Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tally-Ho You Demon

Apparently, merely beginning life over again at age 60--this time, given to earn his fame and fortune with only native wit, good looks, and personal charisma--was too easy a task for super-human nitwit Tom Tassekoff.When his divine prosecutors saw how quickly he regained his lost fortune, recovered his lost loves, and cast off the infamy steamrollered all over him, setting everything to rights on a single September morning--the powers-that-be decided his penalty had to be intensified.

Update: Apparently beginning life over again at age61 with only his good looks, charisma, and native wit was not sufficiently challenging for dementing Tom Tassekoff.When the Gods saw how quickly he retook his fortune, his lost loves, and reinflated from the steamroller-flattening in minutes, they thought to inflict some punishment by which to remember his non-lethal sins.

Consequently, his Overlords threw a broken leg into their deal with Tassekoff, and unmasked a new model of antagonists to tear more deeply into the boy's body and soul.The question remains, of course: how will the reconstructed Thomas George go about his marginal duties with the broken leg?And will his lately deodorized new image retain its fragrance?For answers to these and other pressing questions, tune into Man-Maid's jabberings by clicking the banner below:
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