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Nothing is sacred anymore -- especially in the competitive world of comic book movies.All the major studios, except for maybe Paramount, have a piece of the big two comic book publishers, DC and Marvel.Following Disney's successful attempt to merge the universes of four of their biggest characters, Warner Brothers began looking to cash in on their slate of DC heroes.Their first attempt will be BATMAN VS SUPERMAN.Since Marvel's slate is split between Fox and Disney, the other side of their roster (which has also seen some large success) includes X-MEN and THE FANTASTIC FOUR, both of which have films heading to theaters in the near future.But it looks like they're not keen on stopping there.

A report has surfaced today which claims that Fox is currently working on a way to merge the universes of both X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR in the same vein as Marvel's AVENGERS franchise.The word is that the studio is using the 1987 comic series "X-Men VS. Fantastic Four" as a blueprint to successfully blend the properties together.Relative newcomer Josh Trank is furiously prepping the new FF movie right now, and it will serve as an impetus to the ambitious crossover.

For the uninitiated, the Fantastic Four is a group of heroes who gain special powers after a freak accident that occurs while on a research mission in space.There's Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, who has the ability to essentially make his body elastic.Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman is, well, invisible.Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch has the ability to manipulate fire, and Ben Grim aka The Thing, is a hulking behemoth whose body is turned to stone.The 1987 comic series changes the origin story of the characters, primarily pointing to Reed Richards who, as it's implied, conducted experiments in secret on the team and blamed their enemy, Victor Von Doom, aka Dr. Doom.

If it is indeed true, then it's one of Twentieth Century Fox's most ambitious franchise maneuvers of all time.Though, it should be noted that this should be treated as a rumor until the studio either confirms or denies it.Until then, do you think this would be a weak and desperate move, or does it have the potential to be amazing?Sound off below.


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