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The United States, a private for profit Federal Corporation, is bankrupt and has to pay our bills. The SUBSTANCE of the American citizenry, their real property, wealth, assets and productivity that belongs to them, was pledged by the government and placed at risk as the collateral for US debt, credit, and currency for commerce to function. Under the 14th amendment and numerous Supreme Court precedents, as well as in equity, "private property cannot be taken or pledged for public use without just compensation" United States v. Russell, 13 Wall, 623, 627; or due process of law. The United States cannot pledge or risk the property and wealth of its PRIVATE CITIZENS for any government purpose without legally providing them remedy to recover what is due them on their risk. Courts have long ruled that to have one's property legally held as collateral or surety for a debt, even when one still owns it and still has it, is to DEPRIVE him of it since it is at risk and could be lost for the debt at any time.

"Sureties compelled to pay debts for their Principal have been deemed entitled to reimbursement, even without a contractual promiseAnd probably there are few doctrines better established " Pearlman v. Reliance Ins. Co., 371 U.S. 132, 1962.

Those backing the nation's credit and currency cannot recover what is due them by anything drawn on Federal Reserve notes without expanding their risk and obligation to their own selves. Any recovery payments backed by this currency (FRNs or Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Devices; FRAUDs) would only increase the public debt its citizens are collateral for, which an equitable REMEDY was intended to reduce, and in equity would not satisfy anything, for there was no longer actual money of substance to pay anybody. In other words: there is no actual money in circulation by which debt owed from one party, to another, can actually be repaid. Since 1933, no one has ever really been "paid" because there has been no money of substance. Every time we spend a dollar (IOU), we increase the national debt by that same amount. Every time we send our bills to Treasury for the set off, we reduce the national debt by that same amount.

Federal Reserve Publication "Public Debt, Private Asset" says the national debt is owed to its creditors; which is you and I. We are operating under official Public Policy set forth by the UNITED STATES when they confiscated all the lawful money in circulation in 1933 and it became impossible to pay any debts with publicly sanctioned money under the provision of the United States Constitution, Article One, Section ten, Clause one. In return for the confiscation of the lawful money, the UNITED STATES became liable to pay the debts of the people as fiduciary creditors (agents) of the people. Since all commercial energy in existence comes from the mental and physical powers of the living people, and not from corporations or government, these living people are the lenders or creditors to all of society.

Government cannot have a binding contract on you based on the rule of valuable consideration because everything government has came from you to begin with. Therefore, no adhesion contract that identifies you as a public employee could be binding upon you. They cannot prove they ever loaned us anything, this can be proven with a Validation Of Debt, which they never will, or can, validate, verify or answer to our satisfaction. A copy of the payments you made is NOT validation of a debt "owed". It does tell you how much to sue them for to get your payments back and add that to the original amount of your credit they borrowed when you took out a car or house "loan." When they do not answer you by your deadline, you default them and can present copies of those letters to the court, and collect double or triple damages. Publicly judges and politicians will not admit to this because of the chaos they believe will occur, and that we probably would hang them for wasting our lives in meaningless jobs, when they were supposed to be setting off our bills!

The government needed to account for how much commercial energy it owed each, and every one of us, the ultimate creditors, for our contribution. The creation of the SSN accounts allowed the government to take our commercial energy and use it to keep the nation's economy moving forward in the bankruptcy, while at the same time not being guilty of fraud or theft. Therefore, the SSN is to track our claims against the UNITED STATES. We are the creditors and they are the debtors. Therefore, we have a pre-paid account with the UNITED STATES since we are the creditors and it is the debtor. The CAFR accounting is the summary results of this accounting of keeping track of the people's contributions and earnings on those contributions and is currently estimated at 60 to 100 trillion dollars.

Accepted for Value applies when a demand is made for payment with implied consideration. If there is no original wet-inked signed contract where both parties offer consideration, then there is no demand possible, only demand w/ implied consideration, which, according to UCC, holds inherent risk to the issuer; if the instrument is accepted as consideration, AND returned for value, THE ISSUER IS LIABLE FOR THE BILL. THAT is where the payment comes from.

In the bankruptcy whoever brings a liability has to bring the remedy. Whoever hands you a bill has to hand you the check to pay it. Write the Accepted for Value verbiage on the statement, write a private issue Money Order on the coupon part of the bill, and send it to Treasury to have it set off. The only way that utility company was built is that they mortgaged (borrowed against) our property and future labor compensation so everything since 1933 is Pre-Paid. A true contract has "consideration" from both parties. Consideration occurs when the bank, credit card company, whoever, has actually offered you something and you offered to pay them back". Of course, we know the banks, credit card companies, whoever, do NOT actually loan us anything! They use our signature to get funds (our own credit) from Treasury.

To deny AFV, is to claim sins will not be forgiven, by God (In earth, as it is in Heaven, what you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven). Given in Love to the Children of God: my brothers, and sisters. Knock and the door will open, seek and you will find, and ask and it will be given. Remember, If you have faith, without doubting, not only may you do what has been done, but even if you say to this mountain, Be taken up and put into the sea, it will be done. Matthew 21:21.

Agree with thine adversary quickly, while thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing. Matthew 5:25-26

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. How was that determined? The coin, whose face is on it? The dead are on our FRN's. The dead use it, the dead accept it, the dead create it. Whose name is on the FRN's? FEDERAL RESERVE, thus if the IRS, acting in behalf of the Federal Reserve System demands "funds", Give it to them! Accept the demand, request, or the pleading. Be in Honor with their laws, codes, statutes- appease the beast with feet of clay: do not argue with the Anti-Christ- AFV it.

You can accept or reject AFV and you will be right. Why? I cannot prove the world is round until your willing to accept the idea that it might be and willing to understand. If you reject the idea, who am I to say you are wrong? I will not dishonor your beliefs. I have given you facts and information that you can check out, correct me if or where I am wrong, or ignore it. Do words have meaning? Do words have value? If words mean nothing, then anything goes. If words mean something, what is it?

You decide, if "Accepted For Value" or "Accept for Value" is a valid process? Is the "Federal Reserve Note" (FRN) real money? Are the Federal Reserve System and the democracy considered false-coiners? If you say no, you are right, after all, why would I argue with you? You are creator of fictions. A fiction is a non-truth, which could be a lie if it were to deceive you. If you believe it was designed to deceive, then consider, who is the father of lies? I would then have to say, I see it differently. If you put God first, then all these things will be added to you.

God can touch Man, and Man can reach out to God. Man can never touch a corporation, nor can any corporation reach out to Man; it is an artificial entity, a fiction, a name we call a thing, soulless, lifeless, emotionless, and thoughtless. It needs actors and puppeteers, it is only business. The art of business is to benefit man, a vehicle to help others in a group setting. Man needs to give, to live. Corporations only express their masters desires. May they be deserving desires, it all depends on their masters.

In the name of the King, of the Kingdom of Heaven, it is done.
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