Friday, September 27, 2013

Bruch at Lodge, Clever Title Not Found

When Marie created Brunch Club, we agreed we had to revisit The Lodge, a popular spot in the middle of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's an appropriately dubbed place, with all the aesthetic charm of a Colorado mountain cabin: rustic woodwork furniture, deer antler decorations, drinks served in mason jars, 19th century drawings on the wall, and an old rabbit-ear television. The rustic vibe is counterbalanced with a definite rock 'n' roll edge: the playlist features a healthy mix of 60s proto-punk, 80s indie rock, and 90s alternative, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn the staff all play in a band together and see them pile into a beat-up van with a drum kit, two amps, and a wet dog. With its Ron Swanson meets Mark Arm atmosphere, I'm sure there are those who'd like to deride The Lodge as "Williamsburg Hip", but screw them, this is the kind of place tailor-made for me.

The generous portions at The Lodge are big plus. While some of my "colleagues" opted for some rather impressive looking French toast, I for one went with the classic combination, steak and eggs (it's one of the few true brunch dishes: one part breakfast, one par lunch). I remembered it being better the first time we'd been (I'm a bit particular about steak being cooked to a perfect medium-rare, and this time was closer to medium). Despite this, it was still enjoyable, if a little less tender and juicy than I'd prefer. The Lodge offers just about any potato side dish you can imagine (home fries, French fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots), all of them excellent complement to poached eggs, especially with a little ground pepper.

The bad news at The Lodge is that drinks are not unlimited. Mimosas and Bloody Mary's are separate items, and though you do get a single refill(a savvy patron may be able to game the system by ordering from the bar and getting separate refills there and at their table, but you didn't read that here), without a more inclusive menu option this hardly qualifies as a boozy brunch. I will say that there are some interesting-looking brunch cocktails and array of whiskeys on the menu, but not having had them, I can't speak to them here.




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