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The San Antonio Express-News: A Report on Wuerl's Triple Cover-up

The website covering this in detail is .

The following news article confirms that Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer Ann

Rodgers was deceivingthe public when she attempted to have Wuerl coined

as the poster bishop of zero tolerance.You're now free of thehypnotic trance.

The article below is a reflection of Wuerl's beginning in Pittsburgh.He was

NOT popular ... and he was NOT trusted by Pittsburgh area Catholics at the

time.After all, he kept closing churches and schools as if he were having

a going-out-of-business sale .. as if he owned them.

The fatal error of a peacock-throne bishop such as Wuerl is that he fails

to consider that the more which is given to you, the more is expected of

you.This means that bishops are judged more severely than are the laity,

in the end ... when it permanently counts

The article and links below show that Cardinal Wuerl's first cover-up was

a triple cover-up, and that it was uncovered at the end ofhis first year as

Bishop of Pittsburgh.This means that he was en route to becoming an-

other Cardinal Bernard Law.

A family of two sex abuse victims was overwhelmed at the idea that tiny

Donald Wuerl was the new law of the land, in his allowing three criminal

priests to go about, as if they were auto accident victims.Plus, the family

feared that the three offending priests might exploit more altar boys in the

future.This is why they reported the Diocese of Pittsburgh to law enforce-

ment authorities.

A couple years after the Triple Cover-up came Ann Rodgers and the propa-

ganda machine which deceived humanity about Wuerl.Even today, many

Pittsburghers are still clueless about him.Being in Pittsburgh during the

Wuerl Years was like being in a Soviet dictatorship (or in North Korea)

where the media moved on puppet strings.The Texas media didn't kow-

tow to Wuerl, however.I was in Texas for a number of days in 2012, and

experienced the mindset thereof.

News of Wuerl's triple cover-up, when he was bishop of Pittsburgh, reached

California, Eugene Oregon, San Antonio Texas, Northwestern Ohio, Cleve-

land Ohio, St. Petersburg Florida, South Carolina, and New York City, as

well as as New Hampshire, via newspaper.In as much, the alleged Sotak

assault, the substantiated Torquato transpiration,the case of John Hoehl,

the tragedy involving Krawzcyk, and the musical chairs game that Wuerl

played with Huff, along with the first Wellinger accusation, all show that

the hype surrounding the physically tiny Donald Wuerl was one big lie.

This even includes the falsehood that Rodgers stated about Wuerl's height,

in a news article that made the less-than-masculine Wuerl who had zero ex-

perience in Pittsburgh highly competitive athletic competition look like a

godlike Beowulf.What was she thinking?A person would immediately

find out she lied about Wuerl's physical stature the first moment the per-

son would meet Wuerl.In fact, a Washington Post writer described Don-

ald "Dignity Mass" Wuerl as "a slight man."It was a true and politely

stated description.

In the grand scheme of existence, the height of a person means nothing.

However, a bishop's obsession with coming off as "tall" is a red flag of

vanity.Vain bishops are very injurious, as are all persons centered on

themselves.Clicking on the article below will enlarge it will enough

to read without straining.

Incidentally, Wuerl wrote the preface of one of Maciel's books.For those

unfamiliar, Marcial Maciel Degollado was the founder of the Legionaries

of Christ.He was eventually found to be the ultimate molester of all-time,

in recorded church history.Needless to say, Maciel was caught plagiarizing

a prayer book.Thus, it isn't certain who wrote the seminary formation book

which has Wuerl's name on it.

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