Thursday, December 26, 2013

Five Products That Have A Big Impact On Your Quality of Life

As consumers, we sometimes forget that with a few inexpensive products we can quicken the pace of our workday or housework, or that some forms of technology keep us in good health and a good state of mind and in close touch with loved ones at all times. Here are just five products that help to improve our lives on a daily basis.


It wasn't so long ago that ordinary citizens refused to drink water; in fact, for most of history water wasn't pure enough to drink and was substituted with tea, coffee or alcohol. Our daily eight glasses are a unique privilege that we and our contemporaries share thanks to abundant clean water and proper filtering systems.


30 years ago, the concept of face-to-face phone calls from overseas would have been the stuff of cinema fantasy. Now, it's just another way for us to visit with our children while we're on a business trip. It's important to remember that what we take for granted would have seemed miraculous to previous generations, who often waited weeks or months to receive a letter, much less seconds for a cross-country chat with a family member.


Without pesticides, much of the crops we grow would be subject to infestations or even decimation by insects, a situation that could easily lead to famine. allows for companies to find out more about how to protect crops and keep those who eat them healthy.


In previous generations, a diagnosis of having the polio virus could mean a lifetime of paralysis; now, polio is all but wiped out due to simple vaccination techniques for populations. It's difficult to imagine how vaccines will continue to increase our quality of life, but it is likely that many currently common diseases will be all but eradicated in the next 100 years.


When we put our children on an airplane to go to a college 3000 miles away, we sometimes forget that such possibilities would not have existed for most of human history. The distance and time it would have taken to travel so far would have kept family away for much longer stretches, if not permanently. That we can travel from New York to Paris on any given day is testament to the privileges technology has brought to us.

For these reasons, we should sometimes pause to reflect on the many advantages we have in contemporary life largely thanks to a handful of products. Keep updated with the latest technology at , because without them, our lives would be inestimably diminished. With them, loved ones are close to us no matter their actual distance. The world is always only a few hours away, and communication with the world only a few seconds away, things that could never be said before in all of human culture. For that we should be grateful.

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