Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Next year, things are locking up...

Have you ever thought to Google "beautiful women"? You should try it. Chances are the women that appear don't really look like you or your daughters. I only looked through the first 10 pages. There were very few women of color. The women of color that were pictured all had straight hair. There were no heavy, thick, curvy (whatever word you like) women. A woman of color with natural hair did not appear until page six. The first few pages display scantily clad women in underwear or swimwear. Google doesn't define beauty but it is a reflection of what society values in women.For the past few years, I have been on amission to redefine beauty for my daughter. I want her to see that she is beautiful even if she can't see herself in Google images definition of beauty. I also want my son to appreciate the natural beauty in all women.I embraced my natural hair, I work out and embrace my curves and I started eating more cleanfoods to maintain my health. There was something lacking for me. For years (probably about 10) I have been talking about locking my hair. I never did for 1 million and 1 reasons. I was never ready for the commitment. I love my hair. I love the versatility of myhair. I loved my afro. I loved it twisted. I loved it straight. I loved it crazy.There were also so many negative opinions about locs from people in my life. I wouldn't look professional. My locs would smell. I would not be attractive with them.


I finally decided that I was ready for the commitment. I also decided that I did not care about any one else's opinion. I made an appointment and prepared myself for a few months of awkward hair. I got my hair interlocked instead of twisted because I wanted to make sure that my hair didn't unravel when I exercise. I went to . I am very happy with my hair. In fact, I can honestly say I love my hair. It was already cut in a bob so the locs looked semi-cute after they were done. The hair in the back that was shaved was not long enough to interlock. When it grows out, we will interlock those.When I left the shop, I teared up a little. I felt free. And happy with my choice.Who knew that such a small change would impact me in such a major way?

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