Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Liebster Award

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award :) The lovelynominated me, go and check out her blog and say hi :D

If you're not familiar with the 'liebster award' its basically a fun way to discover new blogs. The rules are as follows:

* Answer the questions you've been asked.

* Choose more bloggers to nominate (must have under 200 followers).

* Ask those bloggers a set of 11 new questions.

* Contact the bloggers to let them know they've been nominated.

So here are my answers to Gemma's questions:

* IF YOU COULD LIVE IN ANOTHER TIME/DECADE WHEN WOULD IT BE AND WHY? Definitely the Tudor period, particularly when Henry VIII was King - I'm slightly obsessed with that period! Everything about it is so fascinating and I'd love to go to court and wear the amazing dresses and take part in the dances and banquets and courtly gossip :)

* WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER BE: REALLY HOT OR REALLY COLD? Cold, because then you can snuggle up in jumpers, blankets and duvets. If you're really hot, there's not much you can do to cool down.

* WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE BAND/MUSICIAN? This is such a hard question right now as I'm kind of in-between music at the moment and just enjoying basic commercial radio. I do love a bit of Rihanna though.


* WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE QUOTE? Everything will be ok in the end...if it's not ok, it's not the end.

* IF A SONG HAD TO BE PLAYED TO SUM YOU UP, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Ooooohhhhh.....hmmm...... SUCH a hard question... Rihanna & David Guetta "Who's That Chick" - LOL

* WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK? I'm a complete bookworm and will read ANYTHING so I'm sorry, I can't answer this!! :)

* HEELS OR FLATS? Flats at the moment. I used to be all heels, heels, heels, but at the mo it's all about flats.

* IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY ACCENT IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I really don't know! I kind of like my accent as it's a bit random and all over the place.


* WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE, WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP? I wanted to be a jockey, until my Mum told me they only eat lettuce to stay small! Then I wanted to be a lorry driver. Sadly, I'm not a jockey or a lorry driver :)

Now for my set of questions :)

* What's your favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning?

* Pepsi or Coke?

* What's your star sign?

* Who would you most like to have dinner with and why? (Can be famous, non-famous, whoever you like)

* What's your favourite department store?

* Which is your favourite fashion season?

* How would your friends describe you?

* Do you have any siblings?

* Name one goal in life that you have for the future.

* Twitter or Facebook?

* What's your favourite animal?

Here are my nominees!

Enjoy :D
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