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Summaries of Gone Barefoot, seasons 2 and 3

After the success of the 13-episode first season of Gone Barefoot (which by the way is longer than most non-competitive reality shows), I had thought of a 16-episode season 2.However, I decided to break down the episodes into two separate runs of eight shows each, one starting in January and the next in August.


JAN. 6, 2013: "LOOK AWAY"

B.W., designated the head of not only his own family, but also every person named Barefoot in the entire South, .It is held at Idealia, the private home owned by Lyman Bowling, Jr., new head of the Confederacy, and his family.Events include executive meetings, a keynote speech by maid-service owner and motivational speaker Lulabettie Plumpkin, and entertainment from Bubba Brister and Barney Laughinghouse.The next day brings a public festival with a parade and the Miss Idealia pageant (at which Brandy is a participant).

JAN. 13, 2013: "SCHOOL DAZE"

Belinda and Bryson are transferred from the Crabtrees' school to a new family-based school, located at 5221 Meadowbrook Road in Benson.All the students can trace their ancestry to Handy S. Barefoot, Sr., who was the first to live on the family's current property.The 18 children range from the fifth to seventh generations since Handy's time.Bryson has to be assured that the move has nothing to do with racial discrimination and that Poo Poo will be taken care of.In an ironic twist, Brandy begins taking ballroom classes in the same Peacocks Crossroads neighborhood that was where Belinda and Bryson's former school was located.


Annie presides over a night of book and letter readings.Annie previews some material from Black Crow in the Window, the new novel she is working on that introduces the new detective Ella Nellie Bell Littlebridge.Brandy reads from a book by Magdalena Babblejack describing traditional societies and folk heroes from around the world.Bobby Ray hears from Randy, one of his uncles, who describes mud-bog racing; Hambone's eyes light up as she says, "I want to try that, too!"Finally, B.W. relates what happened to four of the recording artists he signed to Little Boy Records.


For the first time, a woman is invited to what had been an all-male ritual: the daylong social hunting event.Hambone is rewarded for both her earlier effort in the skeet shooting challenge and her interest in the "redneck" lifestyle by tagging along with Ralph, Harvey, and Bobby Ray to go after whitetail deer and "roadkill" animals (e.g. squirrel and possum).Meanwhile, B.W. and Brenda consent to have a specialist assess Bryson's educational development; they are concerned about delays due to his being reborn as a seven-year-old after he had earlier died in infancy.

FEB. 10, 2013: "MILESTONE DAY"

(There was no show the previous week due to Super Bowl XLVII.)

Family and friends gather to celebrate the debut of Annie's new book, Black Crow in the Window.As she promised, it combines elements of history, detective drama, and romance.The case takes place in early 20th century New Orleans; Ella Littlebridge tries to find a local version of Jack the Ripper in the notorious Storyville section as jazz is being created and falls in love with Beau Brummell Young, a handsome mulatto.Also, the results of Bryson's assessment are in; it is recommended that Bryson drop out of regular school for more instruction at home until he reaches appropriate grade levels.Finally, Hambone accepts an offer to work at Camp Paradise as a counselor.

FEB. 17, 2013: "THE CRAFTY LIFE"

The Barefoots prepare the house for winter by canning fruits and vegetables that they have gleaned from the farm and the briar patch and making quilts, blankets, and even socks and other footwear (in case being barefoot becomes uncomfortable).Meanwhile, work begins on designing the treehouse for Bryson, as B.W. and Bryson tell Harvey their design ideas, and the moms assemble Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts.

FEB. 24, 2013: "COWBOY UP"

The process of cheering up Bryson continues, as B.W. and Bobby trot out an old movie projector and hook it up to a generator to show Bryson some classic Western serials from the 1940s and '50s; B.W. ends the show with a surprise live performance.The next day, Bobby Ray is busy chasing down a runaway mule.Meanwhile, classes begin at the schoolhouse on Meadowbrook as Noah tries to keep a new group of students focused on their studies.


B.W. and s met while competing on a reality TV singing show.On the season finale, B.W. proposed and Brittany accepted.They married and had a beautiful daughter, Blanton Elizabeth ("Lizzie").In the post-Millennial period, the two were separated as they returned to their home families.Now, for Thanksgiving, B.W. makes an emotional journey to Brittany's home in the Kentucky hills.There, we meet a whole new clan: the four-generation Spears Family Band, led by the legendary Grandpa Breck; Rebecca McGrubb Spears, Brittany's loving mom; and her "special brother," Ray Lee Bob McGrubb.


AUG. 11, 2013: "THE ROOTS OF MAN"

B.W., Popeye, Ralph, and Bobby replicate the hunting and gathering lifestyle that dates back to the beginning of humankind during a memorable weekend on the 35-acre property.They even dress up in loincloths and wear animal bones for the occasion."About the only thing we didn't see were dinosaurs," Ralph quips.Meanwhile, the Barefoot Moms keep busy by playing bunco, a common dice game.

AUG. 18, 2013: "DREAM HOUSE"

The treehouse project has been completed and Bryson excitedly moves in.The house contains two chairs, a small bed, a workbench, and large spaces for play.On the wall is a poster for a fake movie, Raid on Las Positas, which features Bryson as a Saturday-morning cowboy fighting outlaws in a small town somewhere in the American Southwest.Another segment features B.W. explaining some of the exotic plants found on the farm plot and in the briar patch.Finally, Brenda shares her recipe for barbeque ribs with "all-in-one" sauce.


Brittany Ramos, winner of , spends five days in the family home, participating in various tasks, activities, and events.This hour chronicles the week and gives details of season 2 of the reality TV competition (which would eventually be canceled due to a family dislike of the subgenre).


B.W. explains the and why going barefoot at all times is important to the family.Meanwhile, the family overcomes the summer heat by holding a "beach party" on the pond, complete with belly flops, swimming, and playing in the mud.At night, everyone gathers on the porch to shoot the breeze.That session ends with a bombshell: Hambone has agreed to buy Camp Paradise from four of B.W's cousins, and even shows the paperwork to prove it.

SEP. 8, 2013: "BI JOVE!"

Billy Bob and Krista Ribble come in all the way from Texas with a gift for the family: a "bi-horn," which is a hybrid creature combining a bison (commonly mislabeled as buffalo) and Longhorn steer.The Ribbles have been pen pals of B.W. for some months.In addition, Harvey plays on the family team in softball against other nearby families.

SEP. 15, 2013: "BEULAH'S PLACE"

B.W. and Popeye take a trip to the location in Benson that was the site of Beulah Mae Cobb Barefoot's orphanage.(Beulah Mae was Handy's wife; Handy is the common ancestor of all the residents of the house and more than 100 residents throughout the area.)B.W. sings "The Ballad of Beulah Mae" at the end of the show.This show also has another Barefoot Moms' Club themed party, this one set in the 1920s in which all of them are "flappers."

SEP. 22, 2013: "DRIVE-IN NIGHT"

A hot summer night under the porch results in a version of the old drive-in night.But there's a twist: Instead of canned entertainment, it's a series of short plays written by and starring - themselves.(A highlight is "," a farce starring Bunky and Hambone.)Also on the show is a visit to the current site of the U.S. Army base at Fort Bragg, to be converted to peaceful purposes at the time of Christ's return, and Ralph's reveal of his plan to become an itinerant preacher.


This program will chronicle the Barefoot-Johnston County Family Reunion.
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