Friday, August 30, 2013

Watch: The First Four Minutes Of I Declare War

In I Declare War, the imaginary battles of a group of kids are shown on screen as though real. Throw a rock and there's an explosion, judder your stick and bullets rip through flesh. Except even the rock is transformed into a grenade, the stick looks like a gun.

To promote the film's release on VOD, iTunes and in some cinemas in the US today, Drafthouse Films have put the first few minutes up on YouTube.

I can see that the effect of the basic conceit is powerful but I'm curious as to what the film is actually going to be about. Will the directors, JASON LAPEYRE and ROBERT WILSON, have found enough material in this notion to support a feature?

Well, as soon as there's a Blu-ray available, I'll be importing it to find out. I guess the clip did its job as far as I'm concerned.
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