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JFK's Inauguration Day in a snow-covered

Washington, D.C., on Friday, January 20, 1961:At the Inaugural Ball (January 20, 1961).JFK on January 19, 1961, the day before he became President.An official engraved invitation to President Kennedy's Inauguration.The official swearing-in ceremony of President Kennedy's cabinet (January 1961).The Kennedys' new home, as seen on April 3, 1961.The new President of the United States talks on the telephone while

twirling his eyeglasses in the Oval Office (January 1961).The new President and his family are photographed at the White House on

February 4, 1961. Mrs. Kennedy is holding ten-week-old John Kennedy, Jr.JFK and the President of Sudan ride in a motorcade through Washington on

October 4, 1961, with the Washington Monument visible in the background.President Kennedy addresses delegates of the United Nations

in New York City on September 25, 1961.The two vivid color pictures below were both taken on February 10, 1961,

as JFK carries daughter Caroline to a waiting helicopter on the

South Lawn of the White House:This photo shows JFK riding in a nighttime motorcade in

Albuquerque, New Mexico, on December 7, 1962.A sleigh ride with Jackie (February 13, 1962).This picture of President Kennedy and daughter Caroline was taken

at the White House on St. Patrick's Day 1961.

(Don't step on a crack!)JFK addresses the United States Chamber of Commerce at

Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. (April 30, 1962).

Listen to that speech .On February 11, 1961, the 35th President walks to a helicopter on

the South Lawn of the White House as reporters look on.The four pictures below were taken in early 1962 when Jacqueline Kennedy

hosted a nationally-televised "Tour Of The White House".

To watch Jackie's one-hour White House tour, .President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (August 9, 1961).Jacqueline Kennedy stands in front of the

Taj Mahal in India (March 15, 1962).President Kennedy lets fly with the ceremonial first pitch

on opening day of the 1963 baseball season

in Washington, D.C. (April 8, 1963).The President of Peru talks with JFK in the back seat of Kennedy's

Lincoln Continental limousine (September 19, 1961).October 31, 1963 -- Halloween in the Oval Office.November 1963 -- Thanksgiving dinner? Not quite...the bird was given

an official Presidential pardon and was spared its fate by JFK.December 1961 -- Christmastime at the White House.Another motorcade with President Kennedy riding in the

famous "Bubbletop" limousine (sans the bubbletop).John F. Kennedy and Harry S. Truman (January 21, 1961).Jacqueline Kennedy and the President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad,

are photographed at the President's official residence

in New Delhi, India, on March 12, 1962. Mrs. Kennedy's

sister, Princess Lee Radziwill, stands at right.JFK Jr. and Sr.First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and daughter Caroline are aboard this helicopter

as it lifts off the snowy South Lawn of the White House for a trip to the

Kennedy residence at Glen Ora in Middleburg, Virginia,

on February 10, 1961.JFK giving a speech at Washington's Howard University.John F. Kennedy in the White House (1962).

Note the illuminated globe on the desk.In this April 29, 1962, photo, President Kennedy and Jackie are seen

standing in front of the White House with Prime Minister

Harold Macmillan of Great Britain and others.JFK and Caroline (and friend).JFK delivers his second State of the Union address at the

U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. (January 11, 1962).A radiant Mrs. John F. Kennedy is seen here in May 1962.Jackie Kennedy in Manhattan, New York,

on September 30, 1969.The First Family poses for a picture after attending Easter

services in Palm Beach, Florida (April 14, 1963).Left to right -- JFK, Judy Garland, Danny Kaye, and Dave Powers

(November 28, 1962).Below are six more pictures showing President Kennedy with famous

Hollywood stars -- Frank Sinatra, Julie London, Barbra Streisand,

Jerry Lewis, Princess Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe, respectively:Daughter and father.Below are two pictures taken on March 24, 1961, depicting JFK with

, who was Secretary of the Navy at that time:The White House and its snow-covered South Lawn (February 10, 1962).Jacqueline Kennedy rides in a motorcade

in Pakistan (March 21, 1962).President John F. Kennedy's desk in the Oval Office of the White House. The H.M.S. Resolute desk was made from the timbers of the ship H.M.S. Resolute, and was a gift from Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland to President Rutherford B. Hays.

[Description courtesy of the .]1962 photo of JFK at Cape Canaveral.

LBJ sure looks thrilled here, huh? (And he is supposed to

be the leader of the whole space program.) ~grin~Below are three photographs of President Kennedy visiting with astronaut

John Glenn in the Oval Office. These pictures were taken on February 5, 1962,

fifteen days before Colonel Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth:Jacqueline Kennedy looks stunning (as usual) in this color photo taken

at the White House on September 19, 1961.President Kennedy prepares to deliver his "Civil Rights"

speech to the nation on June 11, 1963.

Watch that speech .Billy Graham and JFK (February 9, 1961).Jackie and the President.

This great snapshot probably could elicit a few funny captions, such as:

"No, Jack, not now! You know how ticklish I am there!"Let's have a look at some of the rooms in the most famous

house in America, the White House in Washington, D.C.

All of these pictures were taken on May 3, 1962,

during JFK's second year as President:









EAST SITTING HALL:John F. Kennedy (seated in limousine) rides with Tunisia's

President Habib Bourguiba in a motorcade on

14th Street in Washington, D.C. (May 3, 1961).Jackie and Caroline.Khrushchev and Kennedy.JFK waves at spectators during a visit to New Orleans, Louisiana, on May 4, 1962.JFK with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and Bobby Kennedy (February 23, 1961).JFK and Jackie arrive at National Airport in Washington, on March 8, 1962.

The First Lady is leaving for her trip to India and Pakistan.President Kennedy poses with Harold Macmillan, Prime Minister

of Great Britain. This photo was taken in Bermuda on December 21, 1961.JFK, Jackie, and President Mateos of Mexico

attend a ballet in Mexico City (June 29, 1962).The First Couple in profile. 1963 photo.President and Mrs. Kennedy, along with Vice President Lyndon Johnson,

Lady Bird Johnson, and Chief Justice Earl Warren are seen in this colorful

photo taken at the White House on May 2, 1962.An empty Oval Office (including President Kennedy's

ever-present rocking chair), in early October of 1963.Wow!Below are two pictures taken in Newport, Rhode Island, on September 27, 1961, depicting JFK with the newly-appointed Director of the CIA, John McCone, and

the man who was fired by Kennedy as CIA Director, Allen Dulles.

These photos might seem somewhat eerie to many of the goofy conspiracy theorists who firmly believe, without a speck of proof, that one or both of the men whom President Kennedy is being photographed with in these two images were directly responsible for having JFK killed in Dallas in November of 1963.

There is certainly no shortage of people who think the CIA killed JFK, with the granddaddy of all conspiracists being one of those people, .Another photo of JFK with Allen Dulles. This picture was taken at

CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on November 28, 1961.The President visits Vandenberg Air Force Base

in California (March 23, 1962).A spectator-packed motorcade during John F. Kennedy's

tumultuous visit to Ireland in June 1963.JFK and baby Caroline.A candid shot of Jack, Jackie, Caroline, and John-John.The First Lady and the President in the Green Room

of the White House (May 3, 1962).A colorful photo of Jack Kennedy on March 16, 1961.John-John and Caroline romp in the Oval Office:John Jr. under his father's desk.This March 1962 photo shows the President sitting in his favorite

rocking chair (which he used to ease the constant pain in his back).The First Lady (December 5, 1961).Pictures from a 1966 NBC-TV documentary

entitled "The Age Of Kennedy":JFK and General Douglas MacArthur (July 20, 1961).Jackie and John Jr. playing in the snow at the White House (1962).The President and First Lady are photographed at the

on January 20, 1962:President Kennedy arrives in Alameda, California,

on March 23, 1962:JFK rides in his famous "bubbletop" Lincoln Continental limousine during a

motorcade that took the President and California Governor Edmund Brown

from Alameda to Berkeley, California (March 23, 1962):John Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Lady Bird Johnson

(February 8, 1961).An aerial view of the Washington Monument,

as seen on May 7, 1962.At work in the Oval Office (August 1962).Jack and Jackie.Similar, but not identical, to presented earlier in this gallery,

here are 15 more pictures of Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas (in high definition).

These photographs were taken on October 30, 2012, a gorgeous

Tuesday morning. For larger versions of each image, .

And to see the accompanying video filmed in Dealey Plaza, .Here's a rare picture of JFK wearing a hat. This photo was taken on

April 22, 1961, at the President's retreat at Camp David in Maryland.JFK visits with former President Dwight Eisenhower

in Palm Springs, California (March 24, 1962).JFK addresses a gathering in the East Room

of the White House (March 13, 1961).Below are ten pictures of President Kennedy's brand-new 1961 Lincoln Continental limousine just after it arrived at the White House on June 15, 1961:The President and Mrs. Kennedy at a black-tie function.Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is photographed in New York City

on June 21, 1979, one month before her 50th birthday.Mr. Kennedy returns to the White House after a trip to Florida (April 4, 1961).President Kennedy in vivid color (he's looking at a

model of the National Cultural Center).Mr. Kennedy's workplace (February 25, 1961).In the series of four photographs below, JFK is seen departing the

White House via helicopter on May 8, 1962:This wintry scene shows Aspen Lodge, the Presidential residence at

Camp David in Frederick County, Maryland (February 10, 1962).JFK arrives for one of his 64 inimitable

Presidential press conferences in April 1961.Another Kennedy press gathering....this one was in October 1963.Another picture of John F. Kennedy at a press conference,

taken from a unique vantage point behind the President.

This particular conference took place on .Here are several more photos taken during President Kennedy's

at the State Department Auditorium

in Washington, D.C.:White House photographer Cecil Stoughton took this picture of

the President and Mrs. Kennedy on December 29, 1962, at the

Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, after JFK made a speech

to Cuban Invasion Brigade #2506.

to listen to JFK's Orange Bowl speech.JFK steps off of Air Force One after returning from Europe (June 6, 1961).President Kennedy and Jackie are pictured here

with the Shah of Iran (April 11, 1962).JFK in West Berlin, West Germany (June 26, 1963).President Kennedy's nephew, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., visits his uncle

in the Oval Office (March 11, 1961).The President speaks to the press outside the White House following

astronaut John Glenn's successful orbital flight (February 20, 1962).President-Elect Kennedy meets with President Eisenhower

at the White House on December 6, 1960:
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