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Cardinal Wuerl's Triple Cover-up

A Dirty Sex Abuse Juggling Record from Year 1

Donald Wuerl was installed bishop of Pittsburgh on February 12, 1988.It only

took eight months thereafter for the Diocese of Pittsburgh to become one of the

first dioceses in America to be 'scathed' in what was to become a nationwide

Watergate of perversity.Wuerl was caught performing a triple cover-up, and

the practice of sadomasochism was one of the acts which transpired within a

trio of clergy members whom Wuerl unsuccessfully concealed from law en-

forcement authorities.

A member of the criminal trio was an assistant chancellor of Wuerl's diocese, as

well as a canon lawyer.This factor alone showed motive for proceeding with an

intentional cover-up.In light of this, when does a bishop ever proceed with an

accidental one?

The Sex Abuse Casualties

The casualties were two altar boys of the same family.They were brothers. The

years of molestation occurred from 1981 to 1987.In addition to the three indict-

ed priests, there was a fourth alleged assailant reported to one of the three prose-

cuting district attorneys.He was a layman.Furthermore, there was a fourth dio-

cesan priest implicated, but only in his capacity as a probable accomplice; as a

silent person who reported nothing to anyone.

Concerning this priest, he either allowed criminal conduct to transpire in a ski

lodge suite where he was staying or else he was clueless to what was transpir-

ing there.Nothing was established other than he was at the scene of the crime,

going into his room, while a criminal priest was taking his altar boy into anoth-

er one.

This fourth Pittsburgh diocesan priest, incidentally, was strangled todeath in

Havana Cuba in 2001, after having been on administrative leave since 1996.

A source informed me that Wuerl, himself, officiated as his funeral ... so stat-

ed the source.

While in Cuba, this priest was openly homosexual and was said to have "helped

his visiting friends find sexual partners while they stayed in Havana."He was

the tragic Fr. George Zirwas, and at this point in the narration you should be at

the first stage in realizing that Lord Byron was more correct than he was mistak-

en when he stated that the truth is always strange; stranger than fiction.

Wuerl's Trinity

The indicted priests were Robert Wolk, Francis Pucci, and Richard "Sade" Zula.

Wolk was the assistant chancellor and Zula was nicknamed after the Marquis de

Sade.All three priests were charged and arraigned in Washington County, PA.

It's a county which touches the southwestern border of the Allegheny County

where within sits Pittsburgh.

Furthermore, Richard Zula was also arraigned east of Pittsburgh, in Somerset

County.Robert Wolk was indicted in Allegheny County, as well as in Wash-

ington County.In fact, he was the first one to surrender himself to the police.

Incidentally, the Diocese of Pittsburgh comprises the six most Southwestern

counties of Pennsylvania.Pennsylvania, at last count, has sixty-seven counties.

The front page of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's November 11 edition of that

year gives light on how involved the criminal investigation was:

"Moreover, authorities said their investigation had uncovered

evidence of similar offenses involving one of the priests that

occurred elsewhere in southwestern Pennsylvania and Florida,

Ohio, Virginia, and Canada.Authorities in the jurisdictions

have been contacted."

This shows that the matter was not taken lightly by law enforcement officials.

In fact, the district attorney of Washington County prophetically stated,"We

would be sticking our heads in the sand to believe these are the only three


Zula had 138 criminal counts filed against him in Washington County, alone.

However, a plea bargain reduced the counts to only two.In sequence, Zula

also plead guilty in Somerset County.Now, as far as went Wolk, he plead

guilty in Allegheny and Washington counties.

Pucci's case, on the other hand, was dismissed due to the two year statute of

limitations expiring on two types of criminal charges.It expired approximate-

ly four months prior to his indictment.He was indicted under the assumption

that the time-keeping for the two year limit had frozen during the time Pucci

was outside of Pennsylvania, in a Maryland psychiatric facility.None the less,

conspiracy charges remained open for Pucci, and that particular crime had a

five year limitation.Despite this, Pucci's case was eventually dismissed.

Take note that, during the nationwide sex abuse scandal, priest after abusive

priest was sent to a psychiatric facility, as if each one were an unaccountable

victim of mental illness.Now, there is a difference between mental illness

and sin.If a person is insane, then he is without malice in a materially harm-

ful act, even though each member of society has the right to be made safe from

such a harmful person.However, deception and manipulation, as much as

scheming and concealing, were committed by priest after abusive priest, and

such acts are elements of malice; not mental illness.

In addition, these priests were described as having "compulsions" that required

psychiatric treatment.In the Catholic vernacular, such compulsions are known

as temptations.

Wuerl and His Personnel:Uncooperative During the 1988 Investigation

The Washington County district attorney announced that Wuerl's diocese en-

gaged in "foot dragging" throughout the criminal investigation.The DA was

either irked or incensed by the Pittsburgh diocese's lack of cooperation, call-

ing it "minimal at best."His quote on the topic goes as follows: "It was not

the spirit of cooperation we would like to see."Of course,"foot dragging"

is a polite way of saying "stonewalling" which, in turn, is a polite way of say-

ing "a step away from obstruction of justice charges."

Wuerl had pushed his luck to the limit.Being that he was caught performing

a triple cover-up, and being that he was accused of having impeded a crimi-

nal investigation via stonewalling, he had no other choice than to strike the

pose of a strict disciplinarian.This shows that Wuerl was NOT NOT NOT the

caring and concerned bishop that he was made out to be by the 21st Century

media.Rather, he was a chameleon, looking out for himself.He changed

colors according to the changes in the political climate.In fact, he original-

ly presented himself as a "liberal."He was then paraded around as a "con-

servative."Wuerl has shown himself to be out for himself.The following

mainstream media newspaper links provide the evidence:

Photocopy of Cleveland Plain Dealer Article which mentions the existence

of a fourth predator in the same Pittsburgh diocesan molestation ring:

The New York Times Report on the Triple Cover-up:

Photocopy of the San Antonio Express-News Report:

Photocopy of the Report found in the Lewiston Daily Sun:

Photocopy of the Nashua Telegraph's Report on the Cover-up:

The Associated Press News Report on Wuerl's Triple Cover-up:

Photocopy of the Bryan Times Report, with D.A.'s Additional Statement:

Donald Wuerl: A Coast to Coast Disgrace

News of Wuerl's triple cover-up made its way from coast to coast, via:

- the New York Times,- the Saint Petersburg Times,

- the Philadelphia Inquirer,- the Philadelphia Daily News,

- the Cleveland Plain Dealer,- the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,

- Maine's Lewiston Daily Sun,- the San Jose Mercury News,

- Pennsylvania's Reading Eagle,- the San Antonio Express-News,

- California's Lodi News-Sentinel,- the now defunct Pittsburgh Press,

- Northwestern Ohio's Bryan Times,- Oregon's Eugene Register-Guard,

- New Hampshire's Nashua Telegraph,- South Carolina's Rock Hill Herald.

From as far west as California's San Andreas Fault line, to as far east as the

New York metro area, Donald William Wuerl became an early chapter in the

Vatican II church's sex abuse history.From as far south as the Florida Gulf

Coast, to as far north as Maine, Wuerl's diocese had already proven itself to

be what best selling author Malachi Martin would later say it was:"... one

of the most pathetic dioceses in the United States."

Concerning George Zirwas:
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