Thursday, September 26, 2013

Either the Pittsburgh diocesan spokesman lied about Fr. John Wellinger or the secretary of Wellinger's former parish did.

Below is the transcript of the recorded interview of a former secretary of John

Wellinger's former parish.The secretary alleged that she informed Pittsburgh

diocesan spokesman, Fr. Ron Lengwin, about Wellinger in the late 1980s.In

contrast, Lengwin publicly stated that Wellinger was not reported to the dio-

cese until 1995.This means that someone is lying about Wellinger; either

Lengwen or the secretary of the late John Wellinger.

For the record, since 1999, I have never heard anything honorable about

the very tall Ron Lengwin, by any of my sources.He was repeatedly al-

leged to be Donald Wuerl's attacking pit bull.A bully ... allegedly.

The transcript is preceded by an introduction, written the Mike Ference

who is no stranger to diocesan intimidation tactics ... allegedly.In the

Ference case, the Ferences had the right to know the motivating force

behind Bobby Butler pulling the trigger of a lethal weapon twice on a

school bus of unarmed teenagers.Add to the Serra Catholic equation,

previously accused Kenneth Ghastin who was assigned there during

the shooting and the accused Michael LeDoux who would be assigned

to Serra after the Adam Ference shooting.There is something of sub-

stance in the Ference case, in as far as goes the motivating force in

sweeping the entire matter under a carpet.

Incidentally, all that is posted herein is presented to you as 'ALLEGED'as

to the contents.Now for guest writer Mike Ference and his intro:

This is part of a taped interview with Marta P******* which I had got-

ten transcribed.It's her describing her attempts to inform the Pittsburgh

diocese of possible sexual abuse, along with drug and alcohol abuse, di-

rected toward Pittsburgh-area youths by late Catholic priest, Father John

Wellinger.For a description of Father John Wellinger's alleged crimes

At least one alleged victim of John Wellinger credits my (Mike Ference's) years of investigation as helping to force the Pittsburgh Diocese to settle

out of court with 31 other alleged victims of clergy abuse.He's Chris

Mathews, and if you would like to contact Chris, let me know and I'll

pass your phone number or email address to him.


If the Pittsburgh Diocese had done the prudent thing, instead of adopting the

policy of disregarding people, Chris Mathews wouldn't have been sexually

abused by John Wellinger, as was alleged.Bobby Butler, Jr. may not have

attempted to murder my son.As importantly, Bobby may still be alive to-

today also, depending if he too were molested by Wellinger.However, the

Pittsburgh diocese didn't seem to care.

EDITOR'S NOTE:Keep in mind that, during the deposition of a Clairton law

enforcement man, the Ference attorney asked him if he new anything about

John Wellinger molesting youth in the Clairton area.The diocesan attorney

then banged on the table and starting employing intimidating speech which

under oath.This makes the Diocese of Pittsburgh (under Donald Wuerl atthe time) look extremely suspicious.Back to guest writer, Mike Ference:

Had the Diocese of Pittsburgh done the prudent thing, then John Wellinger'salleged lover, laicized Catholic priest, Richard Dorsch, may have been halt-

ed before he began to sexually abuse youth.Even Archbishop Bevilacqua

may have been prevented from causing so much pain and agony in the Phil-

adelphia Archdiocese, as was described in the scathing report of the grand

jury investigation that transpired through the Philadelphia District Attorney's


Respectfully, Mike Ference


Mike: And I'm talking to Marta P******* (Mike then spelled her full name),

is that correct?Marta: Right.Mike: Your telephone number is 412-***-****.What is your mother's maid-

en name, if I may ask?Marta:And you need this?Mike:I just wanted to identify, again if some one says "HOW DO WE KNOW

WE'RE TALKING TO MARTA?"You know what I mean, if that's okay with

you?If not, that's okay.You do not have to give that.Marta: No, I don't.No.Mike: You'd rather not give that?Marta: No.Mike: Ok, that's fine.That's fine.Marta: I mean, I am in the church year book, if you were to need anything

else.Mike: Okay. Mike: You are a resident of West Mifflin, is that correct?Marta: Right.Mike: You have been a member of the Holy Spirit Church for some time now,

for a number of years, since at least 1980 or 81?Marta: Since 1968.Mike: 1968! Oh my goodness.Okay.Mike: At the time a Priest by the name of (John Wellinger) came there, you

had a position with the church if I am not mistaken.What position was

this?Marta: I was the Parish secretary.Mike: Was this a fulltime or part-time position?Marta: It was part-time.Mike: If I am not mistaken, you became suspicious of John Wellinger based

upon a couple of things that were occurring.Is that correct?Marta: Well, yeah.I had a feeling that there was something not right.Mike: You were also told about a possible assault on a young boy by the

name of (*********).Is that correct?Marta: I wouldn't say assault.Mike: OkayMarta: What was told to me was that, he had given, I guess, liquor and

drugs to this young man, and was taken to the hospital.Mike: Right, okay.And that Hospital was Shadyside Hospital, if I am

not mistaken.Is that correct?Marta: I am not sure.Mike: Okay.And this would have happened? Do you think this happened

sometime in 1987?Marta: Yeah, I guess so.Mike: Okay, so this happened in 1987.You are also aware of the alleg-

ed abuse that took place with a young boy by the name of (Chris

Mathews) sometime in 1989.Is that correct? Marta: Only that, I knew about it when it was in the paper.Mike: When it was publicized.Okay, it was publicized in 2003, or some-

thing like that.Mike: The (*********) boy, I believe his first name is (****)?Marta: Right.Mike: Okay.At the time, he would have been about sixteen (16) years of

age, do you think?Marta: Yeah, maybe fifteen (15) or sixteen (16). Mike: Okay.Mike: You can be relatively sure that he was under the age of eighteen (18)?Marta: Yeah.Mike: (**** *********'s) mother would have been (**** *********),

correct?Marta: Yes.Mike: She also worked for the church, or (John Wellinger) at that time, is

that correct?Marta: Yes.She was the CCD coordinator. Mike: So, she was often around the church, and often either with John

Wellinger or performing church duties.Things like that.Is that

correct? Marta: Yeah.Mike: Am I permitted to ask you who told you about (****'s) incident?

I believe initially you may have said so.Did you say it was (****

*********) who told you this happened?Marta: No.Mike: Okay, I am sorry.Marta: It wasn't her.You know, I can't remember who told me. Mike: Okay.Marta: I kinda think it may have been (Michelle ********).Mike: She was the organist?Marta: Right.Mike: Okay.Marta: But, I am not sure.Mike: Okay.Mike: Put it this way.There were several people who were well aware

of this. Marta: Yeah.Mike: Okay, Okay.Mike: So, again, we are proceeding with the assumption that John Well-

inger may have given drugs and alcohol to a boy by the name of

(**** *********) sometime in the year of 1987.The boy was

certainly under the age of eighteen (18), and was a minor to the

best of your recollection.Marta: Right.Mike: Okay.Now, you also told me during the conversation we had,

I believe back in August, that you had gone to the Pittsburgh

Catholic Diocese to talk about some of your concerns about

John Wellinger.Is that correct?Marta: That is correct.Mike: Would you say that you did that some time in the year 1988.

Marta: Yeah, I think so.Although, this was before I resigned.Mike: So this was before you resigned.Do you know when you re-

signed your duties from the church?Marta: No.I would have to look at my records.Mike: Do you have any idea when it might have been?Marta: Um, It was probably in 1988 or 1989. Mike: If it were 1989, do you have any idea about what month or any-

thing like that?Marta: That I resigned? Mike: Yeah.Marta: It may have been like late summer.Mike: Late Summer of 1988 or 1989. Okay.Mike: Is there any way you could double check this to see?Marta: Yeah, If I am thinking if I still have my pay records or not.Then

I could look that up.Mike: Okay, very good.Mike: So, you proceeded to go to the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese.Any

idea who you might have met with at the diocese?Marta: I don't remember.I am thinking it was (Ron Lengwin) but I am

not sure.Mike: You are not one hundred (100) percent sure?Marta: No.Mike: Okay.Well let me ask you this.To get a time frame on this, was

Bishop Bevilacqua that bishop at the time?Marta: Yes, he was.Mike: So, this was before Donald Wuerl?Marta: Yes.Mike: How do you know Bishop Bevilacqua was the bishop?Is there

anything that you can say for sure other than "you know what,

I knew that when I went down there Bishop Bevilacqua was the

bishop, simply because he was the bishop".Maybe that is suf-

ficient.Marta: Umm, Yeah.Mike: Okay.We could probably re-establish these dates, if we wanted to.Mike: So, you met with a gentleman who you think may have been Fr Ron

Lengwin).Do you recall some of the things you told him.Marta: Umm, Yeah.Mike: And, what were they?Mike: I think, if I am not mistaken, you mentioned that there was a young

boy living at the rectory at the time?Marta: Right.

Mike:Did you tell that to Father Lengwin?Marta: Yes.

Mike:Do you recall what else you told to Father (Lengwin)?

Marta: Oh. Probably that a young couple spent the night at the rectory.

They were trying to sneak out the next morning, and I just hap-

pen to come by the stairs when they were trying to get out.

Mike: When you say young couple, do you mean young boy and girl?

Marta: I would say in their early twenties. They were friends of his.

Mike:Do you know who they were?

Marta: No.

Mike:Was that the type of behavior you might have experienced or at

least heard about on a regular basis, or was this something new?

Marta: As far as the young couple, this only happened the one time that

I am aware of.


Marta: I did tell Father (Wellinger) that I saw them there, and He said it

was only a few friends of his that stayed there.

Mike:Okay.You felt there was much more to it than just people staying


Marta: Well, I don't know. I did not think it was proper for them to stay all

night at the rectory, and then try to sneak out.


Marta: If they had been proper guests there, then why would they be

hiding? Why wouldn't they just come out in the open?

Mike:What makes you think they were actually sneaking out?

Marta: Because, there were people in the dining room.That is where

we would meet to have our staff meetings, and I came to my

office through the living room to the dining room.In that hall

between the rooms is the stairs . As I came around the bend, the

two were coming down the steps. They were trying to be real quiet.

Mike:Do they know that you saw them?

Marta: Yeah.

Mike:You were startled, and they were probably startled, I guess.They

were also kind of embarrassed, too?I am guessing.And then they

just kind of

Marta: ... left

Mike:They shuffled out without saying hello, goodbye, or anything?

Marta: Yeah.

Mike:Now, what did Father (Lengwin) say about this?

Marta: You know, I really do not recall.I think he was just trying to write

things down, not really making any comments about it.

Mike:And you also told him about the young fellow that was living there

for a time.Do you have any idea on about who he was, or how old

he was?

Marta: I do not know who he was.I would say he could have been around

seventeen or eighteen.


Marta: The only reason I knew, because I did not realize there was anybody

up there, was the telephone bill came in, and I questioned Father

(Wellinger) about it.It was a big, long list.I called the telephone

company about this one number, but I am not sure what number it


Mike:Was it like a 900 number, or something similar?

Marta: Yeah.


Marta: This is the only way I knew, and he said "Oh, that's ( )."I am not

certain of what name he gave.He then said "he has been staying up

there, and that would be him.In fact, I think (Maria C******) hap-

pened to pick up the phone, and heard him on the phone."Although,

nothing was apparently ever said or done, because we got the tele-

phone bill listing all those calls.

Mike:So you told Father (Lengwin) about the boy living up there.Was

there any reaction from Father (Lengwin)?

Marta: Not that I can recall.

Mike:After, was there anything else that you may have told Father (Lengwin)?

Marta: Umm, I am trying to think.

Mike:Did you tell him about the (W********) boy?

Marta: I don't think I knew that at the time.

Mike: To make along story short, or to paraphrase it, you went to Father

(Lengwin) with concerns about John (Wellinger) because of inap-

propriate behavior.Did you think at the time that it could have

been some type of sexual behavior that may not have been accep-

table for a Priest?

Marta: No, not at that time.

Mike:No,OK.Not at that time.Basically, you were reporting behavior

that in your mind was suspicious.

Marta: Right.


Mike:Now, so you left the diocese.How did the diocese react to your


Marta: Well, they ... um ... Let's see:I know that I had put another call in

to them, or they called me.I can't remember.

Mike:That's OK

Marta: They said it sounds like people inform you of things, and they made

me feel like I was a busybody or something.

Mike:Like you were sticking your nose into somebody else's business

where it did not belong, maybe?

Marta: Because people would tell me things.I was they're secretary, and

people would tell me things.I don't know.They would express

concerns or thoughts.

Mike:So, people would come to you because they had confidence in you.

Probably also because of the fact that maybe you had been privy to

something, and maybe they felt like they were helping in some way

by putting some of the pieces together by giving you additional in-


Marta: Or they were curious and wanted to know.

Mike:They may have come to you and said, what do you think?And

people were coming to you about his behavior, showing concern.

As a result of this, you went to whom we think is Father (Lengwin)

and, said, "Hey, I'm not sure if anything is going on, but here is what

we have so far.

Marta: Right.

Mike:Father (Lengwin) or whomever you spoke with, said "quit being such

a busybody, and mind your own business."Now, did they send you

any type of a letter or anything at all?

Marta: Oh, yes.They sent me a letter, and asked me if they questioned

(Wellinger) about anything that I said, would I want my name



Marta: I said no, because I think at that time I was still working.

Mike:Okay, you were still working.

Marta: Right.

Mike:Did they state anything else in that letter that you can recall?

By the way, do you still have that letter?

Marta: I don't know. I would have to look.

Mike:Okay, you would have to look.Do you recall anything else in that

letter that may have been stated, or who the letter may have come


Marta: I know it came from the diocese.

Mike:Okay.Have you ever told anybody else about this, such as law en-

forcement officials or anybody else that may have been able to help

in this situation?I think you did as much as you could with as much

information as you had.Is that a reasonable assumption on my part?

I mean, you don't have the authority to arrest anybody.For you to

question (Wellinger), that really doesn't do any good, although you

may have questioned him, or put him on the spot at times.

Marta: Right.

Mike:That doesn't mean he's going to tell you the truth or anything like that.

Marta: Yeah, I know.

Mike:Did you ever talk to anybody else about this that may have been in a

position to get some things done?

Marta: I'm not sure.At one time, I think I did talk to one of the parish

council members.

Mike:And who would that have been?

Marta: That would have been (Rick M**********), but it would not have

been about this.It would have been more about how the money was

being used.

Mike:I see.

Marta: This would have involved with the parish share money.

Mike:Okay.Now when you are talking about money, are you talking about

inappropriate expenditures in any way, or question about where some

of the money was?Was it something like that?

Marta: Well, yeah.The parish share money wasn't necessarily going to that.

I didn't know where it was going, you know.

Mike:Okay.Did anybody ever look into that?

Marta: I don't think so.


Marta: You know. Nothing ever came back to me.

Mike:Okay.And what was that gentleman's name again that was on the

parish council?

Marta: That was (Rick Manischevic).

Mike:Is he still a member of the parish council?

Marta: No.

Mike:Okay.Is he still involved in the church in any way?

Marta: yes. I believe he trains the ultra service.

Mike:Were there any people who may have covered for John (Wellinger)

if he did anything wrong that the church?

Marta: Oh, sure.

Mike:Who do you think some of those people might have been?

Marta: Well, (Marie Capana), would have been one.


Marta: (Marina C*******) I think too, and there may be one more,

although I'm not sure.

Mike:Okay. Mike: Do you mean (Marina Cataro)?

Marta: Yes.

Mike:I tried talking to her, and she wouldn't talk to me.

Marta: No, she wouldn't.

Mike:Do you think she may know something?

Marta: I am sure, yes, she would know something.I am sure somebody

would have said something to her.

Mike:Okay. Did you ever discuss anything like this with (Gretchen


Marta: Yes.

Mike:She is the sister of mercy, I believe?

Marta: Right. Mike: I think (Gretchen W*****) had some suspicions con-

cerning (Wellinger)?

Marta: Oh Yeah.

Mike:Do you know if she ever went someone at the diocese to say, "Hey,

something is amiss here?"

Marta: I don't know that.I kind of think not, but I don't know.

Mike:Okay.Any idea what she may have known?

Marta: Umm, Well...

Mike:Did she know about the (W********) boy?

Marta: I believe she did.


Marta: All I remember her telling him was that she was not going to fight

his demons.That's all I can remember.

Mike:I see.I'm trying to think if there's anything else.Somewhere around

1988 or 1989, you resigned as the parish secretary, but you still stayed

on as a member.No one was going to keep you out of a church you be-

long to and helped build, and all that kind of stuff.Somewhere around

1991 is when (Wellinger) left, is that correct?

Marta: I believe so.

Mike:Do you remember anything surrounding when he left?Usually when

a priest leaves, there is some type of formal announcement like in a

month I'll be leaving.Do you recall anything like this with ...


Marta: No, I don't recall that.All I recall at that time is that Bishop (Boal)

came to our church or some type of function, maybe for confirmation,

although I am not sure, and within like two weeks (Wellinger) was

gone.I just thought, well, somebody with some type of clout may

have sent the bishop here.

Mike:Okay, but you're not completely sure.

Marta: No.

Mike:You do, however, know where he stayed when he left Holy Spirit


Marta: Right. Mike: Where did he stay?I think he first went to Allentown.

Mike:But you said ...

Marta: I think he did stay withbut then he went to Allentown as a priest.


Marta: After that, I think he went to St. Francis with Father (Dorsch).

Mike:When you say he went to Allentown, he left Holy Spirit Church


Marta: Yes.

Mike:And, was immediately assigned to a church in Allentown?

Was that the way it went?

Marta: Yes.

Mike:If I'm not mistaken, Allentown may be a separate borough,

but it is also part of Pittsburgh, near Carrick and that area.

Marta: Right.

Mike:And then from there, he may have stayed just for a short time.

Now, how do you know?Did he just go down to St. Francis on

his own, or was he like an assistant pastor there?Do you have

any idea?

Marta: I don't' know.I think he was just staying there.I got a copy of

a letter that he wrote, although I'm not sure where I got to copy

from or who I got the copy from, to some friends.In his letter

he was just complaining about what he had been through over the

past year or so.It was written on stationery from St. Francis.

Mike:Okay.The reason why you are familiar with St. Francis, which is

the Church in the McKees Rocks area, you were a parishioner there

at one time?

Marta: Right.

Mike:So you're very familiar.You are assuming that, if you received a

letter or saw a letter from St Francis, he had some connection there?

That's where he was staying there as a result, or did he mention in

the letter that he was staying there?

Marta: I believe he did mention it

Mike:Okay. He wouldn't have sent a copy of that letter to you right?

Marta: Oh no.

Mike:Any idea who he sent that letter to?

Marta: I'm not sure. It might've been Marina or it could have been ... I really

don't know.


Marta: All I know is that it was a copy.Somebody had made a copy of

the letter.

Mike:Okay.So we are assuming that, from this letter, he stayed with

Father (Dorsch) at St. Francis in McKees Rocks.Father (Dorsch)

was the head pastor there for some time.

Marta: Right.

Mike:This would've been around 1991 maybe 1992 correct?

Marta: I think so

Mike:Are you aware that Father (Dorsch) was eventually convicted of

sexual abuse?

Marta: I am aware now yes. I was unaware of it then.

Mike:Do you know who made you aware of that?

Marta: I believe you did. Mike: Okay.

Mike:Do you know if Father (Dorsch) was a regular visitor from time to

time with John (Wellinger)?

Marta: Yeah, I think he did visit sometimes.

Mike:Okay.Did he ever mention where he met Father (Dorsch)?

Marta: No.

Mike:No, okay.At this point, is there anything you would like to add

to our conversation that you can think of?

Marta: I don't know.I just know that I did not have a good feeling from

the time he came there, and when he was instilled as pastor, I re-

member him mentioning that I think he came from Clairton to

Holy Spirit.


Marta: He also mentioned that his friends gave him different gifts, and

some more drugs.

Mike:He indicated that his friends had given him drugs as a kind of

going away gift?

Marta: Yeah

Mike:He didn't mention that those friends were?

Marta: No, Just that they were friends from Clairton.

Mike:Do you think he was serious?

Marta: Well yeah.

Mike:In other words he talked about this in such a fashion, that if I were

to say to you even though I don't know you that well,"Oh. I just

left my old job, and those folks were kind enough, they gave me a

bottle of wine, they gave me watch," it was that carefree?

Marta: Yeah

Mike:And the way I describe it to you, it's even believable, so that even

though he is?For someone of our age, for someone to say, "Oh

they gave me drugs,"

Marta: I don't think he said drugs, I think he said goodies from my runner.

Mike:So he even describe it is marijuana?

Marta: Yes

Mike:So he didn't leave it as drugs, he said marijuana?

Marta: Right

Mike:Do you think he abused drugs on a regular basis, or some type of


Marta: Alcohol, as far as I know.

Mike:What do you think his relationship was with Maria (C******)?

Marta: Well, I don't know. I guess I always thought they were a twosome.

I mean, she practically lived there.

Mike: Okay

Marta: I believe there was another woman, although I cant' remember her


Mike: Was it Virginia (Voytech)?

Marta: Yes, She always hung around there too.She was a nurse.She would

come to the rectory, and stay there all day.

Mike: Okay

Marta:She was also there sometimes after I left.

Mike:Just a few more things.You knew (Marinell), which was

(Wellinger's) sister?

Marta: Yeah.

Mike:And that's where complete name Marinell?

Marta: M-A-R-I-N-E-L-L, that's it.

Mike:Do you recall an outburst, or know anything about a public out-

burst, in the church after or during Mass by I believe it was Bob


Marta: That wasn't in the church, it was in the parking lot.

Mike: Okay Who was this outburst aimed at, (Wellinger) himself?

Marta: Oh yeah.

Mike: Okay. Were there people around, who could've heard this?

Marta: Oh yes, we were having a staff meeting that morning.

Mike: Okay.

Marta: And his wife, Ann, was of course at the staff meeting.

Mike: Okay

Marta: And he was yelling.As a matter of fact, he came into the

rectory, grabbed her, and pulled her out.He had been drink-

ing.I think he may have had a gun, or someone mentioned

that he had a gun.


Marta: I think it was Maria or someone who took (Wellinger) out the

back door.


Marta: And then they said that we should leave too.

Mike:Okay, did Bob (W********) explain to anybody what was going

on?Why he was angry, why he had a gun, or why he wanted to

talk to (Wellinger)?

Marta: No, except I guess that Ann was kind of taken with him. I don't


Mike: Okay.

Marta: I guess they would like to have lunch together, or do things


Mike:Was this before or after his son ended up in Shadyside hospital?

Marta: I think it was after.

Mike:So, if it was after, he was also angry because of what happened

to his son, and angry because his wife was still involved with


Marta: Right.

Mike:It seems to me that one of the things that (Wellinger) used was

women to help disguise his other bad habits.

Marta: Right.

Mike:I would go so far as to say that, if I were a betting man and I'm

not sure which way I would bet if someone were to say to me.

Do you think John (Wellinger) and Ann (*********) had an

affair?I would not know which way to bet, but even if you

flipped a coin, you could win. Is that a fair way of analyzing

that situation?

Marta: Well for some reason, I just never thought of it that way.

I thought it was more on her part than on his.

Mike:Okay.So she was truly infatuated with him much like Virginia


Marta: No.It was more like Maria.

Mike:So these women were infatuated with him, and John (Wellinger)

knew how to use that?

Marta: Yeah.

Mike:This included selecting **** ********* as a victim, given he

knew he had an edge.This may have helped him in some way.

Marta: I don't know.

Mike:I, myself, can't think like a pedophile.But, I'm guessing that

this may have played a role.

Mike: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Marta: No not that I can think of.

Mike: When Bob ********* had this outburst, was Marinell there?

Marta: Oh.No, I was still working there.

Mike: So, Marinell replaced you?

Marta: Yes.

Mike: Okay very good.When Bob ********* had this outburst, even

though he didn't say anything about his son being hospitalized,

you're saying that everyone knew, at that point, what was going


Marta: Yeah, it had kind of gone around, you know.

Mike:Is it fair to say that it may be? ... Let's say there are a thousand

people who are members of the Holy Spirit Church.It would

be real easy to say that for 50 of those parishioners, the (Wellin-

ger) gossip and scandal may have been common knowledge.

Marta: Right.

Mike:And the reason I asked that question is because I talked to Frank,

the former police chief, who told me that his neighbor said this

was all common knowledge.

Marta: Yeah.

Mike:That he was sex idiot?

Marta: There could have been.Like I said, I don't think I heard anything

else other than what I told you.


Marta: If Frank knew, I'm not sure where he lived.Jim Matthews also

knew of this stuff at the time.

Mike:He was also a police officer.

Marta: Right.

Mike:Frank (Defazio)? Frank (DeFazio) was the chief of police at the

time, but he tells me he didn't know anything.

Marta: Okay

Mike:I can tell you this much, or do you think he is not necessarily

telling the truth?

Marta: I don't know.Do the policemen have to report to them if anybody

would call or anything?

Mike:Yeah, that's right, were the policemen summoned to any of these


Marta: Yes.They did call the police when Bob ********* came to the

rectory, but also the police came to my house one night because

they were trying to get the money to (Wellinger) to get it put away

for the night, and they could not locate him.So they came here to

ask me for the keys for the rectory.I guess when Jim came back,

he gave me the keys to the rectory and told me that (Wellinger) was

passed out.


Marta: I guess that was sort of hush-hush.

Mike:Do you think any police knew about the outburst that Bob *******

had at the rectory?Were any police called for that, and would any

West Mifflin police at least be aware of something like that?

Marta: I would think they would be aware of it, because I'm almost sure

we called the police.

Mike:Okay, you did call police. Who would've been the one to call the


Marta: It wasn't me.I'm not sure.It could have been Maria or Virginia.

Mike:It sounds like people were legitimately scared, also because Bob

had gun.

Marta: Well yeah.

Mike:Or least people thought he had a gun, or that he might've had a gun.

Marta: Right

Mike:Do you know if any of this was reported diocese?

Marta: Well it must have been because, who else could have restricted him

from coming on church property?

Mike:In other words, you are aware of the fact that Bob ********* re-

ceived a letter from the lawyer for the diocese to stay away from

the church?

Marta: Well all I know is that, I was told that he was not allowed to be on

church grounds.That is all I know.

Mike:Okay, you don't know.Who told you this?Was it (Wellinger)?

Marta: No wasn't him. I guess it was just a rumor or common knowledge.

Mike:Okay.Sr Gretchen would have probably known about all this stuff?

Marta: Oh yeah.

Mike:Did she live there at the time?

Marta: No.

Mike:No? Okay.She would have known about it certainly ...

Marta: If not from others, then at least from me.


Marta: I think she might've been there that day, as I think she was already

on staff.

Mike:Okay.That's right.She would have been there for the staff meeting.

I want to thank you again Marta. I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen.

But again, I applaud you for your willingness to help because this has truly

been a tragedy, and I don't like stuff like this going on, and I don't like stuff

like this being covered up.We will see what happens.Again, Michelle ****

would be willing to help me?I have already talked to her.There are some

things now that I just want to get squared away.Anyway, I reserve the right

to give you a call back.Thank you again.Bye-bye.
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