Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16: "Felina"

And we're here.The final episode in what's probably the best final season of any tv show."Felina" had a lot of expectations to live up to, as Breaking Bad is one of those tv shows where the fate of the characters frames everything that happened before it.Was it a good finale?Did it do the series justice?

I would say yes.While not the best episode this season (that goes to Ozymandias), the conclusion was as satisfying as one could hope for.The final episode gave us everything we wanted to see.Walt gets revenge on the Nazis? Check.Jesse gets revenge on Todd? Check.Walt finds something to do with his money while bossing around Gray Matter? Check.Most importantly, Walt finally admitted to Skyler and Jesse what they've been waiting to hear all series long.

For Skyler, her final confrontation with Walt was the moment where he stopped using his family as an excuse for his actions.Walt finally admits what had suspected all long."I did it for me, I liked it. I was good at it. I was alive."His relationship with her cannot be salvaged, as is the case with his relationship with his son.The only thing he can offer her now is whereabouts of Hank and Gomies' bodies.

For Jesse, his final confrontation with Walt was closure for the manipulative relationship they've carried.When Walt asks Jesse to kill him, Jesse wants to hear Walt say that he's basically asking for a favor.Throughout the whole series, Walt has always manipulated Jesse into doing something under the pretense that it was the best course of action for him.Walt finally admits it, asking Jesse to kill him.Jesse rejects his request, with his last words to him being "Do it yourself".

The only reason I did not give this episode a perfect score was that everything almost felt too predictable.Everything happens with an efficiency that kept reminding me that this was the last episode, and that all things have to be resolved.The mood of the episode was quiet, which is probably appropriate.Walt was a dying man with a suicide mission.Ultimately, the episode was a successful, if maybe too efficient, goodbye for the characters and plot lines of an amazing series.What will I watch now?

Observations:- The title "Felina" has three different meanings: 1.[Fe] [Li] [Na] corresponds to Iron, Lithium and Sodium.Blood, Meth and Tears. 2."Felina" is also an anagram for "Finale". 3.In the song "El Paso" by Marty Robbins, a cowboy falls in love with a Mexican dancer named "Felina".He ends up killing one of her pursuers and flees town.When he comes back to get her, he is killed by the rival's posse and dies in her arms.- Got horror movie vibes in the beginning with Walt at Elliot and Gretchen's.- Walt admiring the house that should've been his.- $9,727,000 that Walt left to be filtered to his family.- Elliot gesturing Gretchen to shake on it; awkward.- Skinny Pete and Badger! Two best hitmen west of the Mississippi.- "Whole thing felt kind of shady, like, morality wise."- Skinny Pete.- Flirting 101 with Todd: "Hey I like your...shirt."- Lydia's Stevia! I knew it.- Walt's scenes with Holly and Flynn were pretty heartbreaking.- Todd got the worst death, deservedly.- Uncle Jack got the coolest looking death.- Todd's ringtone for Lydia muhahaha.- Jesse driving away while screaming was a callback to his go kart racing scene.I'm glad he's alive and free.

A Quick Note:This season has been a wild ride.Thanks to everyone who read my reviews, it was something I looked forward to every Sunday night.Talking to all you guys about Breaking Bad made an awesome show even more enjoyable.
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