Friday, August 30, 2013

English Dub Cast for Jormungand

FUNimation has announced the English dub cast for the Jormungand television anime series:

* Micah Solusod is Jonah

* Anastasia Mu oz is Koko

* Tyson Rinehart is Alan

* Lydia Mackay is Amalia

* Mark Stoddard is Black

* Jerry Russell is Chen

* Clarine Harp is Chequita

* Kent Williams is Curry

* Andrew T. Chandler is Edgar

* Shelley Calene-Black is Karen

* Eric Vale is Kasper

* Christopher Smith is Lehm

* Greg Ayres is Lutz

* Patrick Seitz is Mao

* Gwendolyn Lau is Miami

* Caitlin Glass is Mildo

* Sean O'Connor is Poe

* Ian Sinclair is R

* Robert McCollum is Scarecrow

* Brittney Karbowski is Schokolade

* Christopher Bevins is Tojo

* Cris George is Ugo

* Carli Mosier is Valmet

* Akron Watson is Wilee

Christopher Bevins is serving as the ADR Director, Cris George and Kenneth Thompson are serving as ADR Engineers, and Christopher Bevins is serving as the Line Producer.
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