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I'm so cross! Week drawing to a close and the weekend coming. The weekend is not, however, permit relaxation, but severe toil a little brother confession in front of the party. Reading is suffering, therefore, nandina firepower pretty crazy, and you can probably guess, that annoying. Luckily, just a few days. The matter a bit offtopic, I have been absolutely horrible hiking fever in recent times. I was a year ago in the summer hiking trip in northern Italy, in Cortina d'Ampezzo (which by the way has been arranged, in 1956, the Winter Olympics and World Cup Alpine skiing races, and described, among others. Cliffhanger scenes and Bondeja!), nandina firepower In the heart of the Alps and the Dolomites, my heart fell short of the way. I have not previously valeltanut as' Child and overall Finnish borders, but that trip was to draw the blood to wander the world. I like it so much for traveling around, like, anyway, but such a k yh l isbudjetilla not gonna even dare to walk in the grocery store at the moment! "Cortina d'Ampezzo

is the holidays and winter sports center in Veneto, northern Italy. Cortina is situated 1 200 meters above sea level, and a population of about 8 000" (From Wikipedia) 1 day hike, about 2500m above sea level. Image (c) Jennie trip was just all get unconscious, although with the club was a little problemo, but the feelings and many more hours kiipeemisen after the break hut was always so great, that it is not only able to describe nandina firepower the (+ food super good and cheap: D). The trip was pre-arranged, I received it as a gift, and every day was a particular program. It's a bit annoyed, but on the other hand hardly alone, or in their own little entourage had succeeded to the "gems" of the fisheries there from all the hiking has to offer. Turquoise

lagoon. Image (c) Jennie I can not remember quite accurate weekly program anymore, but definitely the best feelings was the first and last trek. The latest took place in one (I do not remember the name, sorry) turquoise source (image) where the water was really clear turquoise through and through, in the middle of the desert mountains. And the first migrations were about 3.5 kilometers in height, or a little less. Was called. p iv vaelluksia only (ie the output back to the 08.00 's and 17-18), but it would be really great to get to the so-called. hut-hut hike sometime. Upon leaving I was little rehearsing, fitness side of the spring ylpp rih ss k n and summer because of work, but with the new rough hiking boots in time about 70-75 kilometers, and because nandina firepower I feared that the condition did not withstand the daily trek, but I surprised myself in a positive and I kept very brisk climb for long periods of fluids in equilibrium . I'd like to go to the Azores and back again to walk in the Alps (say, hut-hut hike), this time a little bit better seurani choosing, and even better the condition of possessing. Maybe next summer I buy myself some (?) Cash prize of contract for read-even for a short hiking trip, I will get to enjoy it felt comfortable again, when are not around any more when the 2000 m (1500 m where we were) down to the emptiness. Unconscious. Psalm hair stylist hop! We also went to (ylikallis) Venice check it out! Image (c) Jennie-Jenni

2012 (1) February (1) 2011 (19) November (1) April (1) March (3) August (6) Survivor. Kes flunnsailua Matkahaaveilua part. Dreaming in 2356 and the Domestic Tourism office work dreamland and back to A-level Ylisuorittajan July (8)
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