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2013 was a pretty good year for movies. Between blockbusters, reboots and Catching Fire somehow finding another reason to stuff a bunch of people in a ring together () it was an interesting year for movies and TV. We've taken a look at some of the major issues below, but given my time constraints and ludicrously short attention span (hey look, a dog!) if there's anything major missed feel free to leave a vicious comment below letting me know how much I suck using whatever poorly conceived grammar you can cobble together


This year saw an unprecedented amount of blockbusters, between Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Star Trek,and various others this was a year literally crammed full of blockbusters (it was also crammed full of shameless cash in's likeand , but lets just gloss over those ).

Pacific Rim: Way to drop the ball, Nerds

While this is Christmas for those of us who big-budget movies, in industry terms it's a bit of a disaster, with most movies now needing to crack insane amounts of money before even breaking even. R.I.P.D and The Lone Ranger were perhaps the most high profile losses, both sinking like stones nearly immediately after their release (though deservedly so in both cases) and showing the industry is reaching a critical point as people seem to have too much choice (remember when everyone in the universe saw 'Titanic'? When's the last time that happened?).

2014 has an even larger number of blockbusters on the slate, so it'll be interesting to see how this all works out (and whether the 'Robocop' reboot is as bad as it looks)


The Netflix Original 'House of Cards' was released this year to critical acclaim and a massive viewing on Netflix. While the net streaming service has produced its own material before this was the first time a 'Netflix Original' received either the praise or attention House of Cards deservedly received. It was also fun to see people discussing something that wasn't Game of Thrones (don't tell them I said that though, after the Red Wedding George R. R. Martin is capable of anything)

Pictured: Your friendly local congressman.

For those of you who don't know, and congratulations for spending so long under that rock, House of Cards follows the various political machinations of all round mega-bastard Kevin Spacey and his equally Machiavellian wife Robin Wright (who, curiously, has aged exactly 20 minutes since 'The Princess Bride'). Together they plot, scheme and manipulate their way through the White House, exacting retribution on those who have betrayed him using various side characters such as young reporter Kate Mara to their own ends.

This is a terrifically well executed and gripping drama, which aside from its own merits proves that Netflix has the clout and creative foresight to play in the big leagues with the likes of HBO and AMC. It's also great to see a TV series that relies on drama rather than boobs and zombie face-stabbing.


2013 (amidst hundreds of other reboots) saw Man of Steel, a complete reboot of the franchise under Zak Snyder (Ok he did 300, but let's not forget 'Sucker Punch') and under the watchful eye of Christopher Nolan.

This was a great movie, certain choices could be criticized (hammy as hell at times) though ultimately it was a fantastic outing and a well-deserved reboot for the much loved and badly treated Superhero. Yes, we're talking about you, Bryan Singer WE NEVER FORGET.

Should have read 'Much better than Superman Returns, trust us '

While the movie could probably be criticized for taking an overly realistic Gotham-esque approach to Superman (though was probably much needed for a flying indestructible alien who can shoot laser beams from his eyes) it introduced a more human take on the development of our favourite Kryptonian and his own faltering as he becomes Superman.

It also had Russell Crowe as an ass kicking Jor'El and Michael Shannon as a terrifying General Zod. We also got to see Krypton and it was amazing! What more do you people want?!?

Probably more interesting was the fan reaction to this movie, with the Nerd Legions reacting with both rapturous applause and bitter comments about the movie. Luckily, no one listens to them anymore


You have to feel bad for the guys behind Arrested Development. With their third (and admittedly poor-ish) season cancelled abruptly, the masses complained and took to their keyboards. Finally their prayers were answered and Netflix answered the call. Not only did they promise a 4th season, but it would be immediately accessible. Want to watch it all in one night? Go for it. Buy yourself a bucket of fried chicken and live.

We waited so long, why have you forsaken us?!?

Unfortunately, the 4th season was thoroughly underwhelming, focussing on one character per episode and trying to fill the blanks between seasons (a terrible creative decision which was both confusing and enraging) which led to a generally uninteresting narrative.

While this can be chalked up to scheduling difficulties it nonetheless left a bitter (or bland) taste and never lives up to the previous outings. It definitely has a few genuinely laugh out loud moments, with both G.O.B. and Tobias being stellar as usual, but even Buster is wheeled out far too late in the season to raise interest.

Nonetheless the season saw exceptional viewings (as most fans felt it was worth seeing to the end) and there's talk of a fifth. With any luck they can recapture the magic and work out their scheduling issues to correct the failings of this series.


Mama: Everyone just stay calmwe'll be in Fiji before anyone knows we're gone.

Surprisingly, 2013 also churned out a solid amount of horror flicks and even videogames. Between the recent trend towards zombies (The Walking Dead, World War Z) it seems that the horror genre has seen a pretty big resurgence. With movies like Mama, andperforming well at the box office (The Conjuring in particular scored highly as a well-made but low budget flick - keep an eye on these guys) it seems like a full circle return to the movies of the 70's and 80's, where a lower capability to create realistic effects meant more emphasis on story and character development. While it seems The Woman in Black kicked off this trend, let's hope it continues well into 2014.


So there's some of the big movie topics of 2013. Have something you think was undeservedly missed? Feeling venomous rage build up as you mash your fast food coated fingers against the keyboard? Go on, leave a comment. What are you, chicken?

Remember how Ben Affleck was cast as Batman and everyone went batshit crazy (pun absolutely intended)? Yeah, those nerds really get touchy
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