Sunday, September 29, 2013


But you're not tasting me!! (P.29)

This story the characters family with seven children and various animals. I read this book at the first I think everyone and all animals over hungry. This story start one day mother decided to make pancakes for break fast. And when suddenly the pancake start talked and escape for didn't want to eat, I felt very strange. That's because usually made dish didn't speak. Anyhow this story the pancake escaped and chased from the fox, the goat, the cat, the cat, the duck, the rabbit, the duck, the rabbit, the dog and all the family. Moreover i got the most impression scene iswhen escape the pancake from everyone, speed was very fast because the pancake could escape dog or rabbit!! Finally the pancake met the pig although the pig was too clever. Because of this the pig herd the pancake and pretend help after that the pig ate the pancake.


Mackinnon, Mairi.(2006) The RUNAWAY PANCAKE. London : Usborne
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