Thursday, August 29, 2013

Long waits a violation of mental health services consent decree, court master says


Cousins said a pilot program the state is trying with six service providers shows promising signs of being able to provide people with access to mental health services sooner. He said the change involves streamlining providers' intake systems to get people treatment sooner, when it is more effective. He said in just one week, from July 8 to 15, the pilot program reduced the waiting lists of the six providers by 19 percent. "It's incredibly encouraging, the work this pilot program is doing," Cousins said Friday.

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The federal government is paying $1.5 million to an East Brunswick healthcare nonprofit to study the mental health effects of the storm on Medicare patients.Aristide Economopolous TRENTON The federal government has awarded a $1.5 million grant to a health care research group in East Brunswick to study the mental health effects on the elderly who were caught in Hurricane Sandy's path 10 months ago. Healthcare Quality Strategies, Inc., which advises New Jersey on how to improve the care and safety of people enrolled in Medicare, will mine the mental health-related claims to review which services people used. The nonprofit group plans to share these profiles with mental health and disaster planning officials, and host meetings for government officials and nonprofit agencies to develop an "action plan" in the event of another disaster. There are a variety of behavioral health initiatives under way in the state right now that are designed to support people impacted by Super Storm Sandy, said Suzanne Dalton, a registered nurse who is leading the project for Healthcare Quality Strategies. Working together, we can ensure these initiatives are complementary so we can maximize the benefit to our residents. A final report is expected next July. "None of us wants to experience another disaster like Sandy, Dalton said.

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Australian and American researchers have discovered that disorders relating to depression have the largest percentage of 40 per cent of global death. Even mild mental health problems could have health implications (Reuters) Related Articles Back from the Dead: Australian Woman Escapes Death as Doctors Revive Her After 42 Minutes [VIDEO] Young girls and women over 14 years of age were usually the victims. Data taken from the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) showed that mental illness and drug abuse were the ones to blame for non-fatal diseases in the whole world. The study took data from 187 countries and found mental illness and drug abuse to be the fifth biggest cause of death. Taking care of your mental health Mental health is described as a state of well-being in which a person is able to acknowledge his or her own capability in dealing with the normal challenges and stresses that life will bring. A person is said to be in good mental health when despite these stresses, he or she is able to be productive and contribute to betterment of the community. Mental health is disrupted when an individual gives in to stress and becomes incapable of coping. Must Read Miranda Kerr Flashes Naked Breasts for V Magazine [PHOTOS] Sponsorship Link According to health experts, an essential key to coping with stress is through the method of relaxation. Having the time to relax is as important part in having a balanced mind and body. If the current situation cannot be handled, there is a need to change it in order to reduce or remove stress. A change in lifestyle or attitude is in order. People with sound minds and bodies are people who are capable of having a strong resistance to stress. They can also easily adapt and have a positive outlook on things. A person who is unhealthy will only be easily irritated on the daily routine and will only prolong his agony and exposure to objects that will bring stress. Improving one's general health includes developing a diet program and optimal sleep schedule. There is a need for rest as the body will be the most affected by stress, thereby ensuring good mental health. To contact the editor, e-mail:

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