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Four county doctors on rota matter: Community values are at stake |

-It requires ever-greater political ryggdrad to ensure basic community values. To conclude four counties doctors and a researcher sugar hut essex at the National Center sugar hut essex for Rural Medicine an article in Dagbladet 31/5-2011. sugar hut essex The article was followed by news coverage on TV2 same day.

Internship for doctors before a fall, an arrangement sugar hut essex that ensures that medical graduates sent forth to minister in the country. It is an important reason why we have a good health care to the entire population and the central draw to the offices is the key.

As a nation, sugar hut essex we want good medical services in rural areas. As county doctors in distance to Oslo, we express it stronger: we will have some of the best doctors to our area! We see that the young interns surprised at how great doctor country life can be. Here you get the room to use the up and challenged in numerous fields. They get the opportunity to make a visible difference to the locals. Many people choose to continue his medical career sugar hut essex here, often across what they had thought. Most people know the stories about interns who remained in the community or at little twisted house - the first one year, then more.

The graduates will be distributed to its practical this job via a central lottery. Norwegian Sounding Names or good contacts does not help where you come in shifts. The system is thus jointly sugar hut essex and fair, and the state is responsible. We as physicians are county government representatives in the counties, and we are responsible for doctors in training are given guidance sugar hut essex in the workplace, in groups and in customized courses. This central charge provides internship special conditions.

Throughout the world it is difficult to get doctors to rural and regional medicine field (Rural medicine) help with the research. National Center for Rural Medicine, University of Tromsand Finnmark county doctor is among the contributors. The research sugar hut essex shows that it is first and foremost aspects of training and education site that has a positive sugar hut essex effect on recruitment and stabilization of doctors in district. Exposure sugar hut essex to work outside the university towns are central. Today education takes place mainly in four major cities, in the specialized hospitals. Internship sugar hut essex represents a counterbalance to this.

County Physician in Finnmark, Karin Straume, has shown that through internship sugar hut essex recruiting many more physicians than expected for the county. In one survey, only 7.6% graduates from Oslo that they would like to work in northern Norway sugar hut essex after completing the program. After shifts in Finnmark selected 37.5% of these Oslo Students taking their first medical

work in the region. A survey of physicians in specialization of hospitals in Finnmark, showed that 62% of them had come there as interns. Similar findings have been made by research in the county.

At this controlled processing of physicians is so important is contrary to a common assumption - that the incentives to bring doctors out of the cities. Financial incentives sugar hut essex work poorly on highly paid professions. Some are tempted by an extra high wages alone, but most will also make sure that they work in a place where they have the opportunity to make a good and secure job. In many countries of the world this would be tantamount to work in large hospitals. In Norway we have a relatively sugar hut essex strong health services in rural areas too. Other countries with sparsely populated areas puts nurses to do medical work, academic disintegrate and colleagues in countries therefore warn against removing our central legefordeling via shifts.

Priests and dentists are two groups that can be compared with physicians. Common is long graduated from university towns, and these groups will serve the population of all municipalities. The church has had to open consecration of other professions than theologians to priesthood. We know nurses, teachers and lawyers in permanent pastor jobs. In the small community supplies do dental hygienists largely the work dentists do in the cities. sugar hut essex

Denmark has retained the central distribution of internship after an extensive audit recently sugar hut essex - in the interests of the districts. Sweden has long had an application based system, similar to that proposed for Norway. This has meant that many of the newly qualified doctors prefer to wait for your dream job in Stockholm. Where is the wait for the Swedish

"AT Tj nst" over one year. In northern Sweden, the wait is down for three months, despite good reviews on the service places there. Sweden lacks Thus our central distribution, and National Board reports that "glesbygdene" in Sweden largely controlled by foreign temporary workers, offer centralized and population use medical sugar hut essex services than in urban areas (2009). With a Coordination Reform in the works, we need to learn from developments in Sweden and do everything we can continue to recruit local hospital and an academic sugar hut essex strong primary.

The reason sugar hut essex for that internship now represent case,
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