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The Most Surprising Characters of Summer TV

Every summer (or any TV season for that matter) TV viewers are always surprised by interesting or intriguing characters in new or returning shows in the form of the new "bad guy/girl", the "love interest" or the great "new assistant or sidekick".

This summer hasn't been any different with lots of great characters to enjoy watching week after week, but there have been some very specific characters that I feel deserved a little extra attention before the fall TV season starts, overloading us with even more characters to welcome back or welcome to our TV screens.

Those characters are as follows (they appear in no particular order):

Ryan Hurst

EDGAR ROY (RYAN HURST) ON KING MAXWELL - The new TNT series, of course, mainly focuses on private investigator Sean King (series lead Jon Tenney) and Michelle Maxwell (series lead Rebecca Romijn), but it has been their assistant Edgar Roy who has made watching the show extra fun. While Edgar is an autistic savant with an incredible skill for numerical patterns and sequences, he is also a high-tech pro with amazing hacking skills and a dedicated friend to Michelle and especially Sean. Edgar has been a surprisingly fun character to get to know.

Haley Webb

JENNIFER BLAKE (HALEY WEBB) ON TEEN WOLF - The MTV thriller has focused heavily on the werewolves of Beacon Hill, but the packs had a new foe to deal with this year in the form of the Darach, who turned out to be mild-mannered English teacher Jennifer Blake - who was also the love interest of Alpha Derek (series regular Tyler Hoechlin). I don't know about anyone else who watched the show this season, but I so DID NOT see this reveal coming until it was literally upon us and while I really ended up disliking Jennifer for all she did to all her victims - as well as breaking Derek's heart - she was, if nothing else, captivating to watch; and I have to admit I was a little sad to see her perish at the hands of Derek's uncle Peter (recurring star Ian Bohen).

Magda Apanowicz

EMILY (MAGDA APANOWICZ) ON CONTINUUM - This Syfy series - that is actually a Canadian import - has been focused on Kiera Cameron (series lead Rachel Nichols), the inadvertent time-traveling cop from 2077, who winds up in present day Vancouver, chasing after members of a terrorist cell set out to change the future. But, this season it has been Emily (aka Mia Hartwell), who has caught my attention. She may have started out as nothing more than a spy for Escher (recurring star Hugh Dillion), striking up a relationship with his son Alec; but it was her killer "kick-butt" moves and the real love she developed for Alec (the creator of the cybernetic implants used by Kiera in her role as a cop in her time) that endeared her to viewers. Much like Jennifer in Teen Wolf, it was sad to see Emily needlessly killed in the penultimate episode.

Rebecca Wisocky

EVELYN POWELL (REBECCA WISOCKY) ON DEVIOUS MAIDS - To be honest, I was completely unsure whether I would like this Latino-laced soap opera after giving up on its Americanized "twin" (so to speak) [Desperate Housewives] half-way through that show's 8 season run; but I was won over by the most unlikely of characters: Evelyn Powell. Yes, she is apeshit crazy, she is an elitist and a gossipmonger, but I've actually meet women much like Evelyn during my short-time working amongst the haughty Beverly Hills society. I can vouch they exist, but I'll take Evelyn over any of the real Beverly Hills women any day. Can anyone who watches the show imagine it without Evelyn? No? I rest my case.

Mike Vogel

DALE 'BARBIE' BARBARA (MIKE VOGEL) ON UNDER THE DOME - Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! Barbie gets trapped inside Chester's Mill just as a mysterious dome settles over the town. He is in a bit of a quandary, having killed the husband of local newspaper editor Julia Shumway (series regular Rachelle LeFevre), who he is now romancing [awkward, right?!]. His former military skills help when he is asked by the local law to help keep the peace, but what will happen when all his deep, dark secrets are revealed?

Seycelle Gabriel

LOURDES DELGADO (SEYCELLE GABRIEL) ON FALLING SKIES - The former college medical student, who became a full-fledged doctor since the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment has been residing in Charleston, the new capital of the United States after the deadly alien invasion that decimated the country two years previous. But all is not right when it is eventually revealed that Lourdes has been the mysterious mole within Charleston, being infected with eye worms somehow set upon her by the Espheni. She not only killed Arthur Manchester (recurring actor Terry O'Quinn), but also killed President Hathaway (recurring guest Stephen Collins) and nearly destroyed Charleston to boot. While being held prisoner, she is seemingly cured by a now six-year old Alexis, the daughter of Tom Mason (series lead Noah Wyle) and Anne Glass (series lead Moon Bloodgood).

Jaime Murray

STAHMA TARR (JAIME MURRAY) ON DEFIANCE - Looks can be deceiving and that statement is never more true than when looking at Castithan (one of eight alien races that now live among humans in a futuristic Earth) Stahma Tarr. Her husband may be seen as an ambitious businessman, but he is nothing more than a mentally-unstable brute and his wife isn't much better. Cunning and arrogant, Stahma is the real power behind her elitist family, whose hands are far from clean. She not only had an affair with town madam Kenya Rosewater (series regular Mia Kirshner), but also was behind Kenya's disappearance and she knows where all the bodies are buried from her husband's dirty politics.

Some of the Orphan Black Clones

ALL THE CLONES (TATIANA MASLANY) ON ORPHAN BLACK: What can be said about all of the clones in Orphan Black let alone the one actress who plays them all? AMAZING, right?! But, each one is three-dimensional and complex, starting with Sarah Manning, the con artist, thief and mother of Kira; the late Beth Childs, the mentally-unstable cop who committed suicide right in front of Sarah; Alison Hendrix, the uptight suburban soccer mom; Cosima Niehaus, the lesbian college student with the scientific knowledge to hopefully figure out the origin of the clones; the late Helena, the Ukrainian assassin who was actually the bio-twin of Sarah; Rachel Duncan (aka the "proclone") who works for the very people who created the clones and the late Katja Obinger, Danielle Fournier and Janika Zingler.

Those are the most surprising characters from summer TV that caught my attention. Which ones made you stop and take notice? Please share your thoughts below.
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