Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chilies and Stews

Chilies and Stews

1. Theyre easy to cook in large quantities recipes tend to double or triple well.

2. They keep well for several months in the freezer in portioncontrolled, microwavable containers.

3. Many are complete meals in themselves. Others pair up nicely with a side salad or simple starches like lowfat cornbread, brown rice, homemade fries or even baked chips.

4. Equipment needs are minimal. All you need are basic measuring and chopping tools, a longhandled ladle and a big stock pot.

5. Varying textures is a cinch: A vegetablebased soup can be made chunky or it can be pured for a creamy taste without all the fat. Handheld immersion blenders that you submerge in a pot of soup make pureing especially easy. If youre pureing soup in a blender, however, cool it slightly and pure it in small batches to prevent scalding liquid from splattering.

6. Theyre easy to modify. White beans can be swapped for black beans in chili, and a stew that calls for butternut squash should work well with acorn squash, too.

7. Getting in lots of vegetables doesnt get any simpler.

8. Soup liquids tend to absorb the flavors of herbs, spices and seasoning packets so obtaining great flavor takes minimal cooking effort and requires little to no fatty ingredients.

9. Cleanup is a breeze: Most chilies and stews are onepot meals. Some even work well in a slow cooker so you dont have to sweat it out over the stove.
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