Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great Christmas. I swear, it comes and goes so quickly and all that money spent...gone. OK, that just makes it sound depressing!!

Our Christmas was lovely though, especially because it was Beau's first. She was spoilt rotten however, she received a manageable amount. I can imagine the next few years to be the most manic when it comes to presents.

Beau has been a little ratty over Christmas and Boxing Day, I think she could sense that it wasn't a normal day with a little teething thrown in. Resulted in no napping, no eating and a lot of moaning. But overall, it was really nice. I was also really surprised at how nice the weather was here. I was expecting heavy rain, strong winds and darkness. Instead, it was lovely and sunny.

As some of you may already know from a previous post, I hosted on Boxing Day for my family. I can proudly say that it went great!! My starter of stilton mushrooms on a muffin was nice but it could have been better, the main of slow cooked shoulder of lamb stew with dumplings was lovely. Everyone finished that off so I'm happy. Then we had yule log and ice cream for dessert. I did burn some baking paper at one point, well, I say was on fire. Whoops. But thankfully no one knows about that!

Instead of me talking about what Santa brought and what we did, here are a few photos instead.

I took down my decorations yesterday. I usually like them up until New Year but this year, I don't know. I just felt as though I needed to.... We don't tend to celebrate NY so the end of Christmas is like my end of the year. I have big plans, out with the old, in with the new. New me, new starts, new year. Now I feel as though I can start preparing for that... well, once Christmas is finally over. I still have my dad to visit tomorrow. Once that is done, its really done then.

I have a few posts planned for the upcoming week. Tomorrow's blog is about my NEXT Boxing Day haul. Yes, I did it. I was up at 4:30am for sales!! Crazy!! I have my New Year's resolution post coming over the next few days too. Then I have a GYO (grow your own) post probably end of next week. I have lots of sewing of seeds to do ready for Spring.

I also have lots of blog reading to catch up on. I literally have done nothing online since....errrm... well, it was before Christmas anyway!! For me, that's a long time!!

Toodles xx
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