Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Month I'm Loving...

The warmer weather and the smell of spring flowers in the air.

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year and what better way to enjoy it than by discovering a wealth of new and wonderful things for me to indulge in.As usual in my normal obsessive way, I've become addicted to a new TV show and some new music. All of which I have added to my already massive list of things I'm addicted to.

I *adore* this show. It has become my new obsession over the past few weeks and I have been marathoning it like madly.It's a bit like White Collar meets Boston Legal with a slightly more cut throat edge to it.

It also has Harvey Specter.A man with a gravelling voice. He also has moles (and my TW cohorts know what this means) and wears designer suits and has the whole bad boy vibe going for him.You just knew that I was going to be fan just for him alone. The fact that it's a great show with some great 50's and 60's jazz, blues and soul music just makes it all the better

A Danish singer/songwriter who lives in the US, Oh Land is a recent and accidental discovery for me, courtesy once again of the YouTube sidebar - which is my bestest friend as far as finding music and a whole lot of other interesting things.

Best describe as a boppy and catchy Bjork, my current two favourites of hers are and

/ Imagine Dragons

Just as YouTube's sidebar is my bestest friend, Amazon's lists of music and artists to watch out for is probably my second best friend in terms of finding great music to listen to.

Just listening to this album it is easy to see why they won Rock Song of the Year at this year's Teen Choice awards. My personal favourite is which I've been playing constantly.


I've been waiting for this album ever since I heard the song Bones on the season 3 trailer for Game of Thrones at the end of last year.

A versatile duo, each song of this album is different and shows just how talented they are.

Along with , an epic, lyrical song that was just so suited for the Game of Thrones trailer, my other favourite is , a modern jazz/pop song.

/ James Dashner

Like many I can hardly wait for the release of this film but until then this and the other books in the series will have to do.

I actually read this, the first book, when it first came out.Now though I have finally gotten around to getting the other books in the series and am reading it again.

Futuristic dystopia, this is exactly my kind of book.

It's exciting stuff and if f you haven't read it and the rest in the series I highly recommend that you do - at least before the demand for it sky rockets.

And for those of us who are waiting for the film's release in Feb here is a picture of the main star Dylan O'Brien, better known as Stiles in Teen Wolf (and yes that's another show that I'm highly addicted to and that you just have to watch).
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