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Great love story that captured the hearts of two people standing on the threshold of adulthood touc

Great love story that captured the hearts of two people standing on the threshold of adulthood touched close combat millions of readers around the world, and the filming of Mandy Moore and Shane West in the leading close combat roles went through several awards, and above all recognition from the audience. Speech, of course Autumn love - one of the most famous close combat and apparently also in the achievements of the best books by Nicholas Sparks.

I do not mind the actual content. A moving story of humble girl and a boy from the upper classes is perhaps a little naive and cloying, but in their own way beautiful. Characters Jamie and Landon is an example of love, sacrifice and dedication, not only to another person, but to God. It is also a lesson of faith and humility, full of sadness and hope at the same time. Sparks shows how the transformation with the development of fatal disease occurs in heroes, in an attempt to deliver superior value. But even the best stories are overshadowed when the way they are served reader to give you a headache. And a lot I could fault. Workshop Literary Sparks close combat leaves a lot to be desired, and repeat every now and then returns strongly close combat zszarga y my nerves. How many times in just two hundred pages, you can read if you know what I mean, If you can understand this, If you can imagine it, and do not get me wrong? Treating the reader as ignorant without the ability to think for themselves a bit overshadowed by the emotions that this novel should invoke. Sir Nicholas, so that we are able to understand it! Indeed, instead of intricate metaphors that raise the question what the author had in mind, we can find a simple (not to say - primitive) language, so you get the impression that the book is targeted to preschoolers rather than for adolescents and adults. I'm not kidding, the simplicity of this book beats the eyes and somehow misses the seriousness contained in its history.

I got used to the fact that the book by Nicholas Sparks fall less than their film adaptations. It is in their potential, which are perfectly able to bring out the directors and writers, but the books always close combat something missing. Or just a style that's completely close combat up to me he does not like. After another disappointment in his work, with all the responsibility to say Sparks is not for me. I will say this: if you read a book you absolutely obejrzycie filming. The first time is sure to please (although close combat I have some concerns here, because today perceive close combat it differently than a few good years ago), and the sea spilled tears have guaranteed. If you've seen the movie and do not know the literary original is not waste precious time. So many others, and probably better books waiting for you!

This book is not just reading, because filming is not appealed to me (probably as the only person on the planet), but in the book you're not alone. I think I've never read a positive review of her tight. Reply Delete

It is also heard that it was one of the best books Sparks and seems to me that this is so. I know them quite a bit and "Autumn Love" like a little bit more different from the schema. Filming is average close combat .. more novel moved me and touched, but maybe because it was first acquainted with it in? : D Delete

I watched the movie based on a book by this author, Fri "Dear John". The film touched me, but I have not read the novel. The one zrecenzowa a , borrowed some time ago in the library, but I did not read in its entirety. Or maybe you reach for it again? Just as much as you could accuse ... And the simple language ... Or to think about whether to retry reading the novel. Because there are so many books to read ... Reply Delete

I'm probably the exception in the discussion, but Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite writers. close combat Each novel by reading it to me extremely :) But I understand that there will always be other voices ... Yours! Reply Delete

I watched the filming of "Autumn Love" (I was impressed), the book has not had a chance to read it. As for books, Sparks, that I loved the "Dear John", filming it was not the worst. Was completely different matter from "The Lucky One". The book itself, the movie completely for anything, probably mostly due to Zac Efron, who had 1.5 hours proudly presented one and the same face. ;) Reply Delete

"A Walk to Remember" I watched a dozen times, and certainly a few more watch (even though for the song "Only Hope" that I could play the piano all day long over and over again!) "Autumn Love" also read and completely agree with you. You can read, but that's no big deal. I still have the feeling that something is missing. Reply Delete

I read and I liked it a little more than you. Sparks still me
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