Saturday, December 28, 2013

Game of Thrones illegal downloads exceed TV viewers for second year

The most-torrented shows of 2013, according to Torrent Freak.

Game of Thrones again turned out to be the most-pirated TV show of 2013, according to a from Torrent Freak. The show was downloaded an estimated 5.9 million times, besting its proportion of conventional television viewers, which clocks in at 5.5 million. That is a 37 percent increase from 2012, when Torrent Freak Game of Thrones was downloaded 4.28 million times.

As the New York Times , illegal downloads grew about 10 percent in 2013, with 327 million unique users navigating 13.9 billion webpages that handle pirated movies and TV. The shows Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, and Dexter contributed another 14.3 million downloads between them.

2013 also saw plenty of industry leaders endorsing illegal downloading in one way or another. Game of Thrones director David Petrarca said the show in part generated by pirates; Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said that Game of Thrones' status as the most pirated show was ";" Netflix stated that it to determine what types of shows to produce or license; Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan said piracy "." The Walking Dead executive producer Gale Ann Hurd , calling the idea that piracy does good for content a "mistaken belief" and saying the activity is not something "we should encourage."

Only one other TV show on Torrent Freak's chart had its estimated downloads exceeding its estimated TV views. Homeland, which airs on the premium channel Showtime, had 2.4 million downloads to its 2.38 million estimated viewers.
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