Saturday, August 31, 2013

False Memories Ikasama Memori

I read False Memories Ikasama Memoriby NATSUME Isaku better known for her series Tight Rope .

I was rather disappointed by this manga as there is nothing special about it and it's totally mundane.When I think of some of the better BL series out there not getting published in the US and something so unimaginative and common is published I am truly disappointed.

This is a slice of life, comedy (not that funny), drama, romance with a mascot (toy named Aladin-kun) - if that's the sort of thing that you like.

In Japan it's published in Dear+, which has a few very decent, and some rather common & nothing to write home about works.

For the US, it's a bit unusual as it involves salary men (toy making), which is rare to see published here, but since they were high school friends, etc. there is still a school life element (small) to it in flashbacks.

If you've read a lot of BL this probably won't interest you much, if you're new to BL and only read what is out in the US in English, this may be a new twist on it for you.As usual, the lack of fan art says a lot!

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