Thursday, December 26, 2013

8 Things Every Programmer Has To Face!


No kidding! You need to know what is the best caffeine delivery system for your body. Some prefer black coffee, some diet soda, Mountain Dew or Jolt. As a programmer, caffeine is something you will require to stay up over night!


When we say overnight, we mean exactly this! Programming is one job that DOES NOT work on the 9 to 5 schedule. When nearing deadlines, you need to work for uncounted hours to complete the project.


So when we say no fixed working hours, your sleeping hours ultimately take the hit. Lack of sleep is something that comes along with this job! 5 AM deployment and 7AM calls with overseas team will snatch away your sleeping hours!


Learn to deal with it! With long management meetings and overnight tasks in the team room, the odours start to get worse. Endless hours of work does not offer too much time in hand for grooming, we guess!


Your skillset is both your arm and guard. While you are just a machine for the corporate, if the next project does not meet your skill set, you might just get replaced! Keep reading and updating yourself with newer languages and tools.

6. 24/7 SUPPORT

Yes be ready to attend support service calls at any hour, even from the customer service guys. At all odd hours, you will be required to attend a conference call almost 6-7 people on the other side who have have no idea how to fix a small problem.


You cannot miss the deadlines, your project has no option to fail! Many a times, you have to accomodate all the unrealistic features you are asked to create and deliver within your deadline. You need to deliver the entire application by the deadline or whole team could be fired. Yes, such are the everyday worries that programmers face!


A must know! Although it's a boon for many but for others it's the worst they can ask for! Such managers, managing a group of programmers think all what a programer does is writing code. Be ready to face issues like them overpromising and underdelivering and you being treated like cattle.

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