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This Chimp Loved Smoking Cigarettes

ANNOUNCEMENT: On Tuesday October 5 2010 Charlie the Chimp died at the age of 52.

Visitors at a South African Zoo turned a chimpanzee into an addict. A nicotine addict. Charlie the chimp is hooked on cigarettes. And he loves it. Apparently after watching visitors for years smoking, all it took was for someone to throw a lit cigarette into the enclosure, and Charlie picking it up and start puffing away. Chimps are extremely curious animals. And Charlie is no exception.

There is another smoking chimp in China. The BBC reports that a Chinese news agency has said that a female chimp, Feili, bitter at her boyfriend's lack of sexual performance, has taken up the habit. Not only smoking but spitting on the ground. Feili used to a sweet little girl, but her new addiction has caused her personality to change. Her boyfriend is 41 years old, and cannot satisfy her needs like he once could.

It is not uncommon for chimps to live 50-60 years. It was reported by zookeepers that Feili became very excited when she saw visitors lighting cigarettes, and grew very impatient when they would not give it to her. Feili tries to bum cigarettes from visitors, and gets really pissed off if they don't oblige her requests. If Feili does get a cigarette thrown to her, she will go as far as taking a stick to retrieve it. She has been seen using desperate measures to get cigarettes.



1-Chimpanzees are the most social of all the apes.

2-Their communities are often split up into subgroups, with males being the leader of the groups.

3-Male chimpanzees seldom leave the community where they were born.

4-Chimpanzees mostly travel on the ground by knuckle walking.

5-Chimpanzees also groom each other daily, and this is an important social function of calming, comforting, and solidifying bonds with one another.

6-Females with babies often travel alone.

7-Chimpanzees often construct nests at night to sleep.

8- Chimpanzees are very good at constructing tools in which to do things, such as fish for termites, or cracking open nuts.

9-Females will give birth every 4-5 years.

10-Chimpanzees are roughly 98.7% identical to humans genetically.


Chimpanzees are very unpredictable animals. People can sometimes forget that are still wild. We all remember what happened in Connecticut in February of 2009 when a pet chimp attacked the owners friend, biting and ripping off her face before he was shot and killed by police.

In 2005, a chimp from California's Animal Haven Ranch escaped and attacked a man. These animals are extremely powerful. An adult chimp weighing 150 pounds has 3-7 times the strength of a human being. They are very complex in their behavior. They have a whole range of emotions, including violence and anger. Chimpanzees in the wild will routinely mount offensive attacks against other chimp groups and violently kill with their bare hands.A DRUNK MAN TRYS TO BUY BEER

Charlie the chimp is the funniest thing I have ever seen online. If you like the video's, add it to your favorites and please tell your friends about it. Thanks for visiting.
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