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New Premieres in TV: December 29th


SISTER WIVES, winter premiere at 9pm on TLC

- This captivating reality series gives audiences an inside look into a real-life polygamist family, Kody Brown and his four wives-Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn-along with their 16 children. Cameras follow the unconventional family as they experience the ups and downs of living a plural lifestyle, from the Browns' bold decision to "come out" as polygamists on national television to the changes brought on by their recently extended family.


CAKE BOSS, season premiere at 9pm on TLC

- Buddy Valastro is one of the most successful and renowned cake artists in the United States. Master baker of Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, Buddy is the Cake Boss. He supervises a team that includes his mother, four older sisters and plenty of cousins, second cousins and brothers-in-law. When you're working with family on a daily basis, there is bound to be a lot of drama. The Valastros know drama, but at the end of the day, they also know love. Cake Boss chronicles Buddy's over-arching desire to achieve his late father's dream of making Carlo's Bake Shop a household name with or without the help of his family.


LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER, New Year's Eve Special at 8pm on PBS

- If Times Square isn't your thing, and nobody would blame you if it isn't, then celebrate 2014 watching the New York Philharmonic's gala concert perform with guest cello soloist Yo-Yo Ma.


- Keeping it simple: NBC News looks at the top news stories from 2013.

DICK CLARK'S ROCKIN' NEW YEARS EVE, New Year's Eve Special at 10pm on ABC

- Ryan Seacrest is joined by Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas on the west coast and Jenny McCarthy of The View in Times Square as they look back on the past year in pop culture and music.


2014 NHL WINTER CLASSIC: RED WINGS VS. MAPLE LEAFS, sports special at 1pm on NBC

- Two original six franchises collide as the Detroit Red Wings take on the Toronto Maple Leafs in the annual outdoor Winter Classic on New Years Day. What makes this season unique? The game will be played in front of over 100,000 people in the Big House at the University of Michigan. It's worth tuning in if only to see the spectacle of a hundred thousand people trying to sign the "Star-Spangled Banner" with frozen lips.

DANCE MOMS, season premiere at 9pm on Lifetime

- New Year New Team? What Abby Lee Miller says, goes and when she says, "Everyone is replaceable," she means it! For the fourth season of Lifetime's hit docuseries Dance Moms, Abby will take to the road with a national scouting tour in search for the country's most elite young dancers. With the threat of new dancers coming into the company, the dance moms will stop at nothing to make sure their girls have a place to shine on stage, even if it means going up against Abby.

KIM OF QUEENS, series premiere at 10pm on Lifetime

- Kim of Queens sassy star Kim Gravel, one of the country's most successful and outspoken pageant coaches, is on a mission to find diamonds in the rough and transform them into confident young women in the all-new Lifetime docuseries Kim of Queens. Subsequent episodes of the series will then air on Tuesdays at 10:00pm immediately following Lifetime's hit program "Dance Moms." Along with the help of her mother Jo and sister Allisyn, Kim lives to polish local girls into future leaders, able to take the crown and rule the world. While applying her homegrown philosophy that beauty is only skin deep, Kim, with her larger-than-life personality that is peppered with tough love and plenty of humor, searches for young talent that many might pass over on first glance. At the young age of 16, this former self-proclaimed "ugly duckling" was crowned the youngest Miss Georgia in the pageant's history. Kim will be the first to say that winning Miss Georgia was great, but losing Miss America made her who she is today. Now, as the owner and CEO of her business, the renowned Pageant Place, Kim shares her incredible talents and over-the-top, engaging personality with the young, talented hopefuls seeking her sage advice that has proven to take young girls to the top.

TATTOOS AFTER DARK, series premiere at 11pm on Oxygen

- Tattoos After Dark uncovers the wild and crazy shenanigans that take place after hours at two tattoo parlors in LA- House of Ink, in the heart of the Venice boardwalk, and Ink Candy, steps away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nothing is off-limits as the cameras capture the late night chaos that goes down with the incredibly talented artists and the over-the-top clients looking to get inked. From the guy who comes in asking for a bat tattoo on his face to a couple who wants matching tattoos to express their undying love even though they just met that nightyou never know who will stumble in, or what they will look like walking out.


COMMUNITY, season premiere at 8pm on NBC

- Heading into its fifth season, Community is a smart, exuberant comedy that is consistently ranked as one of the most inventive and original half-hours on television. This ensemble comedy centers on a tight-knit group of friends who all met at what is possibly the world's worst educational institution - Greendale Community College. At the center of the group is Jeff Winger (Joel McHale, The Soup), a fast-talking lawyer who was caught with a phony college degree. Disbarred until he could earn a legitimate degree, Winger chose Greendale, thinking he could breeze through the mediocre school without a hitch. However, he soon found himself the reluctant leader of a disparate group of misfits, all stuck at Greendale for different reasons. The study group includes Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), who dropped out of high school to "change the world" and soon found herself in her thirties with no marketable skills; Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown), a religious housewife who landed at Greendale after a messy divorce and is now blossoming into a headstrong entrepreneur; Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi), a socially awkward but well-meaning pop culture savant; Annie Edison (Alison Brie), a high-strung perfectionist; Troy Barnes (Donald Glover), a former high school football star still trying to find his way; and Ben Chang (Ken Jeong ), a former Spanish teacher who is either insane or an evil genius, or both. At Greendale's helm is Dean Pelton (Jim Rash), an administrator whose ineptitude is matched only by his love of the school and his devotion to his students.

MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM, season premiere at 9pm on Travel

- Museums are where America displays its wondrous treasures of the past -- often strange and curious remnants of the momentous events that have shaped our history. Behind each artifact is yet another story to be told and secret to be revealed -- tales brimming with scandal, mystery, murder and intrigue. Whether a diary from an Arctic exploration, a stone giant thought to be the remnant of a race of enormous people or a futuristic house that almost changed the world, iconic museum artifacts help us un-cover who we are and what we've become. Each hour of this series takes viewers on a captivating, revealing and at times shocking tour of America's past, revisiting its most crucial events by reexamining what has been left behind. The series casts its net wide, exploring the corners and back rooms of institutions dedicated to a variety of popular and entertaining subjects -- invisible spies, cold-blooded assassins, dinosaurs, the paranormal, the Old West, the Cold War and more. We tackle some of history's most enduring mysteries -- both familiar tales and little-known episodes that have never been told before on television.

COUPLES THERAPY, season premiere at 9pm on VH1

- Relationships are hard enough, but imagine the pressure of having your hook ups, "bumps" on the relationship road and breakups as fodder for the tabloids. More and more, it seems couples whose matters of the heart play out in the public eye are calling it quits and throwing in the towel on their relationships. Why is it so tough for these couples to stay together? Looking to shed light on the issue, VH1 will examine the complicated and often misunderstood world of high-profile relationships with Couples Therapy. In season 4, we will get a look at four-and-a half couples who are facing very complicated issues never before discussed on the show made even more complicated when half of one couple is a no-show. Taylor Armstrong (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) & John Bluher, Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom), Ghostface Killah (Rapper) & Kelsey Nykole, Whitney Mixter (The Real L Word) & Sada Bettencourt (The Real L Word) and Jon Gosselin (Jon & Kate + Eight) & Liz Janetta will all take a seat on Dr. Jenn Berman's couch.

IMPRACTICAL JOKERS, season premiere at 10pm on truTV

- If laughter is contagious, these guys should be quarantined! Q, Sal, Joe and Murr have entertained each other for years with the most hilarious practical jokes they could imagine. Now these real-life best friends are challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and uproarious stunts ever to be caught on hidden camera.


GRIMM, winter premiere at 9pm on NBC

DRACULA, winter premiere at 10pm on NBC


THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL, season premiere at 9pm on NatGeo

- With more than 19,000 patients, Dr. Pol has seen it all. Specializing in large farm animals, this senior is anything but retiring as he takes an old school, no-nonsense approach to veterinary medicine. Unflappable and unstoppable, this Doc routinely puts in 14-hour days and is a legend in the community. In this new series, we'll travel with him across rural Michigan to care for every family pet and head of livestock in need of his expertise.

REV RUN'S RENOVATION, series premiere at 10pm on DIY

- DIY's new series follows the remodeling of the home of Run DMC's Joseph Simmons, aka Rev Run, in a 10-episode series called Rev Run's Renovation. The series follows Rev Run, his wife Justine, and their kids Diggy, Russy and Miley - and a team of builders - as they renovate the family's 9,000 square foot home in New Jersey. The episodes will include the design and construction of bedrooms and custom bathrooms for the kids, Justine's plans for the kitchen, and Run's hopes for an indoor pool and spa.

SPACE DANDY, series premiere at 11:30pm on Adult Swim

- Space Dandy, a brand new anime from the folks who brought you Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist, is a Stainless Steel Rat-esque show about a rogue getting into crazy adventures in space. This dreamy adventurer with a to-die-for pompadour travels across the galaxy in search of aliens no one has ever laid eyes on. Each new species he discovers earns him a hefty reward, but this dandy has to be quick on his feet because it's first come - first served! Accompanied by his sidekicks, a rundown robot named QT and Meow the cat-looking space alien, Dandy bravely explores unknown worlds inhabited by a variety aliens. Join the best-dressed alien hunter in all of space and time as he embarks on an adventure that ends at the edge of the universe!
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