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The McCandless Twp Police Presence in the Suppressed Vincentian Revelations and the Torquato Retaliations

Another allegation surfaced last winter (2011/12), concerning the Diocese

of Pittsburgh when under Donald Wuerls' watch.It involves an employee

of the Diocese of Pittsburgh accused of sexual misconduct.This allegation

involved a Catholic school teacher and Vincentian High School, along with

the same McCandless Township Police Dept which was involved in the se-

cond wave of the Torquato Retaliations.Deja vu, boys and gargoyles.

Concerning the second phase of Torquato's retaliations, the McCandless

Twp Police were either dupes of or willing accomplices to the Diocese of

Pittsburgh.However, concerning the accusation made publicly known in

the Winter of 2011-12, the same police department allegedly obstructed

justice, even though such obstruction constituted a summary offense, as

opposed to a misdemeanor or felony.However, it also constituted a civil

rights violation, none the less, against the young lady.

The alleged molestations took place for a five month period, in 1994.

Then, after the graduation of the accuser, she gathered the courage to

report the teacher to the police.Her reporting fell on deaf ears.The

accuser recently told a news reporter that the McCandless Township

Police Department responded by calling her grandmother and saying,




Not withstanding the fact that this statement sounded like either a father-

ly warning or a surrogate threat, the inactivity of the McCandless Police

Department constituted a violation of the Child Protective Services Act

which required all "mandated reporters" to report all sexual abuse accu-

sations to Child Youth Services.Regarding this law, if the police are

not mandated reporters, then no one is.See:


The Vincentian High School allegations are entirely consistent with the

Pittsburgh diocese's track record, especially in that the McCandless

Twp police were mentioned.I'm a witness to the McCandless Police

mode of operation, and they stonewalled me, when I asked them who

the individual was who accused Torquato's accuser of a State Park

rental that never occurred, being that Torquato's accuser was at work

at the time in question.The same police stonewalled the both of us

when we demanded to see this driver's license that the police claimed

was given to the rental shop employee/owner.Someone lied to the

police, yet he was never prosecuted.No one investigated the abuse

of process, in accusing a priest's accuser of a theft that was physiolo-

gically impossible to have occurred.Plus, the police never produced

the driver's license.It there were the existence of such a license, it

should have been given back to its proper owner.

Being that the local Pittsburgh media cosmetized Wuerl's image into that

of a dragon-fighting Beowulf, anyone with wisdom could see that some-

thing was wrong with the picture being presented to the public during the

time it was being presented.The presentation was during the very year

when the sex abuse crisis went from coast to coast in a number of con-

tinents.Someone should have realized that Wuerl was hiding something

incriminating about himself, in the diversionary tactic.The Beowulf tales

of Wuerl merely prevented his evils from going center stage.SNAP

made note of Wuerl's deceptive image years after the fact.

The cover-up list attributed to the Diocese of Pittsburgh during Wuerl's

despotic tenure include the names Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, Huff, and

Torquato, as well as an unnamed Vincentian teacher in allegations there-

of, allegedly Donald Sotak, and allegedly the John Wellinger whose name

did appear on a class action lawsuit, on account of a second accuser.

The Fr. Krawczyk who was arrested on account of the sudden death of a

Pitt football player in a Pittsburgh diocesan church was previously report-

ed to diocesan authorities for conduct unbecoming a priest.This means

that Wuerl was not clueless about him.Incidentally, Krawczyk pleaded

guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter and did not spend any time in prison.

Wuerl spent too much time promoting himself, all the while neglecting the

flock of Christ who, as you can see, has long-since scattered about, some-

times in bitterness, at other times in residual shock, and yet at other times in

a disheveled chagrin.The church is in urgent need of bishops who can feel

other people's pain, instead of those, such as the tiny statured Donald Wuerl

and the ruthless Angelo Sodano, who cause others pain that requires one to

have the spiritual status of sainthood to endure.
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