Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Amazing TwinsZetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo: Amazing Twins Episode 1 Review

Its been awhile since we first heard the official statement thatJunichi Sato will be directing this particular 2 episodes OVA, Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo: Amazing Twins. The first episode just advanced broadcasted a few days ago on AT-X and I suppose many have missed it, thinking little of it.

Junichi Sato was previously directing TV Series,and , OVA,which we have once reviewed on the blog. Before this titles are much more remarkable titles that the world has witness, which set up a great reputation over the decades.

Amazing Twins features a setting of underground ESPer society whereby supernatural powers exists and only few are aware of their existence. Due to the existence of such abilities, competition are being stirred up amongst parties that are eager to overwhelm the rest with powers, to the extent of fighting each other with their abilities which protagonist Amane refuse to agree to.

Protagonist Amane and friends uses their ESP abilities to perform simple magic shows to build a bond with the public, trying to abolish the fear and threat of ESP. She was then targeted for her unmeasurable power which have yet to realize and awaken. That is due to the fact that the powers belongs to her twin sister whom was supposedly dead before birth and takes a body of teddy bear. She supplies Amane with powers and when be as one, leading the power of Amane to rocket shoot as well as a drastic change in her appearance.

The series is particularly interesting fact that the protagonists that possesses powers refuses to employ them for conflict nor violence. Even when being cornered, characters ensures that do minimum just to save their hostages and not to counter against forces. Plot is considerably simple and straightforward for an OVA, showing potential for full fledge TV animation series with a deeper plot. It is clear that the showcased characteristics are pretty brief and having lots of room for expression of persona over time and plot progressions.

Despite having a slightly atrocious antagonist as an debut opponent, the battle wasn't sloppy nor overwhelming. It had a standard build up and intensity and it ended well without a big bang but a trade off with a perfect getaway to create that right atmosphere that related back to the character structure with meaningful context.

All in all it was a positive head start for the OVA, wouldn't say it left a strong impression but good enough to make one return for a second episode, completing the OVA as a whole. Hopefully that the feedback for the series gets better the next time round, knowing that it did not really spark any hype with this episode.

Have you watched the episode? If yes, what do you think about it, if not, will you be watching it soon?
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