Thursday, December 26, 2013

It Has Been Quite A YearTV's Best Moments

It has been an amazing twelve months for television, computer, or phone , wherever you watch tv.Shows have ended ,finales have left viewers hanging , and tv icons have passed onwe have picked some of the moments this year on television that have meant the most to us

CastleSeason 6 PremiereBeckett says Yes!Castle and Beckett have had their runarounds like any good tv couple. This time, the writers decided to give the crime duo a happy ending . But not before a few little twists on the way to the altar

The Voice.. Adam Levine is voted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. We may watch for the competition, but the highlight of the weekly music series is staring at front man of Maroon 5.. Adam Levine. He makes music sexy and you didn't have to tell me that kosher is sexy as well. I knew that!!!

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Finale All fans of the medical soap opera have waited for the big arrival. After bombings, shootings, plane crashes,it all came down to this. Meredith Grey gave birth to Bailey Shepherd.But nothing is ever simple at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital

Scandal.. Shonda Rhimes has made the perfect show. It has murder, intrigue , and romance. Kerry Washington is the woman of the year as Olivia Pope. She fixes everyone's messes but her own.With crazy parents, employees who are paid assasins, and a hot romance with the very married President,Olivia has captured a nation with her weekly exploits.

Glee -The QuarterbackIn July , the world was saddened by the death of Glee star, Cory Monteith.It remained a mystery why the young actor would OD when he was planning a life with co star, Lea Michele. Nevertheless, the writers of Glee made gleeks weep with a fitting goodbye to Finn Hudson.

Dallas JR's MasterpieceTelevision icon , Larry Hagman had passed away last November. But after the resurrection of the classic series on TNT, viewers couldn't wait to see what writers had planned for the death of the Ewing patriarch. It was like old home week with guest stars like Joan Van Ark, Ted Shackleford at the funeral, however the most touching moments were when Sue Ellenexpressed that she had always loved him.

Family Guy- Brian's Death. Leave it to warped Seth McFarlane to kill off one of the most beloved characters on television, Brian the dog.True to form, the Griffins replaced their lovable pet with a new dog who was voiced by Tony Sirico of The Sopranos. Surprise ! Surprise, in the Christmas episode of the Fox series, Stewey went back in time to save his pal and before you know it, Brian had returned to the show. Time will tell , if he really did or was it only a dream?

Mad Men Season 6 Finale Don had finally done it. All the guilt that has been haunting him for years had taken its toll. Being fired, he decides to take his kids and tell them about the real life he had.Dick Whitman has finally come home.

Orange Is the New Black.. Television is not the only option anymore, as viewers download episodes of this original Netflix series on computers, tablets, and phones.It is the saga of a woman who confesses to being a drug dealer in her wild , lesbian days.With huge stars like Kate Muldoon, Laura Prepon, Jason Biggs, and Natasha Lyonne, viewers can't get enough of Piper and her prison gal pals.

The Good Wife- Alicia Quits.. Anytime people discuss great television, The Good Wife is mentioned.This year has been quite a year for Alicia as her husband wins the election for governor. The real drama took place when Alicia announced that she was leaving her law firm to start her own. Former lover, Will , felt betrayed and hurt. He also declared war on his former lover and her new partners.

The Carrie Diaries- Samantha Arrives-The SOTC prequel got a little more spicey with the arrival of Lindsay Lort in the role of Samantha Jones.Bringing a little more spice to the CW favorite, Lindsay enhances the friendship between the young naive Carrie and worldly Samantha.She rocks those eighties threads as you imagine Samantha sleeping with Bon Jovi and Whitesnake.

Homeland Season 3 Finale.. It came as quite a shock when viewers of the Showtime series witnessed the traitor hero, Nicholas Brody executed in Iran. The season began with Carrie playing dangerous games in a mental institution for Saul. The show got interesting when Carrie revealed she was carrying Brody's love child.After being chased around the world , Brody finally came to his end by hanging.
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