Saturday, December 28, 2013

Like Sand Through an Hourglass...

These are the days of our lives.For real.The time between Annabelle's birthday and Christmas flew by in an instant.One of the reasons it went by so fast is because I've had my head stuck in the ground doing all sorts of craziness and to my detriment, I rarely took the time to look up.So.Here we are.Post-Christmas and lots of memories to recap...

For this first post, I just wanted to post some pictures of things we've been doing since November.

Our friends Katie and Shawn had their baby Greta baptized.It was so fun for all of us friends to come together for this special event.It led to some good discussions with the kids on what baptisms are.And still to this day, they ask to hear "baby Greta's song" when we are in the car..."her" song being "Come Thy Fount".

Since the first week of November, there has been only one or two weeks with good weather.This is really rare for us and is seriously affecting all of our mental sanity.Think caged animals and you'll know what our daily living conditions have been like.With that said, when there has been good weather, I've made sure we've soaked up all that we can.The pictures below were taken on one such glorious day at Mayfield park.We did lots of hiking and then unintentionally harassed the peacocks that live there.I threw in the picture of the white peacock because I had never seen one before.

Top to bottom:Lane, Aeden, Layna, AB and Luke

Mom was here for another of those great weeks (during AB's birthday).Again, I made my kids stay outside from sun up to sun down.Here is Shoshi with her grandbabies enjoying a picnic-like day.

If you know Jason, you know that he doesn't do well if he can't exercise on a regular basis.This is where the caged animal like tendencies come from and we've all inherited them...the kids genetically, me through osmosis.When he exercises at the house, Lane likes to participate which means that Annabelle follows suit.On this particular (glorious) day, Jason had them jogging, doing high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, lunges, side shuffles, and push ups.The kids loved it almost as much as I did from a photo op.These pictures bring big smiles to my face.One reason being the lack of shirts.If daddy has his shirt off, Lane's comes off and AB's is next.It's only fair.

Warm up jog

Butt kicks

This is how you do a "real" pushup.

While mom was in town, we spent a lot of time at Aunt Jessie's house. One of my kids favorite things to do there is take a bath in her jacuzzi tub (because we are mean and don't do it often in our own).These are the pictures you take out when they are in high school or college and show them that they were so care free back in the day.

Cousins forever

Then Thanksgiving sprang upon us and we had some festivities at school.For Thanksgiving Day, we went to Houston.Then came back the next day and had Thanksgiving dinner with Jess and my dad who came in town for the week.

Lane's school

Lane and his buddy Jacob.All friends should make us smile like this ;)

Thanksgiving prayer at the Butler's in Houston...

At the beginning of December, both Gibson and Perry were dedicated at church.

I was brushing Lane's teeth one day and noticed a bottom tooth looked crooked.Which was new because I am aware of every inch of this kid.So naturally I touched it and it wiggled!WHAT?! About two weeks later, I got a call from his teacher that his tooth fell out on the playground, they couldn't find it and he was really upset.So Jason picked him up from school and brought him home.I asked him why he was upset and he said, "I just wanted you."(insert heart bursting emoticon)We talked about it and he was ok with losing his tooth.Besides, he became a semi-celebrity over night with all his friends oohing and aahing over his missing tooth.So he decided he wanted to lose his other tooth, which I then realized was also loose!That night, he wanted me to write a note to the tooth fairy.He dictated and I wrote it, endorsed by his signature.When the tooth fairy went to leave him some money, he found Lane asleep with his hand gripping the note under his pillow.Man how I love childhood!!

Again, why can't we be kids all our lives??Life is so good (extra good when the weather is nice!)

We have finally learned how to pump our legs!I rank that up there with losing a tooth!

Lane clearly won this race
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