Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday #3

a while back i was in the canteen at work grabbing my lunch when one of the women who works behind the counter said she liked my i wear the same shoes to work day in day out - my toms botas which i got from eBay for EUR6.they're the worlds most comfy shoes;they're practically slippers.anyway, i told her that i'd go them for about 10% of the retail price from ebay and that although they were second hand they were practically brand new.she then told me about a website her daughter had used to buy some shoes: .it is quite literally my new favourite online store.

now maybe i'm late on hearing about this website, but i've never seen anyone mention it and i think it is well worth checking out.i signed up for their newsletter which lets you know as soon as they get new stock in.some of the really good stuff sells out quickly, but i'm not really the most high fashion person so most of the things i like are normally in stock and in my size.they have so much stuff to choose from - literally thousands of shoes and loads of other stuff too.

last week i decided to give them a try and bought some tops.i spent quite a while going through and told myself i could buy two things, so i added about ten things to my basket and then picked my two in total, two tops, ten pounds and EUR3.95 on postage.

i decided upon a studded batwing lion print top in size 8-10 and a rhinestone embellished long sleeve top size 8-12.i LOVE big cats, so anything with big cats or cat print is a win for me.the rhinestone top actually reminded me of something a work colleague wore one day that i liked.

i ordered the tops on thursday afternoon and they arrived on monday, so that's just 3 working days.i received an email when they were shipped with two tracking numbers to track through the E5P website or royal mails website.i was kind of reassured by this because having only heard about this from someone i barely know at work i was aware there was a bit of a risk.

so this is the Lion Print tshirt from .looking through the website they have some awesome stuff.i cut the sleeves from this t-shirt because i really hate tight sleeves as they make me feel all sweaty and i plan to wear this on holiday next week and considering how sweaty i get in scotland, i will definitely be sweaty in the south of france!it's fairly see through but the print covers anything you wouldn't want on show and it's nice and long length so it's wearable with leggings (i'm apparently the only person in the world that thinks wearing short tshirts and leggings is a crime - so perfect for me).

and this is the jumper.the label says FlamMode but i can't find a site directly for this make so i have no idea what their other stuff is seems really good quality's a bit thinner than i imagined but it fits perfectly and i love it.i think it will be good for work, smart-casual evening wear or just in general so it's perfect because i hate having clothing with no useful purpose in my wardrobe.

i am definitely going to keep an eye on this website and buy things that i like as the postage was so much quicker than i imagined and the products are really good - i wasn't sure what to expect for the price but they're good quality and at the end of the day, if they don't last too long they were only EUR5 so it's not like i've broken the bank for them.

excuse my hair in the following pictures (i couldn't be bothered to brush it), but here is how they fit me:

i definitely suggest you take a look at this website and sign up if you like fashion for less - sometimes you have to be quick off the mark, but i'm sure there will be at least one thing you like that you think is worth more than EUR5.

every heard of before?bought anything?what's your favourite item on their website at the moment?
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