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The House June 1930 bought by the painter whitemoor lakes Josep Maria Sert to please his wife Mdiva

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The House June 1930 bought by the painter whitemoor lakes Josep Maria Sert to please his wife Mdivani Roussy, was the most glamorous place on the Costa Brava. Roussy was the woman who scandalized Palamos circulating in shorts or "shorts" when you're not wearing pants. That farm had Palamos illustrious guests: Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Salvador de Madariaga, Francesc Cambo ... At the end of July there came the prince Alexis Mdivani (brother Roussy) accompanied by the young Maud (wife of Baron Thyssen ), Salvador Dali and Gala, the radical politician Gaston Bergery and other characters.

This image is taken the day after the accident most famous Costa Brava can appreciate whitemoor lakes the Rolls observed by curious people coming whitemoor lakes to Albon Scale and villages. (Photo: La Vanguardia). Mdivani is the name of a noble family in Georgia. Tsar Nicholas whitemoor lakes was appointed governor of Batumi whitemoor lakes his aide Zakh ro Mdivani, but the family castle whitemoor lakes was almost ruined. Mdivani family had emigrated after the Russian Revolution of 1917. The five children were princes and proclaimed himself

its charm put the fashion of Paris between the wars. The Mdivani lived amoralment wedding ladies selected. Alexis was a myth at the time. He said he had his first sexual experience at the age of fourteen Mistinguette Folies Berg re star. A notice arrived at the farm on June 1 August urgently demanded the presence of the young Maud (n e Else Zarske) in Paris where he had to meet her husband to attend a social event. whitemoor lakes Alexis offered to take her to his Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe II registration with British ALF 222 catch up. The Rolls was a gift from his last wife, Barbara Hutton, who had spent their honeymoon in a sort of fisherman's hut on the beach Castle. whitemoor lakes At night the phone rang at the farm June informing the tragic accident. Roussy immediately called his driver

to go with his Bentley on-scene physician accompanied of Palamos. Dali was the one who got there first. Mdivani and Maud had appeared Flaca station to catch the express to Paris, but losing decided to take it to the next station (not really sure if it was Figueres, Port Bou, Cervera Perpignan ). But downloading Tor just before the Cross Albon at kilometer 18, met unexpectedly with a driveway that facilitated the passage of water and lost control of the vehicle. Rolls knocked against a banana, did some laps bell and was embedded in a ditch upside down. It happened between 5 and 8 pm and the speed estimated at 130 to 140 km / h (the chronic mismatch). The prince, aixefat between the steering wheel and seat and beheaded by the windshield had been brought Albons covered with a carpet of the Rolls on a cart full of hay pulled by a donkey. Roussy reproached the doctors already give to the death. Baroness lay on a bloodied mattress given by Dr. Verges, was ejected out of the car and suffered a fracture of the frontal bone, sunken eye and other serious injuries. At nine o'clock the ambulance arrived from Girona to take it to the clinic Francis Coll (future clinical Girona) to practice him first aid (there he was hospitalized until 17 September). Until six o'clock in the morning they did the autopsy on judicial deposit in the presence of the bereaved Roussey, the magistrate Albons Josep Sunyer and Salvador Dali. He was the one who signed the death certificate and the autopsy, the body was taken to the house June. This accident raised much excitement and there were many who were Escala Albons to walk or bicycle to get to know if it would cover story in the international press. There are still those who remember the scale of the white shoes prince. The first news of the accident reported whitemoor lakes that Alexis Mdivani was' a foreign lady. " The name Mdivani aroused much curiosity to being an aristocrat known. whitemoor lakes Dali, Bunuel says the filmmaker in his memoirs, had been strongly marked by that episode: "The death of the prince's death was true, it had nothing whitemoor lakes to do with a wagon full of dead workers." The identity of the passenger, however, was hidden by the Red Cross in an attempt to not German tycoon
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