Saturday, September 28, 2013

Breaking Bad: Inside Episode 5 15

Breaking Bad's Cast & Crew Takes You Behind-the-Scenes Of "Granite State"

In the penultimate episode of AMC's , we learned the fate of the White family following Walter's disappearing act. While Walter was on the run, Skylar was forced to face the music. Since the DEA doesn't have Walter to punish, they've decided to use Skylar to smoke him out of hiding, or at the very least punish in his stead. Walter Jr.'s life seems back to normal, but gone is the kid who looked up to his father. In his place is a young man who realizes his parents are the people he thought they were. In other words, Jr. has finally become a man. Meanwhile, Jesse is still working as Todd's meth slave. When he concocts a plan to escape, it's met with disastrous results.Walter is down and out after he realizes the $11 million he's worked so hard to keep is essentially worthless now that he's hiding in a cabin dying of cancer, and his family has written him off. When he sees Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz disavowing him as well, that was the last straw, and ended up motivating Walter to get back in the game. Jesse's escape from his prison results in Andrea's death. Now the tentative feelings of "friendship" Todd feels for him may be in jeopardy. When Todd was the only one going to bat for Jesse, betraying him may end up proving deadly for Mr. Pinkman. Now that Walter is 'in the wind' and the DEA breathing down her neck, Skylar's life now lies in ruins. Take a look as the cast and crew discuss episode 515, "Granite State."

"He (Todd) develops some sort of owner/pet relationship."

In the second video, see how the crew created Walt's New Hampshire cabin hideout. Now that Walter is in hiding he's had to get used to living alone in the woods. Even though Walter was warned the hideout would be remote, nothing prepared him for the actuality of being alone with no one else around for miles. The crew discuss how they created the cabin set. From the way they lit the scenes to the way the set was dressed. The writers also discuss how they connected the Walter we see in these scenes to the one we've previously seen in the flashforwards.

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