Thursday, December 26, 2013

30 Cutest Celebrity Couples Of 2013

2013 was a GREAT year for adorable couples.

As you might've gathered from the overload of 'D'AAAWWW' in the lovey-dovey montage of Beyonc , Jay Z, Katy Perry, John Mayer, and the rest of our faves above, this past year's been one for the adorable celebrity couple record books.

In fact, 2013 was SO couple-y that we've perma-renewed our JDate subscription in the hopes of one day walking down that damn aisle, breaking that damn glass under that damn chuppah, and registering at that damn Bed Bath & Beyond. #INSPIRED

But enough about our non-existent love life! The time has come to take a look back at all the romance of 2013 and give mad props to those who've successfully found (or held on to) love this past year.


Now's about the time you're probably expecting us to go on a multi-paragraph-long rant about how Beyoncand her husband Jay Z totally slayed this year dead with romance.

And, guess what? YOU'RE RIGHT!

Just watch the dictionary-definition power couple's ' Drunk In Love' video, which is essentially a montage of the Knowles-Carters being the sexiest married couple ever on the beach - nay, ALL THE BEACHES.

And let's not forget about when Bey and Jay arrived at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration like straight-up American royalty. NEED WE SAY MORE?

No, but that won't stop us, because they are also the parents of perfect little Blue Ivy, who is basically the most flawless Ibiza-going toddler ever to be birthed.

Now we're finished.


If Beyoncand Jay Z are the reigning king and queen of romance, then Katy Perry and John Mayer (#lovegiggle) are next in line for the throne.

In between all the whisper-age of with sweet, sweet nothings (see John casually cooing into Katy's ear at the 2013 Grammy Awards) and coordinated couple's outfits (see that one time Katy and John wore matching ensembles for Valentine's Day and the Fourth Of July), the year was RICH in #JATY love.

But, the real fun began when Katy and John started prepping for the official release of ' Who You Love,' staging super touchy-feely photo shoots and riding a not-so-vaguely sexual mechanical bull in the track's video.'

If an implied penis a confetti gun doesn't scream romance, then we don't know what does!


Let the record state that we're heavily into Joe Jonas and his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler these days.

No, it's not just because of their impeccable bone structures, hard bodies, or coiffed brows. It's the fact that they're the one couple on this list that's, like, tooootally under the romantic radar!

Sure, we've seen the the ' First Time' singer and his ladyfriend on the red carpet together, and we've seen them holding hands while taking a casual stroll through NYC. But, like, that's kind of it, and we dig that.

Of course, we'd obviously not object to Blanda starring in the video for Joe's presumably forthcoming solo single ( R.I.P., Jonas Brothers!). But, it's also totally cool if she doesn't! Because #understated.


Indeed, 2013 was a year full of milestones for Kimye (aka the now-engaged celebrity unit that is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West).

In between making sweet motorcycle love to each other in 'Bound 2' and all those coordinated outfits comprised exclusively of non-colorful neutrals, Kimye had a baby! Predictably, little North West is super adorable - not to mention probably the only celebrity bb to have a private playdate with Blue Ivy.

Shortly thereafter, the couple got engaged! The ring was massive, and the proposal was elaborate - as in, hire an orchestra and rent out a football field to propose, elaborate!

Basically, what we're saying is: Try and top that, 2014! (Actually, since Kimye's nuptials will likely take place in 2014, prepare to see this duo top our list next year, too.)

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