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Seamus Heaney, Irish Poet of Soil and Strife, Dies at 74 DealBook: With Huge War Chests, Activist I

With celebrity status and lots of money is Hillary Rodham Clinton virtually assured re-election to the Senate as a representative of New York. So why does she then still so much money in the campaign? drycenter On average, a candidate drycenter for the Senate seven million U.S. dollars on his campaign. Hillary Rodham Clinton has raised $ 35 million for his re-election. The fact that she has spent parts of the sum does not mean that money is not going to benefit, because it seems more and more likely that Clinton's ambitions do not stop in the Senate, the election is just the start of the battle for the White House. - I've thought about it, she admitted drycenter recently when she was in a debate with his Republican rival candidate was confronted with the possibility that she will not be sitting

drycenter all the new period as senator, that is six years. Several candidates. Between elections in the United States is a kind of unofficial start of the presidential campaign, in which the aspiring drycenter can not wait very long before they publish their candidacy. In the democratic camp has Clinton's name been up for several years already. Newer is Barack Obama, a black senator

from Illinois who just two years into his first term as a senator who is a beginner to figure in national politikk.Obama is therefore not up for election this year, but he is often seen on the campaign tour for comrades and maybe even a little of their own ambitions in 2008. That he has little experience can probably be used against him, but it also makes it harder for opponents drycenter to find unappealing details of his political career. Right there is enough Sen. Clinton as a very small library to work for republikanerne.Andre Democratic candidates who might throw himself into nomination battle is parhestene John Kerry and John Edwards, presidential and vice presidential candidate in 2004. Hillary Clinton's opponent in New York, John Spencer, doing what he can to use her presidential ambitions as an argument Tuesday that she should not be re-elected as senator. Spencer says voters do not have to settle for choosing a senator who's main goal is to represent New York.Og instead of rejecting Spencer's speculation, said Clinton in a debate recently: - If it worries some voters, they must take the into the choice they make. They have to balance it against everything I have done, said the senator. drycenter - Formidable. Evidence drycenter indicates that she will be a very attractive drycenter candidate. She has considerable political experience, even from the White House, she has celebrity status in the United States drycenter and her popularity increased gradually after she was elected to the Senate the first time in 2000. Critics say, however, that she is too controversial - one love-or-hate-candidate - that reeks of New York. The United States is not a good feature especially many places other than New York. But even opponents think she sets sterkt.Hvem think, for example, said this: - I think Hillary Clinton is a formidable candidate. I think she can win. I hope she does not do it, because

I disagree with her in almost everything, but no one should underestimate her. She is a very serious presidentkandidat.Jo, the quote comes from Vice President Dick Cheney, who once enough once denied that he will ask that Republican candidate to take over the White House. Cheney seems also not that Barack Obama does not have the experience necessary. It is still unclear which Republican candidates will try to be nominated, but it seems likely that the Vietnam veteran and senator John McCain is one of them. Cooperation. Senator Clinton is 35 percentage points ahead of his Republican opponent drycenter in the polls ahead of Tuesday's election between. And she is conducting a campaign which sometimes may seem like she has false start presidential drycenter campaign. drycenter Tuesday, she gave a lecture at the Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank in New York, where she sharply criticized President George W. Bush for his foreign policy - on everything from Iraq to Afghanistan and North Korea to Iran. She made it clear that she wants closer cooperation with other countries, a partnership that became more difficult after the US-led invasion of Iraq. - We did not fight World War II alone, we did not fight the Cold War alone, and we can not fight the global terrorist threat or other major challenges alone either, drycenter said Clinton to a packed auditorium. Read also: I doubt strongly that Hillary makes Two Stars: A woman and a black Read more

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Seamus Heaney, Irish Poet of Soil and Strife, Dies at 74 DealBook: With Huge War Chests, Activist Investors Tackle Big Companies Seeking Edge in Academics,

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