013-09-29 16:00:11 UTC

How Suppression Led to Tarantism and Dancing Mania

I refuse to dance unless I've consumed at least half of my weight in grain alcohol (though I have been known to attempt the Dougie, as long as I'm by myself and the curtains have been drawn).Generally speaking, a request to get down on the dance floor will almost certainly send me into a state of blind terror, accompanied by hives and the ice sweats.

You can imagine, then, my horror when hearing about "tarantism," a disease which causes its victims to become irritable and restless, and was fatal unless treated immediately by engaging in aggressive dancing.It was relatively common during the 16th and 17th centuries in southern Italy, and is said to be the origin of the popular folk dance, "," which was performed by victims as the most important part of their therapy.

The Revolution will not be televised (it'll be on catch-up)

There is a war being waged.

It has been waged since the 1950s and is largely a cold war, but, there have been many, many casualties. Both sides have gained and lost ground in this perpetual conflict and in the digital age, there are no signs of it abating. It is of course, the war for your attention and for your money. The combatants, are Cinema and Television.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)

Version: Actors: 6/10Plot/script: 6/10Photography/visual style: 6/10Music/score: 6/10OVERALL: 6/10I maintain that I was not exactly a fan of as a child, but I cannot deny that I watched it, and enjoyed it. However, I was old enough to recognize that, although it was entertaining, it was also objectively bad. I am sure I was not the only person laughing at rather than with it, and this was what I hoped for when I tuned in to watch on television recently.It is common knowledge that Power Rangers was 'creatively' adapted from a Japanese kids' action television show called , with scenes inserted of western teenagers replacing the original Japanese dialogue, and martial arts and other action scenes dubbed over. It is probably fair to say that the adaptation was made with little respect toward the original, but then the same goes for the adaptation of from French into English, with reportedly making up his narrations from scratch without having a clue what the French translations were, and that is as loved by its fans now as it was then.The first thing I noticed about the movie is that it does not appear to be using footage from any Japanese version. Unlike the TV show, the main characters are sometimes seen during action scenes with their masks off, or even completely out of costume, so we can see it is the American actors and not Japanese ones. The six rangers themselves are indeed all American, although many of the supporting cast are Australian or British, including villain Ivan Ooze (played by Brit , probably best known as another villain, Dr. RenBelloq in ). Of the rangers, almost all have done very little work outside the Power Rangers franchise, the obvious exception being 'Black Ranger' . Bosch is possibly the biggest English-language voice actor in anime at the moment, with lead roles in major series such as , and . Needless to say, his acting ability has come on in leaps and bounds over the years since Power Rangers.In fairness to the film, I should point out that there are a couple of areas where it genuinely, unironically impressed me. Many of the costumes and props are really quite ornate and impressive, so kudos to , and for the props, and(now of the esteemed ) and for the costumes. It's a real shame that recognition for such sterling work has to come across as damning with faint praise, but it is true that it took such weakness elsewhere for these generally less prominent areas to stand out.

So, for instance, much of the acting is simply awful, and especially by the supporting cast. Some lines are delivered with simply agonizing awkwardness, and there were characters I almost watched through my fingers because I didn't want to face the embarrassment by proxy of whatever they would do next.The fight scenes are a mixed bag. Some of them are pretty good, exciting and dynamic, with an emphasis on style rather than gritty violence. Back-flipping into place is utterly pointless, but it is impressive to watch, and that emphasis on flashy moves has always been a part of what makes movie martial arts good to watch. On the other hand, the underlying key to a good fight scene, I always think, is how well the enemies fight, and these ones are rubbish. Have a look at it the next time you see a fight scene: if it's less good, the villains will spend quite a bit of time standing around, waiting to get hit, and assault the hero one by one. The better choreographed fights generally find ways to hide or evade this unrealism.I'm running out of non-bad things to say, but I found nothing to complain about in the overall direction and cinematography. If there are problems with the film (and there are!), they are not with the framing or shot selection. Director is another of those who have found redemption from previously dicey careers in the TV series , where he has shown a bit more style and vision in his 13 episodes to date, when given something more solid to work with.Which brings us to the real gaping chasm at the heart of the matter: the screenplay. Let's look at the main characters for instance, the rangers. I noticed that their characterization is very limited. Although there seems to have been some effort to make the team ethnically diverse (one black, one asian, one hispanic...), this does not extend to giving them character aspects in any way associated with their origins, as was the case in, for example, , a cartoon series from a similar period. I suppose they were scared of accusations of racism that might arise from racial stereotyping, which is absolutely fair enough, but the alternative is not to leave them without any personality whatsoever.I realized after a while that almost any line that comes out of any character's mouth could have been given to any one of the other rangers, without it changing the scene significantly. Once I noticed this, separating the characters again at all became very difficult. It was especially laughable when the scene came in which they were assigned animal totems based on their personalities: they were either totally interchangeable or, yes, just slightly racist - or both. Why did the Asian guy get that one, when it could have gone to anyone else? Does the caucasian male, already the implied leader of the group, need even more of an ego boost?Another fatal flaw is that characters frequently turn out to know or surmise things we know because we saw them, but they shouldn't because they weren't there. This is a common feature of especially low-quality scripts (see my review of ), betraying the lack of thought which has gone into them. Sometimes, these are presented as clever guesses which are taken as fact thereafter, despite a complete lack of evidence, but other times it just seemed that the screenwriter (shame on you, ) had forgotten that the character(s) was/were not there when that fact was revealed.To be fair, I said originally that I came to the film looking for something bad but fun, and I did find that in places. The film had its fair share of quips of varying quality, including some that are distinctly lame or groanworthy, but groaning at a particularly bad pun is part of what we enjoy about action films. It's not good, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is fun.Similarly, you've got to love a camp villain, and Ivan Ooze is uber-camp in the very finest tradition. The computer-generated special effects are totally incongruous when intercut and superimposed on real photography, but that struck me as great nostalgic fun, and I can't bring myself to treat it as an actual criticism. I have been told by people who were true fans of the show back in the day that they saw the CGI as an unwelcome change from the model-work that was used for giant monster and robot battles beforehand. This is no doubt a consequence of the fact that the movie was not based on the Japanese series, from which all these scenes were taken, and so they had to create them themselves, and using hardware well below the film industry top end at that. The full budget for the film was around $15 million, which didn't stretch far in terms of computer graphics in those days.When I told my friends I had seen this film, some of them said that they felt it was the beginning of the end for the franchise, that the film heralded a split from the Japanese original that weakened it and left it less enjoyable to them as kids. Power Rangers sequel series and spin-offs are still being made to this day, and pretty much continually during the intervening period. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie earned them a lot of money from a legion of young fans, and would appear to still be capturing new hearts. Don't ever think, though, that high production values, or even high standards in any way, have anything to do with that success.
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Jaguar Stalks, Attacks Caiman: Caught on Camera!

Welcome to When Animals Attack, Part 2.

A couple days after a photo hit the Internet of an eagle attacking a deer, video footage has surfaced of a jaguar first stalking a caiman and then devouring its prey for a quick, hearty afternoon snack.

Chris Brown to Kanye West: Hire Security or Some Street N-gas to Handle the Bulls-t!

Chris Brown has offered his unsolicited advice on Kanye West's paparazzi woes, and he does speak from experience when it comes to public displays of range.

If you missed it, Kanye exploded at paparazzi outside his house at 4 a.m. Friday, the latest in a string of dustups he's had with aggressive cameramen.

James Arthur Covers Wrecking Ball: Listen Now!

Another day, another take on the Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."

But this one isn't a hedgehog parody.

'Ink Master' season 3, episode 12 preview: Final 4 showcase their best and worst skills

We are already down to the final four ondoesn't it feel like this season has just flown by? Even though we haven't liked the judging style this season since most of it was wishy washy and favoring Tatu Baby, we still enjoyed the cast of artists that they had this year. So what tests are the artists facing this week to knock 4 down to 3?

The flash challenge portion of the competition is now over and next week has everyone tattooing the same canvas at once (poor canvas!). Not only that, but the artwork will be designed by some of the guest judges that we have seen this season (luckily they are all designed by tattoo artists and not some NFL pro with a bunch of tattoos claiming to be an expert) and they will only have 3 hours to complete it while testing every skill from line work to coloring, to finesse. What's going to be great about this challenge (which you can see a sneak peek of over at ) is that they are going to each be given a design that will test their specific weakness (sorry Jime, no new school this time). After watching the judges hand hold Tatu Baby this season we were a little worried that she was going to be given an easy design that plays to her strengths with claims that it doesn't, but we were pleasantly surprised when they didn't do that.

Challenges 4 Everybody DT #30



THE BACKWOODS Home Haunt Maze Flow-Through 2012

For the full review, photo gallery and more Halloween goodness, please visit: The Backwoods is a very dense, highly-themed elaborate home haunt located in Burbank, California. This haunted attraction features many home-made props and costumes. In 2012, a second level catwalk of sorts was added to The Backwoods, allowing monsters to attack from above, as well as all around! 2012 saw a re-imagining of The Backwoods' theme, taking a dark turn to a military post-apocalyptic nightmare! Theme Park Adventure presents this full flow-through of The Backwoods, and highly recommends anyone within driving distance to always pay this crew a visit during the Halloween season and give them support!

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The Red Triangle

Postcard published by C.P.C., London, Series 592C.

During the First World War, the distinctive red triangle of the Y.M.C.A. (Young Men's Christian Association) symbolized comfort, recreation and religion to soldiers in the war zone and behind the lines. A Y.M.C.A. facility could be found in the major cities and military camps in New Zealand, training camps and hospitals in England, and even in huts, tents and dugouts near the firing line in France and Belgium.

The importance of clinical biomechanical assessment of foot deformity and joint mobility in people living with type-2 diabetes within a primary care setting

Publication date:

April 2013

'The Amazing Race 23preview: 'Afghanimals' Leo & Jamal are officially boss

We may have only seen about a minute of the new season but we have already decided that the "Afghanimals," otherwise known as Leo & Jamal, are going to be one of our favorite teams in existence. They are funny, enthusiastic, and really seem to be pretty cognizant that this is a TV show, and they have a certain responsibility to viewers beyond just competing. We do love that they bring a different sort of diversity to the show than what we traditionally see, but this comes secondary to them just having such fantastic personalities.

In the video below, they do a stellar job of showing off the right way to do paragliding through what we believe to be Chile: Being so enthusiastic about it that you don't really allow the time for fear to really get in the way of anything. Meanwhile, self-proclaimed "baseball bunnies" NickyCBS doesn't want to have that sort of issue on their hands.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The House June 1930 bought by the painter whitemoor lakes Josep Maria Sert to please his wife Mdiva

In Scala Hannibal go hand in hand in the form of articles 148 episodes of history and scale Emp ries and elsewhere,

thoughts and opinions on current affairs and dives into the world of the occult

The Star Online: Business

NEW DELHI: AirAsia's Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, said he has no issue with the recent tie-up between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines (SIA) to set up a full-fledged airline in India.

Tata Sons will own 51 per cent of the new airline and SIA 49 per cent.

Dear Facebook: Blogtember Prompt

Okay, so, you'll notice I'm not a faithful Blogtember follower.

Maybe I should have been, but at this point, we're just picking and choosing, peeps.

And this prompt, this "Write an antonymous letter to your FB pals," THIS I like.

NBC's 'The Voice' season 5: Some Cee Lo Green silliness (video)

We all know that Cee Lo Green is and over the years he's developed a habit of being the only coach with a recurring sidekick. On the show's second season, it was Purrfect the Cat who was spotted with him from time to time, and he followed that up with a bird. As for this season, rumor has it that he actually had a boa constrictor that he tried to use for some things, but it wasn't quite so cute and cuddly and it may not be shown at all.

However, let's go back to the origins of Purrfect during season 2. Was she the only animal that "auditioned" for the part? The video below is both completely silly and also kind of funny, since it features a variety of different creatures "trying out" to land the part of Cee Lo's coveted sidekick on the show. There is a rather enormous dog, a snake named "Banana," a bunch of assorted canines, and of course Purrfect who all tried to find a perfect spot on the show, but only one ended up making the cut.

NSA's Targeting Prowess Doesn't Extend To Ads

If the NSA only invited TechCrunch to its birthday party, it'd have to eat its cake alone. While we aren't big fans of the NSA, it appears to fancy our readers, as it consistently advertises on our site.

This makes me slightly uncomfortable, as I have spent a good portion of my time these past few months and the NSA for what I view as unconstitutional abrogation of our rights. And here is the NSA, spending dollars to reach our audience, THROUGH THOSE VERY POSTS.

Nascar's Hollywood Road Map Aims To Boost Sport's Popularity


George Huang. Although he didn't have a traditional coming out moment, Huang's sexuality was confirmed when he dealt with a child molester in an episode. He proclaimed that equating pedophilia with homosexuality, 'Brothers & Sisters' "BrothersAlex, the larger than life HIV/AIDS educator; Ricky, the loyal friend; and Chance, the UCLA professor who settles down into family life. LGBT Characters: - Noah (Darryl Stephens) - Alex (Rodney Chester) - Ricky (Christian Vincent) - Chance (Doug Spearman) - Wade (Jensen Atwood) - Trey (Gregory Kieth) - Eddie (Jonathan Julian) - Guy (Benjamin Patterson) - Dr. Junito Vargas (Wilson Cruz) - Dre (Merwin Mondesir) 'DTLA' which stars "Noah's Arc"'s Darryl Stephens, includes a multicultural cast of gay characters navigating life in Los Angeles. The cast includes Lenny and Bryan, whose long-term relationship is beginning to crumble; Marky and Matthew, a marine cadet and aspiring actor couple, respectively; Stephan and Trey, a couple dealing with their age difference; and Kai, a young teacher obsessed with hooking up with his celebrity crush. LGBT Characters: - Lenny (Darryl Stephens) - Bryan (Matthew Stephen Herrick) - Marky (Scott Pretty) - Matthew (Patrick McDonald) - Stephan (Ernest Pierce) - Kai (Hiro Tanaka) - Trey (Justin C.

[TV] Massive Image Gallery For "The Walking Dead" Season 4 Premiere!

AMC released a massive new handful of promotional photos for the upcoming fourth season of "THE WALKING DEAD". The stills are a mix between episode shots as well as new character banners. We've also snuck in a new :30 TV Spot.

"In the highly anticipated new season, we find Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the group fostering a thriving community in the safe haven of the prison. Sadly, in this brutal world, happiness is short-lived and walkers and outside threats are no match for danger brewing inside the fences. The group's home and new way of life will be thoroughly tested, and their struggle to survive has never been so perilous."

So what answer do you give back to those who caustic? I would like to answer. Just go embarrassment

(Vusatullah Khan in this blog to become Asia's largest housing society in Pakistan, referring to the Bahariya Town owner Malik Riaz on TV "interview planted 'in Pakistan, recently attracted plenty of headlines. Indeed, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad section 25 notice Chaudhry Arslan Iftikhar Malik Riaz, son of the allegations in order to gain the benefit of millions)

Why? What was your name is on the letter head of the Bahariya Town? Did not! That is sad. Abe's desperation that everyone how you are hitting journalist that voluntary thirty years. After you create in this profession Lexus climbed down from the bike, the three Merle shifted to the farm house to house, Gosia Sudkte Sudkte Nadia tea in the coffee shop of the hotel on the bench began to court, and President Asif Share Gillu caught up calling the prime minister and the lion flag Alim Ubedullah you still be making the rounds:

So what answer do you give back to those who caustic? I would like to answer. Just go embarrassment pierced. Secret Fund of the Ministry of Information to gain from several lists of people came, which was not even my name. People used to ask the reporter or the man you really do show us the card ... 're Making. I was rejected as a journalist that big brothers section 25 notice do, but not so big that someone put in the list of Secret Fund. This list has to roll before and after the large wafer. But what answer I give to people? I you do not even deserve that justice fake list of Bahariya Town come in my name?? section 25 notice

Greek Life: Myths Debunked

Hello all,

Due to popular request, I've decided to write an entry about Greek life, and in particular, my experience as a sister of Alpha Chi Omega. Because the topic is so huge, I've decided that debunking popular Greek stereotypes is a good place to start.

Breaking Bad: Inside Episode 5 15

Breaking Bad's Cast & Crew Takes You Behind-the-Scenes Of "Granite State"

In the penultimate episode of AMC's , we learned the fate of the White family following Walter's disappearing act. While Walter was on the run, Skylar was forced to face the music. Since the DEA doesn't have Walter to punish, they've decided to use Skylar to smoke him out of hiding, or at the very least punish in his stead. Walter Jr.'s life seems back to normal, but gone is the kid who looked up to his father. In his place is a young man who realizes his parents are the people he thought they were. In other words, Jr. has finally become a man. Meanwhile, Jesse is still working as Todd's meth slave. When he concocts a plan to escape, it's met with disastrous results.Walter is down and out after he realizes the $11 million he's worked so hard to keep is essentially worthless now that he's hiding in a cabin dying of cancer, and his family has written him off. When he sees Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz disavowing him as well, that was the last straw, and ended up motivating Walter to get back in the game. Jesse's escape from his prison results in Andrea's death. Now the tentative feelings of "friendship" Todd feels for him may be in jeopardy. When Todd was the only one going to bat for Jesse, betraying him may end up proving deadly for Mr. Pinkman. Now that Walter is 'in the wind' and the DEA breathing down her neck, Skylar's life now lies in ruins. Take a look as the cast and crew discuss episode 515, "Granite State."

Rabies is Preventable

Rabies is a preventable viral disease that can affect humans and animals.In animals once gotten the disease is fatal.Rabies is spread in this area mostly by bats or skunks; however any warm blooded mammal can contract rabies.This includes our precious companion animal.Because of this you should never touch or handle a bat, skunk, or any other wild animal and you should have your pets vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian.The vaccine is given every 1 - 3 years depending on the type of vaccine used and the laws of the state and county.Rabies causes acute encephalitis.In animals the first sign of rabies may be non- specific and include lethargy, fever, vomiting and anorexia.The signs will progress within days to cerebral dysfunction, cranial nerve dysfunction, ataxia, abnormal behavior, aggression, self- mutilation and eventually death.If you or your pet are bitten by a stray animal, wild animal or a bat you should immediately wash the area with soap and water.Then you should contact your doctor or veterinarian and health department, they can guided you with what to do next.For more information about rabies you can go toHYPERLINK "" or you can contact us with any questions you may have about your pets.
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Time To Grind

My last post was about our home that we are building. This post will not be about selling or buying homes either but it will be about some work my wife and I have done to our bodies this year. A year ago I lost a bunch of weight, about 60 pounds. I was really happy with the 'new me' and I took football season off from dieting and exercising as a reward. I gained about 10 pounds back but this year we really got after our fitness. It wasn't so much about losing weight but that was a nice side effect. My wife and I discovered that we love to run. Running has become a big part of our lives and we have done several 5K's and 10K's this year. We are going to be running a 12K in a few weeks and have a plan to run a half marathon in December.

All of this running and conitnuing to hit the gym has meant I lost the 10 pounds I gained last football season plus another 20. I am down now a total of 80 pounds from my all time high and I could not be happier. I love the way I look and the way I feel now. I can't imagine my life without running. It is such a great way to get in shape and stay in shape and is something that you don't need a lot of fancy, expensive equipment to do. I love it. I do have a slight knee injury right now requiring me to take some time to rest (driving me nuts since this is the meat of our race schedule and when I need to be doing the most running) and so lately I have been getting my bike out and riding that as well. Hopefully my wife and I can accomplish our goals in the final races of the year and finish the half marathon in December that we are looking forward to so much. One thing I have learned is that our lives are so much more productive now that we are in shape and fit. We have also learned that we are most definitely 'runners' and proud to be runners.
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A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958)


In the 1930s Hans Detlef Sierck started making short melodramas set in exotic lands, which proved enormous box-office hits in his native Germany. As his career was beginning, unfortunately so was the rise of fascism in Europe. Because Sierck was politically opposed to the Nazis, as well as having a Jewish wife, he decided to flee the country, first to Switzerland and then to the United States. Eventually in Hollywood, his name was anglicised to Douglas Sirk, the name that would become famous for creating lush melodramas throughout the 1950s like All That Heaven Allows (1955) and Imitation of Life (1959). In 1958 Sirk created a film starring John Gavin and his chiselled jaw as a German soldier fighting on the Eastern Front. A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958), based on a novel by Erich Maria Remarque (best known for All Quiet on the Western Front) and filmed in widescreen Cinemascope would be heralded by Jean-Luc Godard as Sirk's masterpiece, and is now released on Eureka! Entertainment's Masters of Cinema Blu-ray collection.

Citadel (2012)


The basic premise of Citadel focuses on Tommy, played by Aneurin Barnard, who suffers a horrific attack outside his council flat home, which leaves his young pregnant girlfriend comatose and Tommy holding the baby. The attackers are a gang of hooded kids; their weapon of choice a hypodermic needle. Fast forward a year or so and Tommy's suffering from acute agoraphobia, chronically depressed and in fear of losing Baby Elsa to social services. But a series of flashbacks and visions has Tommy wondering whether the hooded attackers, from before, are still at large.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom


YU-GI-OH! THE FALSEBOUND KINGDOM, known in Japan as YU-GI-OH! FALSEBOUND KINGDOM (), is the only Nintendo GameCube game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

Goji Berries

Most fruit, like apples, pears, bananas, oranges, etc. are wonderfully healthy foods, but we would never turn to them as a source of protein. All fruits have trace amounts of protein - a cup of apples will provide 1 gram and a cup of raisins will provide 5 grams (according to the USDA). Vegetables are similar - a cup of carrots, onions, or tomatoes will yield about 1 gram of protein as well. BUT ONE FRUIT, GROWN HIGH IN THE HIMALAYAN FOOTHILLS, CONTAINS NUMEROUS TRACE MINERALS, VITAMINS, AND IS CONSIDERED A GREAT SOURCE OF VEGETARIAN PROTEIN - GOJI BERRIES.

Just one cup of Goji berries, also called wolfberries, or , CONTAIN UP TO 12 GRAMS OF PROTEIN!

What's Next On My List? Alice In Wonderland

I know what controversy surrounds TIM BURTON, ever since he started to cast the same two people in every movie of his. But honestly I don't mind, because they are talented actors who always add something new to the material that is given to them. I also don't care about the peculiar music that is always credited to one person. What I do care about is the movies one by one and although I highly appreciate BURTON's vision and his works, sometimes I feel that he is under pressure by Hollywood to produce more, (does the ring a bell?) while he obviously works better when he takes his time (like everyone else really!). That said, I wanted to talk about this movie as I have seen it for the first time only a couple of days ago:

Alice, our young lead is tormented by nightmares. She shares the same nightmare for years to come, until one day it all seems to become a reality when she is supposed to get engaged. She runs away and follows a rabbit with a blue coat down his hole, only to find herself in a place called Underworld.

Top 5 Superhero Cartoons of Today

Y'know, I think this piece won't get as many views as some of the others because I'm one of the few people I know who puts this much thought into this sort of thing. And to that I say: Whatever. I write this blog for me more than anyone else. Anyway...

We live in a Golden Age of superhero media, where fans and comic writers are running the adaptations of their favorite medias. Of course, writing isn't a surefire process, and some shows will inevitably be better than others. I'm here to tell you which one goes where. Here's the Top 5 Superhero Cartoons of Today (I'm not doing "of all time" because you don't need another nerd on the internet telling you Batman: The Animated Series was awesome). Enjoy:

Summaries of Gone Barefoot, seasons 2 and 3

After the success of the 13-episode first season of Gone Barefoot (which by the way is longer than most non-competitive reality shows), I had thought of a 16-episode season 2.However, I decided to break down the episodes into two separate runs of eight shows each, one starting in January and the next in August.


The Top 20 Breaking Bad Fan Videos



New Footage From "Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D."- Episode 2

Sneak Peek footage from the next episode of ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", titled "0-8-4", directed by David Straiton and written by Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon & Jeffrey Bell, airing October 1, 2013.

The series was created for ABC by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, based on the Marvel Comics organization 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' ('Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division').

Comic review: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic issue 11

Andy Price's ridiculously amazing Cover A

This blog seems increasingly to be turning into a review-specific one. It's really not intended as such, but there's just so much coming out at the moment! This time it's issue #11 of IDW's main MLP:FiM series, and (wonder of wonders) it appeared on time in the UK. As usual, NostalgiaI assume that's a human thing -- and it's fair to say that Shining isn't the most popular stallion in the school. In fact, he's an out-and-out nerd, obsessed with Ogresif this were her first appearance in any media, I'm not sure I'd have found it quite so easy to become interested in her story.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Robin Thicke & Jessie J Collaborate On The Pinkest Video EVER! See Sexy Set Pics HERE!

It's just... so... PINK!

andjust wrapped on shooting the video for their new collaboration, supposedly Calling All Hearts, and we don't know if we've seen anything so pink in our lives!!

Bruch at Lodge, Clever Title Not Found

When Marie created Brunch Club, we agreed we had to revisit The Lodge, a popular spot in the middle of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's an appropriately dubbed place, with all the aesthetic charm of a Colorado mountain cabin: rustic woodwork furniture, deer antler decorations, drinks served in mason jars, 19th century drawings on the wall, and an old rabbit-ear television. The rustic vibe is counterbalanced with a definite rock 'n' roll edge: the playlist features a healthy mix of 60s proto-punk, 80s indie rock, and 90s alternative, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn the staff all play in a band together and see them pile into a beat-up van with a drum kit, two amps, and a wet dog. With its Ron Swanson meets Mark Arm atmosphere, I'm sure there are those who'd like to deride The Lodge as "Williamsburg Hip", but screw them, this is the kind of place tailor-made for me.

The generous portions at The Lodge are big plus. While some of my "colleagues" opted for some rather impressive looking French toast, I for one went with the classic combination, steak and eggs (it's one of the few true brunch dishes: one part breakfast, one par lunch). I remembered it being better the first time we'd been (I'm a bit particular about steak being cooked to a perfect medium-rare, and this time was closer to medium). Despite this, it was still enjoyable, if a little less tender and juicy than I'd prefer. The Lodge offers just about any potato side dish you can imagine (home fries, French fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots), all of them excellent complement to poached eggs, especially with a little ground pepper.

'Sons of Anarchy' season 6 spoilers: The body count (shocker!) shall rise

If you are a "" fan, we imagine that you understand sarcasm when you see it. At this point, it is hardly much of a shocker at all to see the death of any character, whether it be a two-episode guest star or someone that has been a series regular since the beginning. After what transpired with Opie, we like to imagine that we have been conditioned to accept that death can happen to anyone. However, this expectation of death does not necessarily mean that we suffer no emotional fallout.

Case in point? If Tig dies on Tuesday night's "Wolfsangel" (), we will write our episode review in between sniffles. The majority of these characters have done terrible things, but at the same time you feel an attachment to them. Tig's not a villain on the show, and we cannot really sit here and think of any deaths that made us want to stand up and cheer. The dad thing to remember here is that he is not the only character who could be leaving the land of the living soon.

Epson V11H501020 PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 2D and 3D 1080p Home Theater Projector

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* Product prices and availability are accurate as of the indicated date / time and can be changed any time. Any price and availability on this website at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

From Corpse to Bride

Spirits of my good friend's imagination.


Severe hypoglycaemia requiring emergency medical assistance by ambulance services in the East Midlands: A retrospective study

Publication date:

July 2013

This sleep-sensing device wants to get in bed with you, but it won't cuddle


When the princess senses something small under her bed in the fairytale "The Princess and the Pea," it prove that she is, in fact, a princess.

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!


This show is fucking painful.

'Star Wars': Animated open letter to J.J. Abrams makes four demands

A new animated video calls on J.J. Abrams, director of the upcoming and highly controversial sequel "Star Wars: Episode VII," to handle the beloved franchise with care.

Created by Prescott Harvey with the creative agency , the animated open letter offers the director four rules "to make 'Star Wars' great again": 1. The setting is the frontier; 2. The future is old; 3. The Force is mysterious; and 4. Star Wars isn't cute.

Amazonian Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears

Butterflies drinking the tears of two yellow-spotted river turtles.

"The sight of butterflies flocking onto the heads of yellow-spotted river turtles in the western Amazon rain forest is not uncommon, at least if one is able to sneak up on the skittish reptiles. But the reason why butterflies congregate onto the turtles may be stranger than you think: to drink their tears.

Figurative Fridays: Personal Investment . . . and Robots

Here is one of the original models I found at my hardware store. About 1983.

When I was growing one of my joys was robots. Somewhere I picked up some Japanese robot model kits; strangely, I think it might have been my local hardware store. I was captivated with the beautifully painted illustrations on the boxes. They were painstakingly painted with dirt and rust lines and flaking paint as if they were real well-worn machines. Someone had spent a lot of time and thought painting these non-existent robots. Someone really loved and cared about this imaginary world. Because someone, or a group of people, had spent so much time and energy that they made beautiful illustrations for the humble cover of a four-dollar plastic model box, it made me want to know more about this story.

"TOME 2: Melancholia" Opening Reception At Last Rites Gallery In NYC

Kasra Ghanbari of 44FLOOD curated a show at the prestigious dark art gallery/Paul Booth tattoo parlor in New York City, Last Rites Gallery, to celebrate the "TOME 2: Melancholia" anthology. The show opens this Saturday and is packed with artwork from "TOME" contributors. If you live in NYC, this is quite the opportunity. Not only do you get to see this amazing artwork up close, but many of the artists will be present during the show. To learn more, you can check out my interview with the 44FLOOD team , hti up the Facebook , and check out all the show details below.

Official Press Release:

Jellyfish: Are They Taking Over In Sick Oceans?

Calling man-made warming "," the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used the strongest words yet to describe how human activity is affecting the earth's atmosphere and oceans.

LISA-ANN GERSHWIN sees evidence of global warming and human impact on the environment everyday in her work. She is one of a handful of jellyfish experts in the world.

Masters of the Universe Classics

So as can be read and, the recent announcement of Blade at the 2013 Power-Con has stirred up all kinds of questionable feelings in my Toyns (that's toy loins, in case you were curious) and has renewed my nascent interest in plumbing the depths of that revered classic, the Masters of the Universe movie. Admittedly, it seems like even the New Adventures of He-Man has a more dominant and vocal following than we of the MOTU movie, but we are strong, we are proud, we are legion. Well, maybe we're three or four guys with questionable taste in cinematic endeavors, but, dammit, we shall be heard!

In case the record isn't broken yet, the Masters of the Universe movie is better than you think it is. And I know you have an opinion on the subject because if you're reading this, you're either a MOTU fan, a toy fan, or just a fan of clicking links at random. Which is just fine. But if you say that it's not the most awesome '80s live-action movie based on a children's toy property, then you're just flat wrong. I'm sorry, but you are.


The following introduction was first published in the Doctor Who Magazine special, The Missing Episodes: The First Doctor, for which I also wrote introductions to the various stories for which 'telesnaps' do exist. I previously blogged about researching the magazine .


Job Number: 1017185

Housekeeping / housekeeping manager

Lisebergsv gen AB / Storhushllsfrestndarjobb / Gteborg Note that the last anskningsdag has passed. All storhushllsfrestndarjobb in Gothenburg, Mlndal with suburbs, Kunglv rooting android 2.3 See all jobs at Liseberg AB in Gothenburg Liseberg Heden AB is located in central Gothenburg near the Swedish Mssan , Avenue and Liseberg. It fyrstjrniga hotel is built around three beautiful innergrdar with 179 rooms spread across two floors. We offer bright and airy rooms, flexible konferensmjligheter and a restaurant every day serves organic food experiences. The hotel Ingri Liseberg Group and is a member of Worldhotels as a "first class collection" hotels. Hotell Liseberg Heden AB is MISTRESS OF THE HOUSE / HOUSEKEEPING MANAGER As a housewife p Hotel Poseidon has a varied workday filled with various duties within stdavdelningen the hotel. You have the ultimate responsibility for stdavdelningens function, which has about 20 employees. The laundry is included personnel rooting android 2.3 with schedule planning and Other supervisory responsibilities. You are responsible for the department's purchasing and have an important role in the frnyelsearbete that constantly takes place from the safe guest's experience and comfort. In your duties is included vein sewing and mending work and floral arrangements. You will report to the CEO and Ingri hotel's management team. You must have a high school education, you have post-secondary education or training, this is an advantage. You are also a few rs work experience from a hospitality or service industries. You are a clear and committed leader and are good at motivating and stdja your employees. You are used to working in Microsoft Office and is practically total. You br be stresstlig and flexible and have feeling for interiors, shape and color. In THER you have good physique and is easy for communicating both p Swedish and English. Laundry r a p tillsvidareanstllning full time, Dr. vein helgtjnstgring included. We will be happy to Begin you can work with us in November mnad. For more information, please contact the hotel gRNA CEO Mats stblomp phone 031-750 69 00th Trade union contacts

The habits of a loner

Picked up an organ donation card from the district health care centre today. Thought it might be good to keep one of those in my wallet. I have registered online for that and told my mother about my wish as well, but just to be certain or something. It's like my family is frowning at me for talking about that sort of stuff, but the thing is I really could die from suicide any day. I always have that in the back of my mind, and I gotta be prepared for the possibility that I might die soon. And I think that is a good thing, that I'm at least taking some responsibility for that. Whether it be organ donation, my will or funeral plans. Though it is a little weird thinking about that stuff, feels unreal somehow.

Other than that, I'm collecting beautiful English words on a list in my cell phone. So far I've got:

US-Japan deal could lead to more organic options

WASHINGTON: The United States and Japan have agreed to make it easier to import each other's ORGANIC PRODUCTS, the latest step in a global effort that could give consumers access to more and cheaper organic food.

The AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT planned to announce an agreement Thursday between the United States and Japan that will allow organic products to be certified in one of the countries and be sold as organic in both.

Gold IRA Rollover Investing Facts

There are various benefits of gold IRA investing based on the custodian that you decide on. This is an individual retirement account allowing your investment that allows you to own some real gold. A custodian can either be considered a registered financial broker or some financial institution whose mandate is to protect their clients IRA since they are IRS approved.

For you to invest in gold IRA, you have to select the investment plan from an accredited custodian with vast experience in handling gold. On the other hand, the gold has to be stored in depository which is approved in a different location from the custodian's premises in accordance with IRS rules and regulations. There are various types of IRAs with the convectional Roth IRA being very popular.

MZT Strong Version Show on tv Evokes Difference in Morbid obesity Epidemic

Show on tv Evokes Difference in Morbid obesity Epidemic

Slimming down will be quickly becoming synonymous. You truly just can't get one without other types of. The saying healthy diet customarily has a unfavorable symbolism as many may very well vanished dieting associate the idea by way of a dreadful suffer. Truly, the idea food plan won't have to be really adverse. It merely is dependent on how well you consider it. Exercise and diet are two vitally important details throughout the use of each of us. Making time for your food consumption, and also a satisfactory amount of endeavor at will make the difference rrn between really being in good health combined with cardiovascular disease. Previously, North americans were able to get work out within free of incredibly testing but with all of the fast growing use of takeaway food places to eat and the wonderful earning a living a good deal more, exercise typically take a backseat.

The galenia second reason is that the products galenia are incredibly well. We buy all our brushes w

The galenia second reason is that the products galenia are incredibly well. We buy all our brushes with ML Brushing Technique, it takes a lot of brushes and brooms umivaonici on a farm. We know that many tradesmen and farmers as we do. This entry was posted insterlens best and taggedsterlen congener brush, brush the king, brushes, brush factory, brush factory, brush factory in Onslunda, ML Brushing Technique, Onslunda. Bookmark the permalink. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Search galenia for: Recent Posts Requiem for a beloved friend Borrowed Time does not last forever Everything is as usual but still not Moon over Hav ng A golden weekend Most Read Posts Brush Factory in Onslunda Our little umivaonici heart Pomodori Arrosto - oven-roasted galenia tomatoes Even more concerning isolation of sloping ceiling Take power of your time with the Pomodoro galenia umivaonici technique to renovate an old Sk neg rd galenia Paint it black - liquorice f r alle Flan base without eggs, butter galenia or milk Anders Engquist: galenia Thinking about Hip Hip Hooray, for the People Sober unit's Day! Categories galeniasterlens Best Books Cookbooks Knitting galenia Books Architectural Animals Dogs Cats Wild Animals Country Life Music Blues Jazz Zydeco umivaonici Geraniums Recipes Breads Desserts Appetizers umivaonici Main Dish Inlaid Cakes food philosophy galenia Pasta Salad Sauces, umivaonici dips Side Dishes Soups Jams Knitting Yarn Newspapers Stick Newspapers Garden Roses Last comments Ingrid of Requiem for a beloved friend galenia

umivaonici Mette on Requiem for a beloved friend

Thursday, September 26, 2013

'American Horror Story: Coven' Full Opening Titles & More TV Spots

Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy's spooky series will return to FX in early October, so that it can be properly settled in by the time Halloween rolls around, and having covered ghosts and maniacs the show is now moving on a story all about witches. The returning cast includes Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe, and is rounded out by newcomers like Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett.

FX has so far been doing an excellent job of promoting the show with a series of , featuring brief clips of very creepy imagery that capture the tone of the show without giving away much of its plot. The first trailer that shows actual clips was , and it revealed that Taissa Farmiga will be playing a teenager who discovers that she is a

J-List is at AWA, Hope to See You Here!

I've made the long hop from Japan to the U.S., this time to Atlanta, Georgia, where I'll be attending . If you'll be at the show we hope you'll come by our humble J-List/JAST USA booth (#100, very easy to remember) and say hello, and check out the we have for you. (We've got far less stock than at our normal shows since we flew in directly from Japan, so if you're looking for , or , it's best to get them from the site directly.) We also have an awesome panel on Saturday night at 8 pm, which we hope to see you at!

We're getting ready to party in Atlanta, CNN style, but without Georgia Coffee. This is my first time in The Peach State, except for domestic transfers through Atlanta. I already took my employee Yasu to Varsity, a drive-in restaurant that's been around since 1928, and after the show we plan to visit some of the highlights of the city, including CNN and the Coca-Cola headquarters. Without a doubt the most famous image of Georgia to the Japanese is one that doesn't actually exist here: Coca-Cola's long-selling brand of canned coffee called Georgia Coffee, which it started marketing in 1975. (Back in the early 90s there was a cool line of Twin Peaks advertisements for Georgia Coffee, and one of my first business ventures on the early Internet was, ah, "liberating" these posters and selling them on USENET.) Georgia is also famous in my family because a friend of my son's couldn't pronounce the word properly, despite attending an immersion school for learning English. He pronounced it "Ji-ro-gia," so that naturally became his nickname until the end of time.We're happy to be working with in releasing to the world in English, something we feel is an important event for the genre of visual novels and unique games from Japan. Steins;Gate is a hardcore SF story about an amateur science lab that inadvertently creates a machine to "time leap" into the past, which naturally causes a large number of problems with an evil organization called SERN that could destroy the future. We're happy to report that the official U.S. site is up, filled with information on the story and characters of steins. The URL is , we hope you'll browse it and preorder the upcoming limited edition. (If the site doesn't come up for you it means DNS is still propagating, try again in a couple hours.) The game is scheduled for release early in 2014, and BOTH VERSIONS OF THE GAME ARE 100% DRM FREE. We have lots of awesome new and restocked J-List products on the site, from to to and of course plenty of . Visit or to browse these great items now!
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The Story So Far: Soul Eater

Set in the Shinigami technical school for weapon meisters, the series revolves around 3 groups of each a weapon meister and a human weapon. Trying to make the latter a "Death Scythe" which is the highest title for a weapon and thus fit for use by the Shinigami, they must collect the souls of 99 evil humans and 1 witch.(Source: MAL)SPOILER WARNING: Review discusses up to episode 30 of Soul Eater, per the Toonami broadcast of the series.Apparently, I have been harboring this illusion that I had been blogging about my Soul Eater anime experience for the past year or so. Manga, yes (although thanks to Yen Press' advanced releases, I'm hideously behind on that). Anime? Big no. Which is silly, because I've been watching the Toonami broadcast since the beginning and have been enjoying what has been, so far, one of the best shonen anime in the past decade. And no, it's not just because Soul Eater actually has an ending, clocking out with a modest 51 episodes (well, modest for a show of its genre). It's because Soul Eater is a legitimately enjoyable program that deserves every bit of praise it gets.
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First. FIFA 14 by E 2. FRing 3. Candy Crush 4. ScreenMotion 5. Parking 3D 2 6. Sniper Shoot 7. What

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Articles random free for a limited time - Feed Garfield New Bafstor | Game Crafty Creatures buzz and woody released in the game LAD was released to the Hafstor Free for a limited time - Robber Rabbits playing New Thought Israeli development - Webz classroom and playground unite on Scribblenauts Remix is exploding him another pig, thanks panicked bird In the new Angry Birds Seasons: Back to School torrent | game Where's My Perry? From Walt Disney soon Bafstor |? Where's My Perry from Disney Mobile app Draw Something was updated to a new version (1.7.14)

Because of the obsession of Skart chasing his acorn, Skart cracked open the earth's crust, resulting Skart's buzz and woody friends run to seek refuge. Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid decide to build a new village

Solace for Knicks fans: Isiah isn't the new GM

So we now have an answer to the age-old philosophical question: If an invisible GM falls in the forest -- or is, essentially, slung to the back of the pasture -- does he make a noise?

Especially if he rarely ever made one before?

Parks and Rec Premiere Recap: London Calling

heads to jolly old London Town for its Season 6 premiere -- and here's a quick rundown of what goes down when the quirky people of Pawnee venture across The Pond.

Before the gang goes abroad, there's the little matter of addressing where the finale left off: Diane coming clean to Ron about her pregnancy. ("Standard birth control methods aren't usually effective against a Swanson," an unsurprised Ron notes.)

Can Kyla or Simone join the list of US All Around Champions ?

The United States has 6 World All Around Champions and a very good shot at having a seventh this year so tell me which of these two do you think has the best shot at winning the 2013 World All Around title?

Clean and consistent Kyla Ross or powerful and explosive Simone Biles?

"Breaking Bad": "Save Walter White.Com"

"...My dad is amazing. It's funny, but I didn't know that until I found out he was going to die. That it was going to happen soon. That it was real. Then I thought about a lot of stuff.

"Things I hadn't thought about for a long time. I guess I kind of took him for granted or something. I mean, our parents are just always there.

-It requires ever-greater political ryggdrad to ensure basic community values. To conclude four cou

Four county doctors on rota matter: Community values are at stake |

-It requires ever-greater political ryggdrad to ensure basic community values. To conclude four counties doctors and a researcher sugar hut essex at the National Center sugar hut essex for Rural Medicine an article in Dagbladet 31/5-2011. sugar hut essex The article was followed by news coverage on TV2 same day.

Internship for doctors before a fall, an arrangement sugar hut essex that ensures that medical graduates sent forth to minister in the country. It is an important reason why we have a good health care to the entire population and the central draw to the offices is the key.

CE Newswire



Helpful Propositions To Advertise Your Successful Moving Service Business Effectively

Some people eventually give up on their moving and packaging service business ventures because of the overwhelming amount of work and dedication it requires to become successful in the marketing world. But you should never give up on your business because then you will never be able to see your hard work pay off. Always remember that you are not alone, as there are plenty of business owners just like you, and here are some tips from others who were once in your position.

If you need a simple way to please customers, consider making a mobile app for your moving and packaging service business. A mobile app can give you a way to advertise your sales and promotions while also allowing you to give customers coupons, store maps, and other helpful tools. It isn't hard to make one and it will make you look very professional.

A giant tortoise goes missing in West County, and time is running out

13 hours ago*By Todd C. Frankel 314-340-8110

A young child stands by two African spurred tortoises, providing some perspective for the size of these animals. The tortoise on the left, with the darker shell, is Leo. He has been missing since June 12. Both Leo and the other tortoise, Charlie, belong to Viola Haegele of Town and Country. Photo courtesy of Haegele.

All You Need Is Love

#truelove #allowing #dating GPS for the Soul - The Huffington Post All You Need Is Love I am coming out of summer hibernation like a grizzly bear on the hunt for food. I open my laptop for soul survival We are not born with an instruction manuals, how to's or directions. We are born chasing answers, looking for pieces to the puzzle. All of us are painting, writing, sculpting our own masterpiece but collectively a part of a big mosaic. I was recently chatting with new found friends and artists Markus and Leslie of Antidote about their recent team-building event they did for Swarovski. It was a painting experience for each member of the company, painting a personalized canvas unleashing their inner Bob Ross. Once completed, the Swarovski team hung their pictures to then only see that their picture was a part of a bigger picture. Bringing a realization that although each member has a job, without the other employees the picture would be incomplete; as in life. We all are interwoven into the fabric of each other's lives. Like cotton, we absorb, can be stained, worn and ripped. We move about through the motions of each day many times without notice of how our actions and sometimes non-reaction has a cause and effect. We navigate through life blindly trying to pick up pieces along the way, trying to make sense and find purpose, in order to move forward in "the know." It may sound like sun shiny shiitake mushrooms at the end of a rainbow, but even once purpose is found, there is always a greater purpose unfolding. The picture never truly clear until our last leaf has fallen. We are born to always be growing, learning, unveiling answers. Not just for ourselves but for others.

I am clumsily stumbling for answers for: How to process tragedy and loss, heartbreak, ache and loss?
RIO Fitness Chicago(R) Tip:

If you are pregnant, and want to lose the "baby weight" quickly after & stay as healthy as possible while pregnant, the best way to do that is to eat healthy & stay active DURING the pregnancy.

Exercising while pregnant IS okay to do until the third trimester. A few precautions need to be taken though: 1) Wear a heart rate monitor while you do, because your heart rate should not exceed 140 for a long period of time to minimalize your body's internal core temperature. 2) No exercises that involve any laying flat on the back and no prolonged standing ones. Both pool blood around the fetus which is dangerous. 3) No jumping/bouncing exercises. 4) No using unstable equipment like stability balls/BOSUs/etc unless under the direct supervision of a certified fitness instructor.

10 Cute iPhone Cases for Couples

If you and your partner and so in love that you share everything, then you might want to consider matching cases specially designed for sweethearts

To show the world just how synced up the two of you are, we put together a selection of precious pairs of iPhone cases that are perfect for couples.

Luckily for her, the first exhibition of his son went well and no one was hurt, not even the next t

The smallest knife thrower wants to pass to the axes - Absurdity

Is Nothing

'70s Flashback: "The Paper Chase" and "The Warriors"

John Houseman as Professor Kingsfield.

The Paper Chase. James Bridges' 1973 drama about the first year in Harvard Law School has aged well thanks mostly to Timothy Bottoms' appealing performance. Bottoms plays James Hart, a Minneapolis native who initially seems out of place with his classmates--many of whom are affluent and/or brilliant. Hart, though, is a hard worker and doesn't lack confidence (indeed, while he's a genuinely nice guy, he is also self-centered).

comic relief


By Rosanna Abrachan | ENS - BANGALOREPublished: 23rd May 2013 10:47 AMLast Updated: 23rd May 2013 10:47 AMWith its license to relive the magic of comics and literally wear the mettle of superheroes, the first annual Bangalore Comic Con has much in store for fans of graphic artCan never get enough of the Caped Crusader and the 75 year old legacy of the blue tights-red cape-superpowers endowed Kal-El? Pledged loyalty to the Star Wars clan or eagerly following the making of the Assassin's Creed movie? Let your heart go out to the do-righter cowboy Woody when he is faced with having to leave his friends in Toy Story? Pride yourself on being a fan of Goku, from the Dragon Ball Z saga, for only he could kick God' behind?Then, block your dates for June 1-2 as the first annual Bangalore Comic Con gears up to unleash a range of comics, international publishers, workshops, book launches and merchandise,from 11 am - 7 pm, at the Koramangala Indoor Stadium, near National Games Village.Comic lovers are in for a treat as the annual Comic Con arrives in the city just eight months after its travelling edition, the Comic Con Express, chugged into the city last September. "Our Express version saw a footfall of nearly 30,000 last year and this encouraged us to create a dedicated annual event for Bangalore. We also plan to add one new city to our roster each year and this time, the choice is between Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad," says Jatin Varma, founder, Comic Con India. Varma, along with artist Abhijeet Kini (Angry Maushi) and writer Akshay Dhar (Ground Zero), will speak at a Comic Con exclusive on the emerging trend of self-publishing.A novel addition to this year's conference is international presence by way of Cinebook (UK), Darkhorse Comics (USA), Diamond Select Toys (USA), Robot & Spark (UAE) and Renovada Merch (UAE). Comic Con Bangalore also plans to throw open the doors to the world of graphic novel creation through a session with Jerry Pinto of Scholastic, who crafted 'When Crows are White'. Homeboy George Mathen aka Appupen will present his latest silent novel 'The Legends of Halahala' and the makers of Tinkle Digest will share updates on their latest work. A comics quiz by Marrs and an Amar Chitra Katha quiz are also on the cards. Alicia Souza, who regales Bangaloreans with quirky illustrations and quips on her two furry loves, Lola Bear and Charles-B, sees the Comic Con movement giving a much needed thrust to the 'underground' comics scene, as she puts it. "It is interesting to see comic lovers being knowledgeable about what they read and more girls joining the comics lovers brigade," she says.In an age where graphic storytelling is a niche art, Tejas Menon, a media professional and a serious comics fan, believes Comic Con plays not only brings comic lovers together but also connects closet comic creators with publishers. "What sets apart the international editions of Comic Con from what we have here is the involvement of the movie and the television industry. Production houses host movie panels and screen trailers and exclusive footage of sci-fi and fantasy movies and this promotes the event on a large scale. While movie exclusives and merchandise are crowd pullers, the focus should be on comics," he adds.Comic Con India is considering the possibility of including panel discussions on films in the coming two years. "The Indian market does not generate revenues that would encourage international studios to bring in exclusive content. Same applies for popular television shows, as most of them run in syndication, the channels here are not inclined to spend money on bringing down the star cast when the returns are limited. Despite such odds, we are slowly and steadily convincing international companies to take our market seriously and bet on it long term," explains Varma.The highlight of Comic Con Bangalore is the costume contest, 'Cosplay', that is bound to have comic buffs turning out their wardrobes and running to their neighbours for sabres, capes, masks, et al. And due recognition awaits in the form of assured gifts for all who turn out in costume and five winners, one each from the categories of comic book, anime, animated series, sci-fi and gaming, stand a chance to win a trip to Goa. And 10,000 lucky visitors can stake their claim to a limited edition Comic Con Swag bag.This one here is definitely no comedy of errors.LAUNCH PADTitle- Julius Caesar Published By: Campfire PublishingTitle- Aghori- Book#3 (Series of the year nominee) Published By: Holy Cow EntertainmentTitle-Mixtape Published By: New, upcoming and established creatorsTitle- Defective Detectives Published By: Tinkle Tall TalesTitle-Shikari Shambu Published By: Tinkle Tall TalesTitle-Butterfingers Published By: Tinkle Tall TalesTitle- The Princely Buffalo Published By: Trendy ToonsTitle-The Caravan Published By: Anitrax MediaTitle- Ravanayan Finale Published by: Holy Cow EntertainmentTitle- TWELVE Preludes Published by: Manta RayTitle- Tamas Published By: Mrinal

Cardinal Wuerl's Triple Cover-up

A Dirty Sex Abuse Juggling Record from Year 1

Donald Wuerl was installed bishop of Pittsburgh on February 12, 1988.It only

Either the Pittsburgh diocesan spokesman lied about Fr. John Wellinger or the secretary of Wellinger's former parish did.

Below is the transcript of the recorded interview of a former secretary of John

Wellinger's former parish.The secretary alleged that she informed Pittsburgh

diocesan spokesman, Fr. Ron Lengwin, about Wellinger in the late 1980s.In

Background on the Cipolla Case

Anthony Cipolla is a laicized priest who was ordained in the Pittsburgh

diocese in 1972.He actually attended the seminary of a missionary re-

ligious order and then was invited to become a Pittsburgh diocesan priest.

The San Antonio Express-News: A Report on Wuerl's Triple Cover-up

The website covering this in detail is .

The following news article confirms that Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer Ann

The McCandless Twp Police Presence in the Suppressed Vincentian Revelations and the Torquato Retaliations

Another allegation surfaced last winter (2011/12), concerning the Diocese

of Pittsburgh when under Donald Wuerls' watch.It involves an employee

of the Diocese of Pittsburgh accused of sexual misconduct.This allegation

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cardinal Wuerl: Started out in the Mode of Cardinal Bernard Law

The notorious Fr. John S. Hoehl giving me my diploma many moons ago.

Donald Wuerl did reassign him to ministry (hospital chaplaincy work), after

former Pittsburgh bishop, Anthony Bevilacqua, put him on the sidelines. I heard

Deception through Sleight of Hand Semantics . . .



The News Reports on Fr. John Wellinger, in Review

The 2013 news from Western PA's mainstream media now serves as a

quasi-corroboration, but not specific corroboration as to the allegations

pertaining to Wellinger andPittsburgh diocesan personnel.

The Diocese of Pittsburgh prevented the ordination of Sotak's credible accuser, while not allowing him to be ordained elsewhere.

The Pittsburgh Diocesan Building is the small

off-white one next to the plate glass skyscraper.

Father Donald Sotak: An Alleged Cover-up till Death.


If anyone asks if whether Cardinal Donald Wuerl is either the divine model of

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The male gaze focusing on the text from American Beauty

Throughout the clip we can apply laura mulvey's theory of male gaze and how it is presented to us through the text .The first aspect to look at is the way the view of the camera records the text this is shown when the male gaze is presented there is a loud non diegetic sound as it splits the guy from reality to his sort of fantasy version when the cheerleaders form a certain position it zooms focusing on the cheerleader in the middle,there is also a spot light that appears on the character drawing the audience that she is an important main focus.Throughout the male characters fantasy version in the text the camera shots start to zoom even more on to her the audience view close ups of the girls body focusing in features of the male gazes interest for example her chest,in the background of the image it is darken and a school bell is ringing there is no people around other than him and the girl as a long shot is shown to see only him on the stands.

When observing the view of which the audience sees it is clear that the view of the cheerleader girl is from a point of view from the males eyes however the girl is shown to be unaware of the situation and doesn't realize he is staring at her this means the girl is passive and the man is active.Linking this with laura mulveys ideas with the male gaze her theory is proven true in this situation as the man has the dominant ideologically by showing only his view on the girl not including the girls view on him and she is shown as just a object for his scopophilia.