Friday, August 30, 2013

Over Supplementing

Horse owners spend allot of time and money trying to fix symptoms with supplements instead of examining what their horse is primarily eating. If we all started at the beginning to see what we are feeding our horses we could probably answer allot of our own questions as well as discover appropriate nutrition that could actually make expensive supplements unnecessary.

For example, horses didn't just walk around the pasture and Cushing's or Insulin resistance or one of the many other issues fall out of the sky and hit them in the head. Unnatural things happen to horses who's owners and carers are out of touch with nature. These problems are not found in feral horses, they only exist in captivity, now that's food for thought.

As horse owners we must try to make our horses diet as natural as possible. When looking into fortified feed our first concern maybe price. Remember when buying cheap feed it may actually be the more expensive route. You will be feeding more pounds per day to reach a balance of daily vitamins, minerals & protein level. Even forced to buy expensive supplements to meet the full recommended amount of vitamins and minerals. In the long run buying quality fortified grain and forage is the cheapest way to reach your goals.

If your horse does need supplements due to a specific problem be careful to not over supplement and read the dosage per pound. Do your best and take advantage of Hueber Feeds Equine Specialists to help provide your horse a complete and balanced diet primarily consisting of good quality forage, fortified grain & possible supplements.
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