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This website brings together several hundred

high-quality images pertaining to the life and

death of the 35th President of the United States,

John F. Kennedy, including some seldom-seen photos.

This Kennedy Gallery includes three main pages, with

this first page focusing on the assassination of JFK.

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First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's arrival at the Chamber of Commerce

breakfast in Fort Worth, Texas, on November 22, 1963, was deliberately

delayed until after everyone else had been seated, so that Jackie

could make a grand entrance -- and she did, which is depicted in

the photo above. Secret Service agent Clint Hill, who was

assigned to protect Mrs. Kennedy, leads the way.

For video footage taken during the Fort Worth breakfast, plus many

links to assassination-related television and radio coverage,Here's a cropped version of the above photo (in color):President John F. Kennedy in Fort Worth, Texas,

on Friday morning, November 22, 1963.

[Photo Credit: Rob Hinnant]Vice President Lyndon Johnson and Jackie Kennedy at the Fort Worth

Chamber of Commerce breakfast on 11/22/63.

Lady Bird Johnson is on the left.Jackie Kennedy, in the pink, sits at the head table during

the breakfast gathering in Fort Worth on the morning of 11/22/63.LBJ, Jackie, and JFK.The Hotel Texas welcomes

President Kennedy to Fort Worth.

[Photo Credit: ]Just before the breakfast in the hotel's ballroom, the President

made a brief appearance and speech in the parking lot outside

the Hotel Texas. Thousands came out in the rain to see him.More pictures of JFK in Fort Worth on November 22:The motorcade through downtown Fort Worth:JFK and Jackie are all smiles as they prepare to leave Fort Worth for Dallas.Here are four more pictures of Jackie and the President at

Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth just prior to boarding

Air Force One for the short flight to Dallas:

[Photo Credit: Rob Hinnant and ][Photo Credit: Rob Hinnant]In the photos below, President John F. Kennedy and First Lady

Jacqueline Kennedy are seen arriving at Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas,

on Friday morning, November 22, 1963.

Texas Governor John Connally and his wife, Nellie, can also be seen in the doorway

of the Boeing 707 in the rarely-published second picture shown below.

Less than one hour later, both President Kennedy and Governor Connally were on stretchers inside Parkland Hospital after having been shot by Lee Harvey Oswald

in Dealey Plaza. The Governor would survive his serious wounds,

the President would not.

The death of John F. Kennedy plunged the nation into a period of unprecedented

grief and mourning, as JFK became the first U.S. President to be

assassinated since William McKinley 62 years earlier.The above photograph was taken just seconds before Jackie Kennedy was handed a bouquet of red roses by Mrs. Earle Cabell (the wife of the Dallas mayor).

This beautiful picture isn't seen very often. It exhibits outstanding color and is one of a series of Love Field photos snapped by White House photographer Cecil Stoughton on that tragic Friday in November 1963 when the nation lost a President.Three more seldom-published color photos, showing the Kennedys

greeting the crowd at Dallas' Love Field on November 22nd:This is the most famous picture taken by

Cecil Stoughton at Love Field on 11/22/63.

for more details about this photograph.The size of the crowd at Love Field Airport is

readily apparent in these two photos:Another view of JFK & Jackie at Love Field.Four more fabulous pictures of President and Mrs. Kennedy at Love Field.

A lot of photos were taken of the Kennedys that day at the airport,

and these gorgeous pictures below are also kind of rare:

[Photo Credit: ]Presidential aide Dave Powers at sunny Love Field on November 22, 1963.This Love Field picture doesn't show JFK or Jackie, but it's an interesting

photo nonetheless. Visible in this image are Vice President Lyndon Johnson,

Governor John Connally (standing up in the Presidential limousine),

and reporters Seth Kantor and Robert MacNeil.The President's , with its jump seats still folded

up, awaits its famous passengers at Love Field on 11/22/63.A frontal view of JFK's limousine prior

to the President's arrival in Dallas.The First Couple is just about to enter the Presidential limousine in Dallas.Two pictures showing JFK's limousine as it departs Love Field:

[Photo Credit: ]

[Photo Credit: The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza]This is a really rare motorcade picture -- an aerial view of JFK's limousine in

downtown Dallas. Note that driver Bill Greer has his door open (probably

in an effort to keep the crowd back, because the police motorcycles on

the left side of the car were likely not in their normal positions when this

picture was snapped, due to the heavy crowds on that side of the street).

Also barely visible on the far right side of this photo is Secret Service agent

Clint Hill, who was riding on the rear bumper of the limousine when this

picture was taken. He rode on the bumper when the crowds got very thick,

which occurred approximately four times during the Dallas motorcade.

[Photo Credit: John McAdams' website, ]A great look at the Presidential limousine in Dallas.Here's another somewhat rare view of JFK's car as it travelled

through the streets of Dallas, Texas, on 11/22/63.Photographer Bob Jackson of the Dallas Times Herald took

this picture near the corner of Main and Ervay Streets in downtown

Dallas on 11/22/63, approximately 3 minutes prior to the assassination.

This is another picture that's not seen too often.

[Photo Credit: The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza]Image from original 35mm negative by Dallas Times Herald photographer

William Beal. This image shows the Kennedy motorcade in Dallas,

photographed from the balcony of the Adolphus Hotel, as it approached

the Mainhis sound camera made the only known recording

of Kilduff's statement, given in a nurse's classroom at Parkland Hospital.

[Photo Credit (and description): ]Jacqueline Kennedy leaves Parkland Hospital

with the body of her slain husband:The tragedy was now in print.Here are some full newspaper front pages from

November 22-25, 1963. Click to enlarge each one:

To see more newspaper front pages, .Some of the original 11/22/63 bulletins torn from the UPI wire service.This photo illustrates the heavy police presence at the front entrance

of the Texas School Book Depository shortly after the assassination.Guarding the Book Depository.Screen captures taken from the live November 1963

television coverage provided by WFAA-TV in Dallas and

their parent national network, ABC-TV:

More than 100 additional WFAA/ABC images can be found .Lee Harvey Oswald's "sniper's nest" on the sixth floor

of the Book Depository Building:The sixth floor of the Book Depository.

Dr. Pepper bottle

can be seen on the floor.A view of the stairwell on the Depository's sixth floor, which

was used by Lee Oswald to flee that floor after

he assassinated President Kennedy.Commission Exhibit 514 shows Lee Harvey Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano

rifle in the exact position in which it was discovered on the Depository's

sixth floor at 1:22 PM CST on 11/22/63.This is the lunchroom on the second floor of the Book Depository.

Within just a couple of minutes of the President's assassination,

Lee Harvey Oswald was seen and briefly detained in this

room by Dallas Police Officer .For lots more pictures of the inside

of the Book Depository Building,

click on the image below:Another image of the Book Depository on the afternoon of the

assassination, with Oswald's sixth-floor window still open.Lee Harvey Oswald's homemade rifle-carrying paper bag

is removed from the Depository Building by the police.More photos of Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Book Depository

on November 22, 1963, and the days that followed:A terrific aerial photo of Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas (circa 1967).

Excellent detail and image clarity can be achieved by

viewing of the picture.Here's another view of Dealey Plaza in 1967, taken

on the same day as the photo above it.From a different perspective, here is another look

at Dealey Plaza in the year 1967.Here's the way Dealey Plaza looked in the year 1959.
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