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Dealing With Pets When Selling a Home

Dealing With Pets When Selling a Home

Animal lovers generally adore their household pets, whether they are dogs, cats, rats, birds, or reptiles. But animals can be a hugely negative factor when selling a home, and it's not just because most have a distinctive smell.

If you have pets at home while your house is on the market, you need to be aware that they could be the cause of a lower selling price, or even the cause of not being able to sell your home.

REASONS BUYERS OBJECT TO PETS AT HOME Not everybody likes animals; in fact some people are scared of them, particularly dogs. And it isn't only big dogs people are afraid of; little yappers are notorious when it comes to nipping strangers.

People who don't like cats usually loathe them. It might be because they are allergic to cat hair, because they scratch, or because they are simply superstitious. The reason isn't relevant. If a buyer doesn't like cats, even though the cat doesn't go with the house, it's highly probable it will put that person off.

Pet odors are a major reason why buyers object to pets at home. So if you are trying to sell your home this is something you must be aware of.

Whilst cats are generally "clean" animals, many people keep them indoors which means they use a cat tray with kitty litter. Even if you are meticulous in terms of cleaning a cat tray, it will sometimes smell - BAD!

Dogs generally have an odor, though animal lovers with pets at home rarely notice it. They seem to desensitize. And we won't even mention how bad a rat in a cage can smell, particularly if the cage isn't cleaned regularly.

And even animal lovers will often object to dogs jumping up at them or cats trying to climb on their laps. So what do you do?

WHAT TO DO WITH PETS WHEN SELLING A HOMEThe ideal is to move them out. If you don't have a friend or someone in the family who is willing and able to care for your pets while you sell your home, then send them to a boarding kennel or pet hotel. At very least get them out of the house when buyers visit.

Locking them in the garage or a part of the house or garden really isn't good enough. Generally cats and dogs will make a noise if they are contained in a way or kept somewhere they are not used to. Barking and meouwing tends to make people feel uncomfortable, which is NOT how you want potential buyers to feel.

Also get rid of all signs that you have pets living in your home. Clean your floors and carpets to get rid of stains and bad odor. There are some excellent products on the market that work well, or you might prefer to use a professional carpet cleaning company. Put food and water dishes away. Vacuum any loose dirt or animal hair.Hide pet toys and carriers.

Remember first impressions really do count, and if pets at home are going to put buyers off, and make it more difficult to sell your home, you don't want to bring on the thought.
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