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Quick Reviews: Top 10 movies I saw in 2013

In addition to books, I also love movies. I've been called a movie snob, but I really prefer the term connoisseur. I actually enjoy all kinds of movies, not just "artsy" ones. Here are my picks for the top 10 movies I saw in 2013. They were not all released this year, but this is the first year I have seen them. I would love to know your favorites for the year so leave a comment with some from your list.


I know, I know, most people hated this movie, it bombed at the box office, and the critics ripped it to shreds. I, however liked it. I didn't love it, after all, it is number ten on the list, but I liked it. I found it entertaining and fun, which is all I expected it to be, really. If you saw it and hated it, I think it's worthy of second viewing.


I like the new Superman. I was skeptical, really skeptical at first, but I have to say I'm sold. They were able to maintain the goodness of my favorite superhero, that which makes him an inspiration, while simultaneously accessing more of his "human" side. You can find a longer review .


Robert Downey Jr. is always a treat to watch and let's face it, he made Tony Stark and Iron Man huge. Iron Man was always a second tier superhero at best before Downey Jr. came along. I liked the brave choices they made in this movie choices that will be fun to watch then wriggle out of in Avengers 2. I also loved watching Pepper kick some serious tuches.


Yes, the old movie with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hare. I had never seen it before and it was playing on the big screen near our home so we got a group together and went. I loved it. It was funny and of course, I love the Duke.


I loved Sean Connery as Bond, but I have to say, Daniel Craig is better. (Please feel free to leave hate comments if you wish.) I also thought Javier Bardem was absolutely brilliant as theBond villain. Granted, nothing tops his incredibly creepy Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men, but this comes close. I also loved the way they brought in Ralph Fiennes as the new M. This was a great Bond movie.


What is not to love about this rebooted franchise? I could have done without the obligatory appearance of old man Spock in this because it felt contrived, but overall, this was a great Star Trek film. Of course, Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing as Kahn, one of the penultimate villains in the Star Trek pantheon. The special effects were powerful and the action was rhythmic and heart pounded. I also loved seeing the greater development of Kirk and Spock's friendship.


I loved the book so I really enjoyed this movie because it captured the beauty of the book so well. The movie is worth watching for the cinematography alone but it is beautifully acted as well and is just a great story, well-told. The reason this movie does not appear higher on my list is because the ending was unsatisfying. It's like they were afraid to "go there' they were afraid to ask the audience to take a leap of faith, which, if you have read the book, you are more than willing to do. That aside, this film has a lot to offer and worth watching.


I am a huge fan of Sean Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright so I was very much looking forward to the completion of the . These movies take ordinary folks, throw them into outrageously impossible situations and lets the hilarity and mayhem commence. My personal favorite of the three is still Hot Fuzz, but this one comes in as a close second. I really hope this team gets together for more films in the future because they are just so much fun.


This is an uncomfortably funny movie about people who are suffering and trying to limp through life semi-intact. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have excellent chemistry in this movie and seem to feed on each other's performances to take their own to a higher level. The script is brilliant and raw and draws you in quickly and holds you throughout.


I won't say much about this because I have reviewed it . I will only say it was brilliant and delightful and I loved every single part of this film.
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