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Epson V11H501020 PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 2D and 3D 1080p Home Theater Projector

SPECIAL PRICEEpson V11H501020 PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 2D and 3D 1080p Home Theater Projector

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* Brand: Epson

* Model: V11H501020

* Original language:


* Dimensions: 14.40" h x

5.50" w x

16.60" l,

13.30 pounds


* Color brightness: 2300 lumens

* White brightness: 2300 lumens

* 2D-to-3D conversion

* Up to 40,000:1 contrast ratio

* Includes 2 pairs of RF 3D glasses


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 1080p 3D 3LCD Projector - 2300 Lumens Color Brightness, 2300 Lumens White Brightness, 1920 x 1080, 16:9, HDMI, 2x10W Speakers, 2x RF 3D Glasses Included (V11H501020)


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Perfect for my Family

We love this projector! Epson got it right! The new rf glasses don't lose sync, are extremely light-weight, and re-charge quickly. (And a charge lasts for up to 40 hours.) This model also converts 2D to 3D (and 3D to 2D, if needed). Both of these changes are a big improvement over the previous model--if those things interest you. We think the 3D is a lot of fun!It has built in speakers, which are great if you want to take this to the backyard or vacation place. But I'd recommend adding a receiver and speakers for best sound. (Make sure to hook thru the receiver with an hdmi cable that can handle return audio and 3D if you want the best sync. We hooked an old receiver without hdmi up to the blu ray via the two audio outs and sent the hdmi to the projector, and there was a noticeable delay. It wasn't awful, but many new receivers are so cheap, you might want to upgrade if you're using an older receiver.)The colors look great and the blacks are good. We're using a 120" diagonal screen with a 16' throw, and it's plenty bright, too--even in 3D. The projector doesn't handle a lot of ambient light, though--at least to me. And the 3D glasses catch reflections if you have ambient light. So I'd say plan on watching in low light or darkness for the best results--IMHO.We plan on using our projector pool side this summer, so we made out own ceiling mount with quick release. (It mounts with M4 screws.) But this unit doesn't have lens shift up or down; and the only left or right adjustment uses a keystone corrector. So if you can't get it exactly at the correct height and centering, you might have an issue.For the past five years, we've watched a 60" 1080i TV. But for a real "theatre" experience, this projector with our 120" screen blows that away! Even our DVDs upconverted thru a blu ray still look great. And 3D is fantastic with a really big screen.There are better projectors out there according to specs. But for the price, I don't think you'll be disappointed. The Epson 3020 is perfect for our family. :)

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Epson 3020 awesome!!!!!

This is my 4th projector in my home theater since 2002 and is without a doubt, the best of them all! I had 2 Sony CRT projectors before, and then the one I upgraded was a Sharp LCD projector with S-Video as the best input option. This Epson 3020 is insane as far as the quality, brightness and clarity on BluRay 3D and is better than the 3D at theaters on our 140" diagonal screen! The glasses are like Oakleys and are super-comfortable, even during long 3D movies like Titanic. The only thing I have to complain about so far is the noise the projector makes everytime it changes from a really black/dark scene to a light scene, if you are listening to something at low volume you will hear this constantly and it does get annoying. Other than that, this projector is perfect so far! I have not used it for gaming yet but have watched 3D BluRay, BluRay, DVD and streaming content so far and it all is awesome! The remote controls your A/V receiver and BluRay (or anything else hooked up to your A/V receiver) when it is connected via HDMI cable, that is a big plus too.

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I bought this projector as an upgrade to my Optoma HD66 and couldn't be happier. The Optoma was starting to wear out, and definitely served its purpose as a starter projector, but this Epson 3020 makes it look like a toy. Sorry for a novel length reply, I just really wanted to make sure to hit all the selling points that were a big deal to me when considering this purchase. I read hundreds of reviews (especially long ones, that's where the most info is) and researched many projectors over the past few moths before settling on this one. I hope you find my information useful.Quickly, about me: I'm not an A/V pro, but definitely an enthusiast. I own an IT company, so I'm very savvy when it comes to technical electronics. I currently have a Marantz 5.1 reciever with Bose bookshelf speakers and a MartinLogan 10" sub. My room is about 12'x12' with one window and multiple lights of varying intensity. My screen is a cheap Elite Screens M84UWH, but I am really happy with it. I replaced an Optoma HD66 that I've had for ~3yrs. I've learned about basic to mid-level calibrations of both audio and video devices, and am exceptionally anal retentive when it comes to both. I watch TV, play video games and watch movies on the projector. I DO NOT have another TV that I watch, so this is my primary mode of video entertainment and is definitely not a dedicated home theater cinema projector.My biggest fear was brightness. I have this in a room with very little light control (just blinds), and since it was rated at 200 lumens less than the Optoma I was really worried that there wouldn't be enough light... Boy was that NOT the case! The Optoma would get washed out by simply turning on some of the smaller lights in the room, but with this Epson 3020 I can turn on all the lights, AND open the blinds during the day and the picture was still very solid, even in 3D. Of course it wasn't as perfect as in the dark, but it was still amazingly bright and didn't feel washed out at all. I could definitely watch TV on it with light in the room unlike the Optoma. I decided to fish through the menus to turn on the Eco mode to save on bulb life and see how it would affect the brightness of the display, and much to my surprise it was already in Eco mode. Turning it to standard mode was even brighter. Wow!Out of the box it was surprisingly well calibrated. All I had to do was drop the contrast a bit, and very subtly tweak the color saturation and tint to get a good, well balanced initial calibration. Also, it does a very good job of lighting ONLY the screen. The Optoma lit the screen, but also overshot the screen pretty bad with white light, so the walls were lit up around the screen (especially below it); the Epson does not.A quick side note on HDMI cables: DON'T let any salesman convince you that you need to spend $200+ on a cable! I'm using a 30 ft, cheap, $15 cable that I bought here on Amazon and it works absolutely perfectly, both 2D and 3D. No crosstalk on 3D, no picture defects, nothing but a perfectly clear, consistent picture.Going from a 720P to 1080P on this projector was a difference that's hard to put words to. The sharpness of the picture, even on my cheap screen (Elite Screens M84UWH) it looks fantastic. My next upgrade will be a better quality screen, which I'm sure will make it even better. Blu-Rays look absolutely stunning.The throw distance is better than the Optoma. I don't have a ton of room to project, and the Optoma just barely filled my 84" screen. The Epson 3020 easily filled the 84" screen, and from my research should be able to fill a 92", possibly a 100" with my throw distance.I've been interested in 3D since I initially bought my Optoma, but since the Optoma was only "3D Ready" I could really only mess with it when my computer was hooked up, and even then I had to track down custom drivers for it to work with Nvidia 3D-Vision. Now that I have the capability to play 3D blu-rays I put it to the test with Avatar and Life of Pi. Both have some remarkable 3D effects and this projector doesn't disappoint. Less than a week ago I was in the theater to see Despicable Me 2 in 3D, and I can honestly say that this projector does just as well as the theater. I can't wait for Despicable Me 2 to come out on video so I can test it. The 2D-to-3D conversion is just freaking cool! It's obviously not like a 3D encoded blu-ray, but it does a fantastic job. XBOX games, regular TV, regular DVD's/blu-ray's are really awesome.The 3D glasses are fairly comfortable. My girlfriend has a little trouble while wearing glasses with them, but it's manageable. They charge exceptionally fast, which is nice. Also, they seem less "tinted" than other glasses I've worn, so they don't seem to affect the picture balance a whole lot. I haven't noticed any of the ill effects that some people have with other types of glasses. A big plus is that they are RF, not IR, so no loss of connectivity or sync issues. They also follow the RF standard, so any other glasses that are RF should work (as long as they follow the standard as well). As a nice bonus, it comes with 2 pair unlike most that come with either none, or maybe one. That saves you at least $150 right there.Compared to the Optoma, this thing is a behemoth. It's easily 2.5-3 times the size. That said, it's not that heavy, so a standard ceiling mount should work just fine. The keystone and adjustment controls are very easy to use. I had to place mine slightly off center due to the location of the ceiling joists (~1 foot to the right), and the horizontal keystone slider on the unit was handy for the coarse adjustment, and the fine tuning in the menus made it perfect. The only downside is no digital image shift. With the Optoma I was able to get the picture close, the move it around slightly with the projector. The Epson 3020 doesn't have that, so I spend a good hour getting it perfectly fit on the screen. My mount has some very rudimentary "fine tuning" controls that helped get it set, but a better mount would have made it much easier I'm sure.As far as noise goes I'm very pleased. The projector is mounted directly over my head, and is about 4' away. I've read the reviews talking about the clicking noises and such, and I hardly notice it. Every once in a while I'll hear it click for a second or two, but it's not loud enough to care, even during quiet scenes. The fan noise is also very quiet. I researched dB rating, and it was supposedly the same as the Optoma. The Optoma was pretty quiet for the most part, but I did notice it. The Epson, on the other hand seems MUCH quieter to me. During quiet scenes and when the room gets warm I can hear the fan kick up a notch, but it's still very quiet. It's also a different type of fan noise - the Optoma has very small fans that put out a high pitch fan noise (similar to a hair dryer, not as loud of course), vs. the Epson has much bigger fans, so the noise is more of a low pitch "woosh" sound, so it is much more tolerable. If you're computer savvy I'd relate it to a 120mm CPU fan vs 250mm case fan. Overall, I'm very happy with the noise level.I honestly don't have a clue how good the speakers are on this thing... I don't know why anyone would buy a projector like this without already having at least a really nice sound bar or basic 5.1 receiver setup. That, to me, is like really nice wheels on a complete PoS car... Sound is really the biggest part of the theater experience, so at least go to WalMart and buy a cheap entry level 5.1 system before going for the biggest, clearest picture possible. I had an entry level 5.1 system on my old PoS TV years ago and it helped a ton with the movie experience. I can see the purpose if you're going to take this thing outside and project onto a blow up or wall, but even then I'd probably get a more portable 2.1 speaker setup or something.I can't speak to bulb issues yet, I've only had it a few days. Though, from other reviewers I've seen that Epson is pretty good about replacing defective bulbs. I'll post back if I experience otherwise.Thank you for reading, I hope this helped. If you have further questions, feel free to comment and I'll see what I can do to help.See all 60 customer reviews...

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