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Background on the Cipolla Case

Anthony Cipolla is a laicized priest who was ordained in the Pittsburgh

diocese in 1972.He actually attended the seminary of a missionary re-

ligious order and then was invited to become a Pittsburgh diocesan priest.

He decided to accept the invitation, on account of the failing health of his

Pittsburgh area parents.

In 1988, shortly after Frs Wolk, Zula, and Pucci were indicted, a Tim Ben-

dig came to the fore of the local news.The original news article kept his

name in confidence, and it mentioned that then Pittsburgh bishop, Donald

Wuerl, declared Bendig not credible.

The official diocesan spokesman stated that that Bendig accused multiple

seminarians of ill conduct.In fact, the diocesan spokesman was assessed

as having been a 'troubled individual, and its personnel "invited" Bendig

to leave the Pittsburgh seminary.

Incidentally, Bendig accused present Pittsburgh bishop, David Zubik, of

unnatual conduct, with another priest.However, during deposition time,

Bendig simply said that his accusations against David Zubik came from

the rumor mill.He accused a number of priests of similar things, and in

the deposition, one can read Bendig state, more than once, that he heard

about it in the rumor mill.


After Bendig was written-off, his attorney, a Douglas Yauger, gave Wuerl

knowledge of a 1978 accusation against Cipolla.In 1978, the mother of a

9 or 10 year old youth filed a complaint at a local magistrate's office, ac-

cusing Cipolla of having molested her son, under the guise of a medical

exam.According to Cipolla, the woman's youngest son attended the lo-

cal parochial school, but not the eldest one.

You see, the youth had trouble understanding the rudimentary doctrine

of Holy Communion that my class mates were able to understand at the

age of seven.Non-private academy students received their instructions

at the age of 8.However, this lad was disoriented about the basics of this

sacrament.So, the woman asked Cipolla to tutor the young man.Cipolla

claims that the tutoring took place in the rectory.If this is true, then there

is no way that the mother ever walked in on Cipolla in her son's bedroom,

with the son undressed.

The mother is extremely aggravating, in that she will not avail herself to

a question and answer session which amounts a cross-examination in the

court of public opinion.Her allegations about being harassed into drop-

pings charged, in how she narrated it, is NOT consistent with Pennsylva-

nia state procedural law, in the following way:

She mentioned that Cipolla's attorney intimidated her into dropping charges,

by stating that he was going to rip her son's testimony apart.One one news-

paper article stated this she dropped the charges on the very day of the trial.

Well, there was never a scheduled trial and, according to Cipolla, he never

had to hire an attorney in 1978, being that no DA filed charges against him.

If you are a church hater who believes every accusation against every

priest, and insist on telling people that Cipolla was arrested, tell me one


How much was the bail and where is the affidavit?I there were no bail

hearing (arraignment), then there was no arrest.If there were no arraign-

ment, the there wasn't even the opportunity to petition for a preliminary

trial.Filing a complaint at a local magistrate's office merely initiates a

screening process, to see if the DA has cause to file charges.It doesn't

immediately result in an arrest.No DA ever filed any charges against


Furthermore, the mother was not the victim.In addition, no citizen

mom is going to get a felony case dismissed once an arrest and ar-

raignment was made.Thus, if Cipolla were arrested, then a police

officer or district attorney filed the charges ... not the mother.This

should be enough to show that there was no arrest.The mother nev-

er posted any type of narration of what she claims actually happened.

No one was be able to test her allegations for cracks.

The lad of 1978 is now in his forties, yet he has never come forth to

corroborate or deny that accusations leveled against Cipolla by his

mother.This person has served the function of phantom, concern-

ing accusations that destroyed Cipolla's reputation.

Incidentally, she actually had two sons ... to two different men.But,

she only mentioned that one was molested by Cipolla.

A red flag about the 1978 accusations is that it was the year when a

Father Richard Ginder was arrested for corrupting the morals of min-

ors, in Pittsburgh.This occurred in April of 1978.The timing factor

can cause a person to raise an eyebrow at the coincidental accusation

against Anthony Cipolla.

Concerning the woman's filing of the complaint, all that happened was

that Cipolla received a telephone call from the magistrate's office.So,

he went to the office with his superior, Fr. Joseph Newel, the pastor of

St Francis Xavier Parish, North side of Pittsburgh.Upon entering the

magistrate's chamber, the local magistrate told Cipolla and his pastor

that the casewas dismissed.The same magistrate then allegedly said,





If not for the 1978 allegation which has no paper trail that I've been able

to locate, Tim Bendig would have remained ignored and dismissed by


AT THE OUTSET:Tim Bendig did NOT accuse Anthony Cipolla of any-

thing ill until after Cipolla told the people who were sending Bendig

monthly donations to stop sending Bendig money, on account of Ben-

dig having left the seminary.

Bendig did poorly, academically speaking, after having spent no more

than one semester there.This is consistent with his alleged high school

record which, to state it politely, does NOT make Bendig Ivy League

material.In fact, if his emails to me are any indication, that he is, shall

I politely shall, remedial even at a 6th grade educational level.

Whether Bendig's accusations against Cipolla were true of false, Bendig

leveled accusations against Cipolla at the time in which Bendig did, as

an act of retaliation, according to a source who is completely credible

and attached to a very credible family.This source is a person who

personally knew Bendig.This source called Bendig a pathological

liar.So too did other people.

Concerning the Cipolla case at the Vatican, the Vatican secretary of state

at the time when was the notorious Angelo Sodano, protector of serial

molester, Marcial Maciel who appropriated the Vatican with money.

Donald Wuerl was associated with the serial molester, even in having

written the preface to one of Maciel's now-banned books.Therefore,

you must entertain the possibility that the Cipolla case was more of a

matter of politics than it was a matter of justice.

In addition, after the reversal of the Vatican case, there was the obliga-

tion to send the court's opinion and findings to Anthony Cipolla.How-

ever, Cipolla received nothing more than notice that the Vaticanruled

in favor of Cipolla's bishop (Donald Wuerl,) without stating why this

was so.

The first question to be asked of the accusing mother is if she saw any-

thing ill done by Anthony Cipolla.From the testimony spoken to me,

she surely didn't see Cipolla in her son's bedroom, being that the classes

allegedly took place at the rectory.She will then be asked if she had any

clothing with male stains on them.Plus, she will be asked more.

The ultimate question is ... why does not the son come forth and give his

testimony?Why is she hiding him?

The other question is:Where are the other victims, being that no molester

molests once and quits.Concerning Tim Bendig, his credibility was long

since destroyed, even before he sent things to me personally which utterly

destroyed his credibility in my eyes.To say the least, he conducted him-

self as a crass, bully punk ... with low writing skills.He threatened me

"big time."

Bendig stated that the DA was going to get involved and that a team of

big time attorneys were to completely, utterly, and thoroughly destroy

me for life.It was the thug version of whistle blower retaliation.

He even placed bogus carbon copy inscriptions on the threatening letter,

making it look as if the same communications were simultaneously sent

to a district attorney's office and to lawyers.For some reason, he thought

that he could intimidate me into taking the site down.Instead, the Wuerl-

gate sites made their ways to the top of the front page of each of the major

search engines.

Bendig was stupid enough to send me evidence that incriminated him

and proved his absence of credibility.This was followed by Hollywood

contacting me, due to the grief Bendig was causing a few famous actors


Bendig, as if to be a tough guy even said that he "was coming after" me

and that I was a finished for all time.Nothing happened.A year later,

he sent another communication, after my Wuerlgate sites made the top

of the front page of every major search engine, saying that he was will-

ing tell me everything.He stated that we just had to meet.Well, I don't

place myself in the company of con artists, so that they won't have the

opportunity to fabricate any falsehoods as to what transpired during the

meeting.That is the reason why I don't talk to liars.They eventually

end up lying about you.

Anthony Cipolla received a plaque of appreciation from local New Jersey

police for his work with youths, in 1972.Now, it has been over 40 years

since Cipolla starting working with youths. Therefore, if he molested any-

one in these youth programs, someone would have eventually come forth

and leveled accusations at him, by now.No one has done so.

Anthony Cipolla also received a plaque of appreciation from the parish-

ioners of a Pittsburgh diocesan parish for his work with the youth there,

and no one, in over three decades since that time, ever accused Cipolla

of any wrongdoing of a sexual nature.

Cipolla was a chaplain stationed at a home for severely disabled children,

and the children were always monitored 24/7 by a nun/nurse on duty.In

as much, no nun there ever reported him for any suspicious conduct or of

any physically abusive activity.

Concerning Bendig's absence of credibility, 14 months or so after I received

harassing communications from Tim Bendig, Hollywood contacted me about

him.In writing and via telephone, it was alleged to me that Bendig was no-

thing but a con artist in his dealings with certain Hollywood stars.

A number of other people alleged to me that Bendig was a chronic liar, as

well.However, the nail in the coffin for Bendig was when he attempted to

deceive me, in his sophomoric pushy bully tactics.In as much, all that is

left in inquiry of Anthony Cipolla is the 1978 case.However, the typical

molester has a trail of victims in his waking.Cipolla has nothing suspici-

ous attached to him outside of the 1978 allegation.

Furthermore, she described "witness tampering," in a courthouse.Yet, she

didn't even report this to a clerk of court or to a guard.The news report of

Ann Rodgers then stated that the mother immediately dropped the charges

on the day of the trial, being that Cipolla's attorney intimidated her into

dropping charges.Time out.Since when was the trial scheduled?
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  1. Bull!!!! Lies!!....Nothing but lies!!! Animono???!!! Cipolla molested both of my sons between 1977 and 1978 and you know it.

  2. Bull!!!! Lies!!....Nothing but lies!!! Animono???!!! Cipolla molested both of my sons between 1977 and 1978 and you know it.

  3. Pontillo/Cipolla I know this is another of your aliases.