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Water, about 1.5

What do we have in us?

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Water, about 1.5 - 2.5 liters (including the water in the food), depending on body size, sweating etc. Naturally fat, about half saturated, monounsaturated half (the body may be able to convert to the desired degree of saturation) Few flerom ttatt squeaky dryer drum grams fat, type of omega-3 and omega-6. In grass pasture butter, and other grass pasture squeaky dryer drum fat, are both in good form. The vegetable fat is only omega-6, and possibly squeaky dryer drum short-chain omega-3, which we can not assimilate more than a few percent of total. Therefore, we need animal long-chain omega-3, squeaky dryer drum which is most of the wild-caught oily fish. The required amount of fat may be tested for every person squeaky dryer drum on the basis of weight and hunger.

Protein quality. The best, with proportionate amount of essential amino acids found in animal protein.

A special warning here for soy protein. Soy contains "antinutrients" that is not beneficial to us, and estrogen that we are not to have more of than we ourselves produce. Soy is often GMO farmed, with lots of pesticides. The protein requirement squeaky dryer drum is normally

set at 0.5 - 2.5 g per kg (normal) body weight per day. Amount depending on the degree of physical squeaky dryer drum aktivetet. (Meat contains about 20% protein, so if a 60 kg woman wants to eat all the protein in the form of the meat so it will be at least 150 grams of meat per day).

Salt. Our body fluid comprises saline. Salt resigns in urine and sweat, and therefore must be supplied in sufficient quantity. Excess salt supply is no problem because the kidneys excrete it promptly. Salt deficiency squeaky dryer drum can manifest as fatigue and weakness, and cognitive problems (including brain needs enough salt). Severe salt deficiency can lead to death. Note that we need a certain amount of iodine for thyroid function.

Vegetables. The required amount is unknown. Some like to eat large amount of vegetables, and it's probably OK. Some think it's fine without. Degree of freedom is thus great regarding vegetables. A certain amount of root vegetables, with higher carbohydrate content than the surface vegetables,

is individually acceptable. A severely carbohydrate sensitive person squeaky dryer drum will likely keep the vegetables very short.

This food we can distribute over time as it suits each person best. Probably feeling the body still good to get food every day. Occasional fasting day can be beneficial. If you want to eat all the protein and vegetables squeaky dryer drum at one time per day so it's ok. Fat, water and salt can usefully be divided into several times during the day for the best comfort.

Like the concise squeaky dryer drum statement even though I myself am wordy .... Much like that's my plan too and are no longer prioritize eating. It's part of everyday squeaky dryer drum life to "refuel". Sometimes it gets a little more sophisticated but does not feel important. Now I have eaten according carb model with some variations in 2.5 years, squeaky dryer drum and feel best especially when wheat flour is low. Neck, paranasal sinuses and mucous membranes would otherwise tend to swell. Vitamin C, I get from berries and a little new potatoes (including their antioxidants) that I do not want to completely squeaky dryer drum do without. squeaky dryer drum

Do we really need to drink so much water? Why should you drink if you are not thirsty? Thirst should be allowed to come naturally just like hunger? I'll just pee when I drink so much and it seems like that then pee out a lot of vitamins and minerals. But maybe I'm wrong?

"The vegetable fat is only omega-6, and possibly short-chain omega-3, which we can not assimilate squeaky dryer drum more than a few percent of total. Therefore, we need animal long-chain omega-3, which is most of the wild-caught oily fish. "

@ 5 John. I can not see that there is no difference between this oil on omega 6 and 3. A vegan girl who's snowed in on that vegomat is our planet's rescue and have been thinking how to earn a buck. Correct me if I'm wrong.

It was you who put your link on this page. If you think it's OK to eat maybe you could find out how the oil is extracted from the algae. The idea of my question was to raise further questions, such as how the oil is extracted from algae, however. Maybe they have been using Hexane and then suddenly the oil is not so green anymore.

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The salt betydese I understand, although I have used salt for life. Now I take a little extra, squeaky dryer drum since carb seems to make that salt retention in the body. Sometimes I get weak, and a glass of water with some salt in doing that, I immediately feel better.

I think the food is still socializing, but we are focusing on the dinner. squeaky dryer drum I eat my eggs to br
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