Friday, December 27, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013

So many first attempts in Mocchi's Blog; last post Mocchi wrote about Jackie Chan Police Story 2013. (' ' )Mocchi feel so honored to meet Jackie Chan in person, listened to his ideas in the movie and his career. (*) Want to see Jackie Chan photos? . Thank you so much for taking time to read, like and comment on the last blog post.

Malaysia's largest and longest-running animation, comics and games (ACG) convention - Comic Fiesta 2013, over 40,000 visitors attended this event has ended last week. This year a very special CF, rather than just Cosplaying, Mocchi actually has a task! Mocchi want to say thank you so much Marie for giving me a chance to work with you. ()

This year CF nothing new on Cosplay, first day Rilakkuma and second is Kagamine Rin Vocaloid Secret Black Vow. Comic Fiesta is always a good place for Mocchi to meet old and new people~! Thank you everyone.( * - )Somehow, CF is the only Cosplay event Mocchi had the time, other events always clashed with exams. *sad*

First day of CF (21/12/2013), Mocchi couldn't get to visit the stage, booths and exhibition areasRunning around meeting other Cosplayers! Mocchi get to meet this very cute little Cosplayer - NekoTenshi.

Second day of CF (22/12/2013), first thing reached KLCC planned to visit stage and booths. () ANIMAX booth is right in front of main stage. They are encouraging people to write messages and hang it on~! Mocchi get to introduce myself on the wishing card. "Finding partner?" LOL (` )

Not to mention the stage is awesome!!! The light the music the speaker~! Big thumbs up! Mocchi get the chance to see LIVE performance by 'absolute crazzzy'.(( |o^ ^o| ))

All the booths are having big sales! Some of the booths are selling rare items for collections too! (*) Anime lovers, there are cute posters such as Vocaloid characters and Suzumiya Haruhi series.

Comic Fiesta is not just an ordinary event, but an event that you can meet awesome animators, illustrators and artists. () Mocchi get to see various artists or anime lovers to draw characters LIVE. Passion is just limitless.

Badges! () *:You will be seeing badges everywhere in Comic Fiesta, badges of fun fact, badges of anime; all types of badges can be found!

Gempak Starz, one of the largest and most prolific publishers of comics and infotainment-related materials in Malaysia; they are having the Gempak Starz experience. First time seeing a real artist drawing, really impressed on how they shade and shadow to make the character looks realistic. **

Culture Japan's mission is to share and make Japanese culture more accessible to the world. The company does this through the web and mobile platforms that develop and run, the TV shows that produce, the merchandise that develop, and the events that we roll out worldwide - all with the help of our mascot character Mirai Suenaga.Culture Japan having their booth with lots of goodies to the fans! This year special would be Mirai Touch N Go Card. Have you got yours? Mocchi missed it.(> 'o')>
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