Thursday, September 26, 2013

RIO Fitness Chicago(R) Tip:

If you are pregnant, and want to lose the "baby weight" quickly after & stay as healthy as possible while pregnant, the best way to do that is to eat healthy & stay active DURING the pregnancy.

Exercising while pregnant IS okay to do until the third trimester. A few precautions need to be taken though: 1) Wear a heart rate monitor while you do, because your heart rate should not exceed 140 for a long period of time to minimalize your body's internal core temperature. 2) No exercises that involve any laying flat on the back and no prolonged standing ones. Both pool blood around the fetus which is dangerous. 3) No jumping/bouncing exercises. 4) No using unstable equipment like stability balls/BOSUs/etc unless under the direct supervision of a certified fitness instructor.

Eating healthy is essential to your baby's future physical & mental health, and keeping you healthy during pregnancy. *Avoid Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). Not only will GMOs make you obese, but they are the reason why people are getting diseases like cancer morerBGH has also been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer in humans. For it to be organic milk it must have that "USDA Organic" label. If a milk doesn't have that label, that milk comes from cows given the rBGH or rBST synthetic hormones.*Avoid refined sugars (soda, desserts, white breads, candy, etc.) & artificial sweeteners because they are what cancer cells already in the body love to feed off of to grow bigger, stronger, and spread. Avoid especially artificial sweeteners (example: aspartame, saccharin, sucralose) which are known neurotoxins that cause insomnia, migraines, anxiety, vision loss, muscle spasms, and even death. Not to mention, since they are artificial, the body cannot properly metabolize them = gaining body fat. *Avoid artificial food coloring (Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6, etc.) which are found in 90% of the food & other products we use. Artificial dyes have been linked to causing behavioral problems in children such as hyperactivity, attention disorders, and ADHD. *Avoid non-organic fruits & veggies that are loaded with pesticides and other chemicals that cause birth defects, and other diseases. *Avoid non-organic, hormone-filled, antibiotic-filled meats & fish. All of those hormones & medicines cause birth defects, and other diseases.

Bottom line: eat ORGANIC fruits, veggies, meats, fish, and dairy! What you consume during pregnancy transmits to your child and shapes them physically, mentally, and emotionally.
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