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The previous post ended with a small preview on the ancient history of the 'Island of S. Antioco, which has its roots in very remote times. As mentioned, the Phoenicians - which at first reached the island sailing and merely trade with the Nuragical - founded the city of Sulki and dedicated themselves to trade, but also to fishing and agriculture, which was practiced at 'interior of the island, in the plain called "Canal" which not coincidentally means "fertile land" with regard to fishing, however, this was practiced not only at sea but it is believed that they were also exploited the ponds with nurseries . The tuna, which still makes the famous Sardinia, was caught at sea, preserved in salt - even today, arriving in S. Antioco, ponds where you can admire the sea water evaporates leaving a layer of salt on the surface of the sand - and sold. The houses were simple, made of mud brick walls were plastered with clay floors, often had an inner courtyard with a cistern for collecting eric sogard rainwater; close to the harbor is likely there was a large space reserved to the market, with a square surrounded by warehouses. Around 540 BC, Carthage eric sogard in Sardinia sent an army led by Malchus, which, however, was defeated by the Phoenicians were allied with the Sardinians, but the Carthaginians did not give to the company, attracted by the thriving agriculture and the rich mineral deposits, and around 510. C. Carthage was able to subdue and Sulki Tharros. The Carthaginian period remains an impressive necropolis occupies almost the entire hill of Sant 'Antioco, while two massive stone lions - now preserved in the city museum - were set to guard the door that opened in the walls. Even the Carthaginians, then used the Tophet as they did before the Phoenicians, deponendovi the remains of children who died at a very young age (see previous article).

Following the First Punic War, which ended in 241. C., the Romans gave up and left the island in the hands of Carthaginian, but shortly after, the mercenaries in the pay of the Carthage revolted and demanded the intervention of Rome so it was that, in 328 a. C., Sardinia - and therefore Sulci - passed into Roman hands.

Change domination took place in a peaceful eric sogard manner because coastal

populations, to protect its own commercial interests, submitted to Rome without a fight and just the city of Sulci in particular developed and grew considerably especially during the 'imperial age, it is at this historical period that belongs to the Roman bridge visible at the entrance of S. Antioco, which is part of the isthmus built by the Romans to join the rest of the island of Sardinia. The bridge that still can be seen coming in S. Antioco eric sogard is the third of three bridges built, the only one of which traces remain. It was with the Roman imperial era that arrived on the island to Christianity, a new religion that was traveling together with traders, or carried by soldiers converted, or checked baggage in hope of Christians exiled and condemned to hard labor in the mines of Sardinia.

A story so rich he left a treasure trove of archaeological and artistic, partly still littered the streets and squares of the island eric sogard - the Roman bridge, the catacombs in which they were found the remains of Antiochus, who later became Holy, which still located under the church that bears his name, the fountain of the imperial era in the central Piazza Italy, the tower of Calasetta ... - Partly preserved in museums. Several years ago, in Calasetta, just inside the tower that dominates the country, was made an exhibition of artefacts found on site, the pictures here were taken on that occasion.

Hello dear ... there are! How are you? How to carry all your stuff? eric sogard I am in disease xchI just had un'esterectomia ... preventive, eh! I embrace you and I update a bit '. eric sogard A big kiss that entails), happily SPOSATISSIMA with David, chock full of interest and desire to live, curious about the world and human existence.

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